Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Rest and Peace My Pretty Ibu from California " Jean Lane - Ibu Made Murniati "

TJ's Mexican Bar & Restaurant
Jl. Poppies lane 1, No. 24, Kuta, Bali, Indonesia 
+62 361 751093
Open today : 08.00 am - 11.00 pm 

Have you already left me forever ... ??? God, I will always be grateful for her love, her smile, laughter and the eternal love ever ...

Thank you very much for space of life that you have given to my life, please forgive me for all my mistakes, I hope my Ibu " Jean Lane - Ibu Made Murniati" accepted by our God in the most peaceful heaven.

Rest and Peace Ibu…., Matur Suksma……
Om .... Canti, Canti, Canti ... Om ...

Ibu Made, I am INDONESIAN.....!!!!
Hello world.....!! This Pretty Californian Ibu Jean Lane love Balinese...so much...!!  
Même si nous ( Balinaisene disposons pas de l'argent

Ibu Made Murniati " Ibu Jean Lane " 

Story from : http://nowbali.co.id/bali-tourism-at-the-crossroads/

Jean Lane Murniati
26 December 1948 – 25 August 2015
Jean was the nicest expat lady in Kuta, all these years. She came in the early 1970s and married dashing Ketut Sulendra and together with Ketut’s mother they founded Bali’s first juice bar, TITIMAS, in Denpasar, on the bridge in front of the Kusumasari market.
It was ground zero hippy heaven and poste restante for all of us back then, when Denpasar was the only place to buy punnets of white hamburger bun, Blue Band margarine and make phone calls home.

Jean went on to found Kubu Krishna and then T J.s in Poppies Lane and to make beautiful jewelry and to paint (she recently illustrated a book with actress/author Jennifer Claire). She was loved by all. Ketut left Jean — with a son, Wayan Krishna Lane — and moved to Australia, but all her myriad friends stayed close: she was a permanent court fixture at expat events for almost 40 years.
Her passing after a long battle with cancer brings great sorrow to the old timer community and her big Balinese family. She never wanted to trouble anyone with her health problems over the last year. Jean is survived by her son, two grand daughters and a grandson.


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Do not miss it ...get the real, only in TJ's Bali - Mexican Bar & Restaurant Kuta, Bali, Indonesia ....

I will always miss you and love you 'till  the end..............Bif....Bif....Bif....!!! 

Will continue cleaning my  " Daki...." !!! 

For inquiry : jeantjsbali@hotmail.com

I love you,