Sunday, October 12, 2014


I picked the rose with soft color and fragrance perfume to soothe the soul ...... !! I can not afford to forget the memories with family and delightful friends in Payangan village, Ubud, Bali

When we going tour to Kintamani - Bangli, then we will pass through Payangan village, Ubud - Bali. 


30 Minutes drive from Ubud Center. Agro tourism presented by Payangan village has its own charm. The society love stay in simplicity and unpretentious love of agriculture and animal husbandry. Rainy season is higher in this village make it suitable to cultivate fruits, vegetables and flowers.

I will always be grateful to my family (Meme / Ibu) & delightful friends in Payangan village, Ubud who always love my life and bring me having dinner , cooking the pork or chicken, praying to the temple, etc.

 I joined together in prayer indigenous temple of Banjar Begawan, Desa Melinggih kelod, Payangan, Ubud, Bali

Truly unforgettable memories ........

In the freeze of  Bali early morning , I sat in the bus which drove me to Batubulan station. Sacred Barong Dance of Bali society and also a dance dedicated to local and foreign tourists can we find at Batubulan village.
My feeling so whirred..... when looking at Celuk village, Sukawati district, Gianyar - Bali. The village is located before Sukawati art market. Celuk Village is Gold & Silver handicraft center. Various jewelry  designs of gold and silver with typical Balinese design ( Most of it with Bali's  flora and fauna Design ).

The greatness of the God Almighty, through the natural Balinese hands bearing the skilled awarded into villagers at  Celuk village, Sukawati. They able to create gold and silver craft in high quality.

The beach with large waves and foamy surrounded by greenery of rice fields scenic Purnama beach. Purnama beach, one of the beaches that lie on Banjar Lumpang Telabah, Sukawati village, Gianyar. Saba beach, Lebih beach are others tourist beach in Gianyar regency, Bali.
Sukawati art market, one of Celuk gold and silver craft market center. Jewelry are sold in perfect design as Rings, Bracelets, Necklaces, Earrings, Bross and various other types of jewelry.

If you arrange your own tour scheduled around Ubud or other parts of eastern Bali island, Let's stop at Sukawati art market, Gianyar - Bali, choose the jewelry design that you like ......!

Marketing gold and silver handicrafts from Celuk village is growing rapidly after the opening again by  the Republic of Indonesia to outside world in 1970s, especially in the tourism sector.

Growing demand from consumers. Historically in1990s until 2000, Celuk jewelry design has been created with a modern design.
Motif created by craftsmen more to " Plin " motifs. Due increasing demand for modern motifs, this year Sukawati craftsmen are already using machines to make silver and gold jewelry.

Ibu, now eating  Indonesia Bakso ( Similar bakso / meatballs from my dear.......Mas Abas in Payangan village .....) treating this miss to you ..... !! Be Happy my love - Ibu, my families and friends continue to stay at Bali paradise of Payangan village, Ubud - Bali .... !! 

 I will always keep your honest  smile forever............

Thank you,

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