Thursday, November 2, 2017

Smash it...And Pick up to LEMBONGAN ISLAND ........



The TIMES ....
Invite you all to update your island explore journey. Much more the way to preserve and evolved into a wonderful celebration of coral reef conservation. This is the times to add your water-sport experiences on snorkeling and also sailing around the islands.

The unique cultures of Balinese in Lembongan village will add the adorable. Find the most typical from the native village and all are presented as your dream desire ......

Be stay tunes on Nusa Penida Festival  2017 from  6- 9th of  December, 2017.
Happy traveling to Nusa Penida Island, Nusa Ceningan Island and of course Nusa Lembongan Island, Klungkung, Bali - INDONESIA.

Thank you,

Luh wahyuni

Thursday, October 12, 2017

Gorgeous Dewa Mesraman at Panti Timbrah Temple

The green hilly, adding to the natural charm brings  us to the village peaceful. Cool breeze blows from the northern part of Paksebali village, Klungkung.

Beauty Edelweiss  as the diamond flowers add the charm of Agung  mountain valley.  Clear, winding rivers, dividing the countryside in the green of Agung Mountain slopes. The enchanting rice fields – terraced welcome the sun’s sight from the east, connecting Paksebali village , Klungkung with  magnifique village full of charm in Iseh village, Sidemen, Eastern of Bali island, Karangasem regency.

Stretched beauty of sacred Agung mountain, fascinating every visitor of  cool Iseh village. A charming place that inspires the creation of German national painter – Walter Spies and a Swiss national named Theo Meier.

Before the independence of Indonesia, the beauty of  Iseh village of was well known for the services of these painters. They pour their creativity in the form of paintings depicting the landscape of Iseh village and the life of its people.

Please STOP blame the native Balinese !! STOP …… !!! Do not be surprised if the beauty nature  and culture of society in Iseh village is very well known to foreign people …. !!!

Since the golden age of the Balinese kingdom, the Balinese dancers also  have been very active in promoting this beautiful island. Especially the beauty of nature & culture of  Balinese in Ubud, Middle-East of Bali island.

Simplicity in civilized lifestyle bring the fashion into high value heritage, intellect modern from western fashion – announced that villagers in Payangan village, Ubud – Bali has arrived on Switzerland treatment on their daily healthy habits. Yeahhh… proud for that, the dream come true, the civilized Bali culture meet my idea to distribute the lifestyle  innovation for beloved Ubud, Middle -east, Bali island.

“…… les chiens dans un abri, garder toujours bien des competition quand ils ont faim. pourquoi …?? C’est des sauvage peut être ….!! Mais, quand très …très faim comme le lion, ils ont aller à tuer  ….!! Mort……!! Comme rêver au-dessus des nuages, les aveugles ne voient pas … !! ……..”

Today is so tiring, not felt an hour i already spend  to rest. I enjoy my world more, by drinking a cup of sweet coffee – try to research the real paradise coffee explore……. I am increasingly fanatical to try coffee – my beloved indigenous coffee. Sweet and fragrant taste healed this headache, I drink Colol coffee – original Manggarai, Flores – East Nusa Tenggara. May peace always cover my footsteps for brighter future than yesterday.

Fanatical habits are also increasingly sustainable in the tradition of my family, who always drink black coffee at breaking time together and when visiting my family home. Bali Luwak – Civet Coffee is increasingly popular in my family desire at  Klungkung, Bali

Ibu & Bapakku ” INDONESIA ” – pusat Ajaran dan Nafas Kehidupanku

The knife I slept to form young coconut leaf – janur that is in my hand. The shape of the leaf  made with very beautiful flower shades. Unbeatable peace of heart …..

Sandalwood mild  pour over the beauty of “ Canang sari “, fragrant incense placed side of it and ready presented to the temple

 In my mind are stored the stories of  unique traditions of the community in Paksebali village, Dawan, Klungkung, Bali ” Dewa Mesraman tradition at Panti Timbrah Temple”.

This tradition has beeing preserved with hereditary since the time of 1500 BC until now. This sacred ceremony is celebrated every 6 months, coinciding with Kuningan day celebration.

 Tradition Dewa Masraman this update  begins with “ Ida Bathara “  is symbolized by “Jempana tedun” to perform sanctity, the number of “ Jempana “  there are seven symbolizes ” Sapta Rsi “

 The “ Jempana”  that has contained the Pratima is adorned and carried by the youth for “Mesucian” –  sanctity  performed in Tukad Unda or Taman Segening accompanied by local residents, aims to invoke holy water, clean up the soul and body before the peak ritual process is carried out. After completion of “ mesucian “  Ida Batara is brought back to the temple to dance  “mesolah” as form of community togetherness, then spins three times (murwa daksina) which contains meaning toward the path of peace, where life is inseparable from the element of birth, life and death. And hopefully will bring peaceful to society.

Thank you, 

Luh wahyuni

Saturday, October 7, 2017


I continued my footsteps, leaving Semarapura town. To the east of the town, to countryside  of Klungkung regency. Do you know what’s in there … ??
The greenery hilly is solved by the beautiful river ‘ Kali Unda ‘. The beautiful bridge stretches from west to east connecting rural village in Klungkung regency, Bali.

The nature sound from river waterfall ‘ Kali Unda ‘, white curtain along the altitude of the river makes it a popular place for tourists as a place to have  ‘ Pre-wedding’ photo.

In the corner of the river stands the temple of Klungkung that add the beauty of the village.

 The stratified river with its cool air is very interesting. Large rockies adorn the river. Bathing in clear and fresh water is the dream of every visitors to get rid of fatigue.

Green trees and flowers ‘Bali Sandat ‘ decorate the river ‘Kali Unda’. Welcome and enjoy the freshness of nature beside Semarapura town, precisely Lebah village, Klungkung, Bali.

One by one the Klungkung countryside is bypassed. Bali ‘ Prada’ traditional cloth craftsmen in ‘Paksebali’ village to the village of  ‘Endek’ craftsmen and ‘Tempe & Tahu’ craftsmen in  Sampalan tengah and kelod village.

A few minutes later we can enjoy the nature of Bali at ‘ Belong Hill ‘ and also ‘Buluh Hill’ at Gunaksa village, Klungkung, Bali Island.

Rural village in Gunaksa village with inhabitant who still love gardening and raising. Coconut garden, banana, fruits decorate the village from south to the north end of the village. Raise cattle, chickens, ducks, etc. become alternative life of the villagers.

Gunaksa village is surrounded by gorgeous greenery hilly then  rice paddies on the valley  stretching to the beach in front. All those are presented by Gunaksa village, Klungkung, Bali.

 Nature fragrant aroma with sweet taste ‘ Harum manis mango ‘, smelled from the natural atmosphere of rural Besan village, Dawan, Klungkung, Bali Island.

Agro-tourism attracts visitors with the nature of sweet fruits and fresh vegetables varieties. Black skin of mango-steen fruits as always missed by the lover, please do not forget the harvest time of mango-steen fruits in Besan village.

This seasonal fruit has natural sweetness from the village plantation.

Arak Bali ….. ‘ ARAK NIRA ‘ Dawan, Klungkung, Bali Island  

What is Arak Bali … ?? Arak is a traditional beverage produced by villagers in Abah hill, Besan village, Dawan, Klungkung. The villagers of Besan village, Dawan have special nature skill on  distilling water vapor from coconut fibers (= Called by ‘ Nira’ ) taken from coconut trees, to produce’ Arak Nira ‘. The content of alcohol in ‘Arak Nira’ is about  20%.
Expertise to make ‘Arak’ from the villagers has been around since time immemorial and still continued until now. But as an international tourist spot, Klungkung regency, Bali still have to improve the rules about the circulation of alcoholic beverages for tourism community. OK, good luck to find the best innovation, and visitors of  Klungkung, Bali Island can enjoy the original ‘Arak Nira‘ made by villagers of Besan village, Dawan, Klungkung, Bali Island.

 Dawan palm sugar …

‘Tuak & Arak’ is always synonymous with indigenous culture of Balinese life. Because ‘Tuak & Arak’ is part of offering  in Bali Hindu ceremony, mainly used when ‘Masegeh’.

‘Tuak’ is not much different from ‘Arak’, which is traditional beverage containing alcohol. The Balinese community produces ‘Sweet Tuak’ from the distillation of coconut fibers extracted from coconut trees. Sweet natural fruit flavor gives sweet taste to ‘Tuak’. Giving ‘Lau’ makes the color of ‘Tuak’ to redness and prevent fermentation of ‘Tuak’ to be sour.

‘Sweet Tuak’ is the raw material for making palm Sugar. The palm sugar craftsmen in Dawan village call the sugar they produce with ‘ Dawan palm sugar’. Dawan palm sugar  has natural sweetness and sugar color is brighter than other brown sugar.

Dawan palm sugar making process using traditional equipment – Tungku or  in Balinese term ‘Jalikan’ and firewood. The liquid of ‘Sweet Tuak’ was boiled with small fire of  ‘Mumpunin’. Waiting for 30 minutes, ‘Sweet Tuak’ began to thicken and continue stirring ‘Ledok’ with a spoon from the coconut shell. The dough is poured in a dosage made of coconut shell with dried banana leaf ‘Keraras’ at the bottom. Chill and remove from the dosage. Sweet Dawan palm sugar is ready to be marketed.

Thank you, 

Luh wahyuni

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Smile to Pick-up The Story of Bali Island in 2017


 Om swastiastu.....
Tuhan Maha Pengasih, Semoga semua warga Bali yang mengungsi ke Klungkung, Bali diberikan ketabahan dan kesabaran menghadapi bencana gunung Agung meletus.
Sumbangsih Kemanusiaan yang di salurkan dengan tulus iklas kepada sesama adalah nilai kemanusiaan yang tertinggi. Mari lanjutkan kasih kehidupanmu dengan memberikan sumbangan suka rela, untuk meringankan beban saudara - saudara kita yang sedang mengungsi di Klungkung, Bali. Matur Suksema
Mohon disalurkan bantuan anda melalui ;

Om Swastiastu .....
God is All-Merciful, May all Balinese who fled to Klungkung, Bali are given the patience and strength to face the Great Agung Mount eruption.
The contribution of humanity in distributing sincerely to others is the highest humanitarian value. Let's continue the love of your life by giving voluntary contribution, to ease the burden of our brothers and sisters who are evacuating in Klungkung, Bali. “ Matur Suksema “ – Thank you very much, appreciate it.
Please channel your help through ;

The Balinese in 2017 under own strengthen treat Agung Mountain challenges

How does .....???
Leave their beloved home as the first live attempt should be taken .....
Bring together or just leave the ranches in mountain yard .....
Gain refuges place in others part of Bali island as Klungkung regency as the most wanted...Great....!!! Badung regency, Gianyar regency, Buleleng regency, Bangli regency, Denpasar city, Karangasem town as the choice of villagers.

 Republic Indonesia .....
How our President  " Bapak Joko Widodo " giving live attention into Bali Island ongoing Agung mountain eruption, 2017

The nation cultures on distributing social and the real country live cure service into Agung mountain refuges has done perfectly.

As the God Almighty Balinese in modern decade still preserving live social which should be continued and refusing modern individual cultures. Social and donation for refuges is delivered from all part of Bali Island and Indonesia. Others ethnics in all part of Indonesia has continued supporting our live in Bali.

Who is native Balinese ......
Creative native hand of Balinese from Eastern part of Bali island, Karangasem regency . Keeping the value on create their daily job. They should leave their home " éviter de la éruption ...!! " but keep hand on work, making rattan handicrafts ( Ate - traditional rope similar then rattan ),  " Majejahitan " as part of Hinduism religion - preparing temple offering for ceremony. From the deepest eyes can be through, how terrific this life spirit shown .....

 The native Balinese in Eastern part – Karangasem regency  have been success bring and rocking Bali island as an International tourist destination base on our native Bali unique culture is presented to the Bali  lover explore.

 Rural village in East part develop as tourist village  ' International Jasri village or Candidasa village '. This is the most perfect idea of Bali island to develop the island on make economy cure.

Mmm....I am proud to My beloved Bali villagers. This own mouth cannot stop shouting " Bali .... Bali.... Bali .... I am Balinese .....!! " sparkling worldly and falling down to the hell ambitions.

Primitive cultures on the village tourism as the Fashion ......

 Tenganan village is preserving until today for its nature beauty , the artistic and the ancient Bali culture. All are preserving on Tenganan village handicrafts, traditional Balinese dancing, traditional sculptures of villagers home and also traditional Bali cuisine. It gonna always be mine until the end.......

Thank you,

Luh wahyuni

The Rustic corner of Bali Island

The world is shaking, when the wave tidal at Uluwatu, in the southern island of Bali. The soul and spirit of native Balinese life & cultures  proved able to deliver this island as the world tourist destination ... and grow up as tourist center region of Bali island !!! There is no word that will be able to dampen down the spirit of life from the native in this part who are Hindu Dharma in Republic of Indonesia.
Enjoyable Fishermen village, Jimbaran Bay .... ?? It is my paradise corner which Unmatched in my heart !!!

 Small waves fill the white sandy beaches, dropping  the rockies. Amazing every ones looking at it. The island atmosphere dis-weed from the southeast corner of Bali island, precisely the new paradise of Nusa Penida island. The wind blows toward the blue sea to the south part and  continues to penetrate the clouds into the island of Suluban beach, Uluwatu, Bali.
Clear water with white sandy beaches, the dream of Bali sea lover who covered the life of fishing village in Uluwatu , Bali island. The memorable inviting, fly away as free as “ Jalak Bali “  of the island. Do not you miss it ... ???

 Native Balinese in Jimbaran bay are not strong people, they are civilized, they much know & understand how to build an International Tourist destination. They are intellect on native Balinese cultures ......

Blaming  native Bali in their island is not respected as human civilized, they are working hard to be our Bali Island tourist majority !! Impossible to keep negative taste on ours lifestyle. Impossible to follow screaming out of others and mix up into ours native Bali.  May God Bless you .....!! We are Hindu Dharma Bali of Republic INDONESIA

Hey, it is lovely day. Spending all the minutes in the spot of Kuta, Bali. All subsided in the blue waves of the village of Legian, Kuta. Who is able to dampen the most powerful  of the Most Merciful God.
Keeping in touch, day by day upgrade. Continuing own life stories on this part of the world.

Wow...what amazing sweet tasteful through this lovely morning...!! Do you know the kitchen of who smells fragrant ....??? Great ..... my beloved Indonesian kitchen ....!! As the God Almighty i would never go away from this black sweet coffee paradise ....!! Oh ......
How big this nation population, numerous cultures of all ethnics in Indonesian archipelago bearing awesome nation innovation. In this modern century Bali island is selected as the heaven of our nation expert innovation. Do not miss it….!!! The Golden Triangular Road is connected Klungkung land and Nusa Penida island, including modern port is the real modern innovation will born soonest only in Gunaksa village, Klungkung, Eastern part of Bali Island. The island connection in between Bali & beauty Lombok island. Lucky for us and all, no doubt ....we gonna jumping to Gili Terawangan Island in Lombok paradise.

" Ouupps .....  as the God Almighty..... my stones and sands  disappear from my visage, throw away with the strengthen of the winds. Good bye and never hold this life stories anymore ....!!" ...Astungkara antuk Ida Sang Hyang Widhi Wasa."
Kali Unda tourism, Paksebali village, Klungkung, Bali has been growing with the increase of national and international tourist visit. Natural white curtain from the waterfall much in demand as a place of pre-wedding photos, alternative choice besides of Kertha gosa in Semarapura town.

Mom, can we move from 2nd world level into bit nearby 1st world life quality ??? Smile with hopeful.....!!
Dear, Accept the reality of upgrade our life quality is the best way to achieve the dream, prosperity is the most important in between difference cultures and words used, making mutual relationship with others for better future. It's the answer ......

 Rustic countryside, villagers still enjoy gardening and farming. The cultivation of 'sandat' flowers and 'cempaka' ( crysolite ) became inhabitant choice in Paksebali village. The beautiful coconut groves that surround the village, towards the charming hills.

Pretending the Hindus add the beauty of Paksebali village. Fragrant incense and flowers adorn the village as a sign of cultural life of  Balinese Hinduism. Who would not be fascinated by her beauty ... ???
Where is that beautiful voice to be ... ?? How peaceful the strains bring the peace of conscience. Beautiful natural full of charm that can not match it.

 The sacred "chant" is presented by the prayers in front of the greatest 'Pelinggih' which is majesty in the temple plot of Paksebali village, Eastern of Bali Island, Klungkung. Bali traditional music 'Gong lelambatan' adds the glorious atmosphere of the worship of  Hindu Dharma Bali.

Are you Bali Archery lover ….? Will come soon …..and Welcome to Paksebali Village ….!! The Eastern of  Bali Island  taste  on this seasons  trend ….!!

The smell of sandalwood like an angels of life that change and bring the mind to the peaceful world. Balinese flowers “ Sandat and cempaka “ (lyang & crysolite) typical of Bali that has a characteristic in its smell of natural perfume which is very fragrant flowers. In this sacred morning, “ Sandat and cempaka “ flowers are used to decorate 'Canang sari', offerings of  Hindu and decorate Balinese women's hair. Ohhh .... how peaceful ... live in a fragrance ... !!!

Bali Traditional Umbrella ' Tedung '

Maqnifique traditional gifts from Paksebali village can be picked-up during your traveling to Eastern of Bali Island, Klungkung Regency.
Creative Balinese hand-skilled on making traditional umbrella ‘ Tedung ‘ . It should pass an hand made process and little part use sewing machine.
Umbrella-making techniques, starting with making umbrella stems using ‘Albesia‘ wood, done by men. Continue to create frame of umbrella using wood, bamboo and yarn as binder. When the umbrella frame has been completed, the next step is to assemble satin, cotton, or velvet cloths on the umbrella frame. The use of each type of cloth depends on the order, of course, with different prices and quality.

Assembly of cloth on the umbrella frame is also done by sewing using sewing machine. This work must be done carefully so that the needle is not broken because of the bamboo touch. The next process is making the umbrella tassel by knitting wool. The color of the yarn is adjusted to the color of cloth used, in order to obtain harmony and the color of umbrella. The last step, is the application of ornaments on the umbrella by attaching or polishing ‘ Prada ‘.

The Art of ' Prada ' Crafts

 In this modern era, prada craft has become a profession and the main job of craftmen. Previously, prada craft only used as a side job of housewives in Paksebali village.
The products that are created are Balinese Hindu rituals equipments such as ider-ider, umbrella (tedung), langse, wastra, kampuh, ulon and others. Ider-ider and umbrella (Tedung for ceremonial equipment) is the most dominant product produced.

The first step of making is making pattern or motif by way of solder to facilitate the installation of prada color, because the basic material used is velvet cloth, if the basic cloth does not use a motif or patterned bludru cloth in a pencil case ; secondly, the installation of prada color with polished way using brush tool on pattern / motif surface.

Thank you, 

 Luh wahyuni

Friday, March 31, 2017

Wonderful Bali Flower as Fragrant as Ibu Susi

The rows of greenery mountains, bounded by the walls of a steep hill. Will not be able to close the eyes which  is fascinated by the beauty nature of the paradise  island, the thousand temples island ‘ Bali Island ‘.

Jasmine petals, giving luster on a cup of green tea were served to me. How peaceful this soul when it was in the warmest love of beloved ‘Bunda Susi’. Conscience who will say ‘ No ‘ when you come to give your eternal smile into our life, forever….!!!

Are you waiting for me across the deep blue sea? The blue of the sea, adding to the charm of Bali island. Exploring blue sea of Bali island is a dream of every visitors. Diving at Manta Point or Toyapakeh, etc, snorkeling in the blue sea of Nusa Lembongan island or fishing on Uug beaches, Nusa Penida island. Relaxing by through the greenery of mangrove forest in Nusa Lembongan island and keeping nature sunny under sunset of Crystal bay beaches and continue adventure at Atuh beaches.

The most brilliants idea from ‘ Bunda Susi’, open our eyes and this mind. Invite all of you to refresh your own soul on the nature of blue sea by canoe. An exact beauty of sanctuary yoga is presented on the sea, while relaxing and enjoying the real of fresh water paradise.

Balinese massage and Bali Boreh has become a favorite spa lovers. In addition to the ingredients of cream taken from natural materials, Bali Boreh is creating by traditional methods.

Now, visitors of Bali island can enjoy varieties of spa products from natural ingredients from flowers, fruits, leafs, sandalwood, seaweed, goat milk, ‘bungkilan’ or tuberous root, aloe vera, etc.

Yesterday has been presenting Bali nature banana and honey scrub by cooling the body in banana leafs. The development of creative innovation expert of spa has created a product of the coffee ingredient.
Bali also has opened Bali coffee tourism for traveler , especially in the region of Kintamani – Bangli, Banyuatis – Singaraja, Pupuan – Tabanan  and now Ubud, Bali. Introduce Buahan  village, Payangan, North part of Ubud, Bali as a tourist region with natural coffee.

Coffee experts were able to create varieties of Arabica & robusta coffee flavored with international quality.  Tegalalang – Ubud, Bali also produces Luwak coffee that has been able to penetrate the national and international market.

Coffee lovers will be served Bali coffee which are capable of inspiring the taste of coffee that they are looking for. Drinking coffee while relaxing with family, the choice of the visitor as Bali coffee lover. Are you trying to relax on the canoe, sailing on the blue sea while drinking coffee ?? Yes …. ‘ Bunda  Susi’  has hers  own way of relaxing  with a cup of coffee on the canoe. It is extraordinary…!!!

Thank you,

Luh wahyuni

Saturday, March 18, 2017

THE WHEEL is Round ....

A strand of hair, leaving an holy fragrance spread in the island of the gods ' Thousand temples island – Bali island '. Is it Woody perfume ... ??? Did you send from sanctuary and beautiful hand of the princess in Riyadh castle - Arab Saudi ? I can not forget how sweet and gentle of lavender perfume from this Sahara desert. The holy words delivery to that "Islam teaches to give live peaceful  and not make people live in the trouble!" - "Astungkara ...The God Almighty !!" Princess Ameerah, conscience soothing words as beautiful as your face, peace forever .... !!!

Will keep all prettiest smiles from the most beautiful Princess Ameerah Al-Taweel from Arab Saudi!! May God Bless you.....

What's wonderful perfume you made there, and in this minutes would like to introduce ' Songket Gelgel ' traditional woven cloth of Klungkung, Bali.

Gelgel village is Bali village in Klungkung regency, well known as the pottery, traditional clothing and Songket traditional  woven cloth.

In the 16th century until 1686, once Gelgel village as the center  of Balinese kingdom. Places of worship ' Pura Agung Jero ' -  the only one relic of  Balinese kingdom  that is still  remains.


The line eternal love conscience of Bali craftsmen, succeeded in creating high value works artistic. The traditional woven cloth typical of Klungkung, characterize and advantages that lure visitors.

Do you still remember the Songket Gelgel - traditional woven cloth from Klungkung, Bali? The original motifs and patterns of Gelgel village, Klungkung, Bali making ‘ Songket’  woven cloths have different artistic value. Gold and silver thread is braided adds the charm of  ‘Songket’ crafted by traditional way- with a loom 'Cagcag' and natural dyes.

Songket woven cloth is rich in beauty and aesthetic culture of Bali has its own uniqueness. Songket  Bali, in the recent is used in ceremonies of Bali Hinduism, such as wedding ceremonies and  'Metatah' -  
teeth filing ceremony.

Flying letter to the world …..!!!

When the king of Saudi Arabia ' Prices Salman bin Abdulaziz al-Saud' and beloved family come to my island – Bali Island. Blessings and love of humanity in scatter Balinese who are in generally Hindu Dharma INDONESIA.  Sons and daughters of the King of Saudi Arabia are very pretty and handsome.

How wonderful this world, if  we keep mutual relationship in religions differences. By love into this  life custom, the King of Arab Saudi come and stay in Bali Island. Arabians as always love our Bali  life and keep announced and share recommendations for Bali which is  very humane and always give 100% payment after the holiday without any doubt … !! May God Bless you …..

Thank you,