Sunday, November 20, 2016


السلام عليكم

Through sacred knowledge, create innovation and meet the eternal life peaceful following human civilization improvement from the  holy of Muslim  

Tropical forestry always friendly greet visitors on Sumatra island. Crystal clear blue sea water surrounding of " Banyak islands " in  Aceh Singkil, so we could see the coral reefs on the ocean floor.

In the blue water and white sandy beaches, natural atmosphere entered the paradise island in North Sumatra ' Banyak Islands ".

National and international tourist can enjoy the charm of nature with diving, snorkeling, fishing, turtles nesting, forestry tour with traditional fishermen boat, enjoy the beautiful culture of Gayo tribe, and try the most exotic of the heaven cuisine with distinctive flavor of North Sumatra. Make sure you enjoy fresh lobster dishes ala Banyak islands, Aceh Singkil, North Sumatra.

The original forest of the island on “ Tuangku island “  invite all visitors to release fatigue after working hard. “ Tiusa Mountain “ be an option for hiking explore, an attractive adventure which should be enjoyed during your holiday. 

The most favorite island in ‘ Banyak islands “ is " Tailana island ". Presented origin nature with white sandy  beaches and  tranquility paradise as visitor’s desire….. !! Surfing paradise island ' Banyak islands' can be meet. The island have big waves, challenging for surfers.

The artistic cultural ethnic cuisine in Sumatra island ....
Muslim society in cultural, always use nature plantations for cooking and has wealth of expertise in cultivating of high seas. Amin ....

Economic Exclusive Zone of  INDONESIA covers the provinces of  Nagroe Aceh Darussalam (NAD), Sabang, Aceh Besar, West of Aceh, South of Aceh, Simeulue and Banyak islands  ( Aceh Singkil ). Potential marine support which is growing tourism in Aceh, namely; seaweeds cultivation, grouper, snapper and lobster.

Lobster as the queen of Sumatra cuisine, the most widely cultivated in NAD. Do not ask how many gram lobster as you want ?? But let's try the typical cuisine of Sumatra with high value cooking artistic innovation. The art which is blended with nature seasoning typical of Sumatra for your family during vacation in Banyak island, Aceh Singkil, North Sumatra.

Yummy ... fresh butter oysters fill reviews these hungry mouths. Try to find the best taste ever .... !!! Crystal sea salt as the bottom, will add the desire ....

Grilled fish smell so appetizing. The barbeque with woods charcoal, coconut fibers with special marinated flavors will create incredible taste from the meats.

Barbeque will increasingly fill the artistic tastes, while barbeque using  natural sands from the beach as the bottom of woods charcoal. Coconut trunk into  buffer and coconut coir as embers to flavor the meat.

Kebab....??? grilled remarkable way by using jars of clay as the embers for grilling meat. Fresh red meat into, sign ready to serve.

Muslims artistic cuisine, also often wore pandanus leaves / schrewpine leaves, ' suji'  leafs as food flavor. Lemongrass plant is cultivated and used for cooking. Delicious and fragrant taste from lemongrass made the dish appetizing.

Life on the high seas, seeking life fortune by catching the fish. Fishing nets knitted, dispersed when the sun rises. Never tirelessly, working hard, be patient with their religion custom prayer, accept the reality of living with joy. All the eternal life beauty, we can find in the fishing village of Aceh Singkil, North Sumatra.

Aceh Sweets ..... made from natural ingredients that nourish, innovation skillful hands of villagers from Aceh Singkil. Delicious traditional dishes will add this warm charm atmosphere  when served with sweet and fragrant of Gayo coffee. Coffee innovations of native inhabitants of Aceh, which has been growing as favorite of the International community.

Aceh hawkers could be found on traditional market . Various cakes, traditional beverages, traditional cuisine which can taste it immediately. Discover a new experience in variety of traditional dishes from Aceh Singkil, North Sumatera.

Where is the love, there is bridge of life ...
Through the romantic rhyme into Nusa Penida island, Nusa Ceningan island and continue to Lembongan island, Klungkung, Bali

Beautiful hunk of the rock in the middle of the bay with crystal clear sea water and white sandy beaches. Nature and rural culture of indigenous people of Bali with traditional fishing village, the beauty of God's grace in the villages surrounding Atuh beach in Pejukutan village, Nusa Penida island, Klungkung, Bali. 

Tanjung Juntil rocky is located on the left and Labuan Ampuak is on the right side . Let's join to Nusa Penida island adventure in the hilly surrounding nature of the island.

The sunsets on the west coast, appealing to relax under natural sunset views. Advise to visit the most beautiful sunset in Uug Beach, Nusa Penida island, Klungkung, Bali.

Enjoy summer time is the dream for everyone’s. Paradise adventure  should be passed to reach this Bali waterfall with clear water springs and surrounded by the beauty of  natural that is full of charm.

“ Seganing “ water springs in Cacah village, Sebuluh Region, Nusa Penida island, Klungkung, Bali. This place can be reached by traveling through Toyapakeh port.

Please visit “ Seganing “ water spring, resolve fatigue amid the natural beauty of the village in Nusa Penida island.

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