Sunday, May 3, 2015


Hi, are you feeling fatigue, stress from business or Megantropole City life activities....??
Ubud, Bali can reduce and treat fatigue with the simplicity of villagers, rituals, hospitality, arts & culture and natural beauty of Ubud, Bali enchanting every visitors.

Please, choose home to rest on Bali island, find one of sports activities to refresh your health. Section of Bali island wherever you stay on vacation, you can enjoy sports activities, yoga and meditation in Ubud, Bali.
Please do not forget, enjoy the natural beauty while enjoy challenging adventure of Ubud, Bali.  

Enjoy your holiday in Paradise Adventure of  Ubud, Bali Island …!!


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When i look at you, i can't deny there is a God, cause only God could have created someone as wonderful and handsome as you. Happy Birthday Roger 'Ojey' Danuarta

Oh God....great thank you for all kindness into our live in middle east part of Bali island. Payangan Village, North part of Ubud, Paradise tranquility of Bali. Thank you for your smiles and kindness to us. Nothing can damage your live social for villagers in Bali island, Indonesia


Thank you to all Jakarta Artist at Pt. Jelita Visindo Megah Film - Indosiar.
Roger Danuarta, 
Jerry Lawalata,
 Marcellino Lefrandt, 
Andy Otniel, 
Kartika O Gunawan, 
Ryan Adrian, etc
Social J'Town - Jakarta Artists will be always switch on our life in Bali island, Indonesia ......

When you set your own foot on this  paradise island , thousand temples island, " Bali island", Indonesia. Skip your day in peace, discover the natural melody of chirping birds on the island of Bali.  While on vacation, you are also advised to take the time to learn something from the island of Bali, Indonesia.

In Art village of Ubud, Bali, you can enjoy the vacation while studying to make painting at the art gallery that has been provided at the resort or studio that is very easy to find. Learning to cook Balinese food  or Indonesian food by to be part of  cooking class program.  

Balinese dance lessons at your place of stay or Bali dancing studio, making silver that characterizes of Celuk village, Sukawati, Bali - gold and silver handicraft center in Gianyar regency. Bali is heavily influenced design motifs of flora and fauna into the aspirations of the craftsmen of Bali.


Coffee plantations and  chocolate
orchards into farming community of Ubud, Bali. Now, you can learn how to make chocolate from natural materials also by following the schools that provide chocolate cooking program.

Hip ... Hip ... Hip ..... Try .... Try ... Try and Buy it ...... !!!

Luwak - Civet Coffee Farm (Kopi Luwak), getting more popular as the place where should be visited. Wowww .......


Why ...? Do you know where .... ?? Civet coffee plantations are waiting visitors. Only in 1.5 hours tour from Payangan village, north part of Ubud, Bali. Precisely in Kintamani farms village. We can visit civet coffee farms, see directly the way civet coffee-making with  traditional methods . Here, visitors can also try other Bali coffee types, in addition to civet coffee. As reminder,  there is a "tasting fee" to try  civet coffee about IDR 50,000, - for a small cup.

If you want to buy civet coffee, please be sure to check with your customs authority that it is permitted, as it is expensive to buy.

Have a good study .......