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Sweet smell of greenery hilly, Bali Pulina Agro-Tourism in Sebatu village, Ubud, Bali. 
Are you fascinated to see and try ... ???

The sweet smell of sweet and savory coffee , this is hallmark of civet coffee, Ubud, Bali. Enjoy a cup of hot Civet Coffee " Kopi Luwak "  after cycling is the best way to visit this village. Discover holiday experiences out of the ordinary vacation in Sebatu village, Tegalalang, North part of Ubud. Living with Agriculture Bali cultural atmosphere "Bali Pulina Agro-Tourism". Trekking penetrate greenery civet coffee plantations. All the freshness back to our mind and body ....
Why should miss it, let's go come to Sebatu village, Tegalalang - Ubud, Bali Island. 

How famous and born as public delicated favorite taste of  Dixie, Texas, Dallas, California, and many more in USA  parts. The Pork barbeque as the city culinary art. The lover make it as their terrific culinary culture. Corn brew in dry draft beer as the most favorable among of them upon having this exotic pork barbeque. So ..so i am sure you known about that ... lovely ... !!

Amid rural Bali culture which is still very strong as the foundation of their lives. Bali dancing, Bali sculpture, Agro-tourism island of Bali has been well - known by the world community. Talking stories about this culture and art of the island is not only enough on talk this section a lonely. Pork meats cooking art is also part of  cooking art from the island " Nguling Bawi" (Art of Cooking) - " Babi Guling" ( Pork Barbeque ). Suckling pork can be found in all parts of this beloved Bali island.

" Babi Guling " presented on various art presentation. Especially Ubud, Bali. The Balinese cooking the pork by  "Barbeque” cookeries. Marinated meats with  distinctive flavor of Bali and genuine Bali coconut oil. The logs that have been cleaned used as an awl pig. Pork roasted over coconut husk or firewood coals, pick up from Ubud natural. So fragrant and give pork  meat delicacy on its own.

WOW ..... The roasted  pork is tender, crunchy with special sense of Bali island spices choice. Will always alluring Balinese cuisine  lovers. Hurry up ...... we can not keep this hungry….!! Come and  join us to enjoy The Island Pork Barbeque……

Betel leaf midrib " Pelepah daun pinang " became natural wrapper Balinese cuisine " Roasted duck or chicken Betutu"  in Ubud, Bali. Typical Bali marinated, give special flavor into this Bali culinary. " Roasted duck & chicken Betutu" seasoned, then wrapped and roasted over the fire of coals firewood. Exceptional flavor are also found with traditional grilled art of  Ubud Bali.

In tradition Hindu Dharma Bali custom, " Betutu " is one of the offerings " Perangkatan" which is dedicated in temple ceremony celebration.
In my beloved home, Klungkung, Bali " Betutu " cooked by steamed , after seasoned. "Brengkes & Jukut Ares" ( A kind of Bali vegetables and boiled seasoning meats ) as accompaniment of “ Betutu”.

Scheduled special day to enjoy " Roasted duck or chicken Betutu" in Ubud, Bali.
Looking forward to welcoming your visit to Bali Island ......

Minimalist Design  " Warung Lesehan '- stalls with traditional Indonesian style, its the choice in this modern era. Stall visitors sitting ‘ Bersila “  on  small ‘ Bale ‘  while enjoying exotic Pesinggahan  meal. These Warung lesehan can be found in Pesinggahan village, Klungkung, Bali.

Satay lilit pesinggahan as the most Tourist favorite from domestic and foreign tourist can be enjoyed in Pesinggahan village, during their visit. Mackerel tuna are required and mixed with typical Balinese spices, bearing special flavors and aromas of satay lilit which is appetizing visitors.

Tuna satay served with roasted peanuts, sambal matah – Bali sauce, Urab - mixed vegetables,  marinated grilled fishes cake , fish soup and steam rice.


Welcome to “ Warung  lesehan pesinggahan “ and enjoy satay lilit pesinggahan. Bon app├ętit …. !!!

Bali inhabitant, particularly Klungkung regency know and understand about chicken roasting art inherited by the ancestors. Palm frond in use as clamp to be roasted chicken. Bali seasoning mixed with genuine of coconut oil as condiment for marinated chicken which has been clean from its feathers, continue grill and get crunchy ‘ Ayam Panggang ‘.

Marinated chickens, roasted with embers of charcoal, fire-woods or coconut fibers. Traditional roasting art is able to create delicious food flavors. You should know, roasted chicken is one of the offerings that should be presented during temples ceremony celebrations.

We wait for your request on roasted chicken ‘ Ayam panggang ‘. Have a nice vacation .....

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