Tuesday, October 20, 2015


 Jl. Arjuna No 1, Legian Kaja | Kuta 80361, Bali – Indonesia|
P: 62 361 737 577 | F: 62 361 730 535 | www.singkenkenhotelbali.com

Dinas Pemadam Kebakaran Kabupaten Badung
Hot line :
Pos  Induk ( Kebo Iwa )
411333 / 428449

Pos Lotring ( Kuta )

Pos Kunti

Pos Pecatu

Pos Puspem ( Sempidi )

Pos Mengwi

Pos Petang
Kenapa terjadi kebakaran ???

1. Kebakaran di bali sudah sangat sering disebabkan oleh ' dupa '. Waspadalah dengan dupa yang masih menyala sewaktu sembahyang " Hindu "

2. Sambungan kabel listrik yang tidak rapi, kena sinar matahari, hujan dan angin dengan terus - menerus akan menyebabkan sambungan arus pendek / konslet

3. Konsleting juga terjadi pada peralatan listrik yang sudah mengkarat. Mohon periksa peralatan listrik secara rutin. Termasuk juga memeriksa soket , kilometer, komponen lainnya.

4. Sambungan pipa tabung gas elpiji yang bocor, ditandai dengan bau gas yang menyengat dan akan mengundang kebakaran sewaktu menyalakan kompor. Mohon pastikan kran tabung gas elpiji selalu ditutup.

5. Kebocoran pada regulator, selang gas elpiji dan juga tidak adanya karet pelindung regulator pada ujung pipa tabung gas elpiji.

6. Kelalaian manusia - lupa mematikan kompor setelah memasak atau meninggal kompor menyala tanpa memeriksa kuali / panci yang sedang dipakai memasak ( kosong? meluap ? )

7. Sambungan kabel listrik yang rusak karena digigit " Tikus " !! Pastikan area kerja / rumah anda bebas hama tikus.

Hati - hati, semoga selalu terhindar dari kebakaran !!

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Wednesday, October 14, 2015


Perennial smile you have created, "Sorghum" proofing Almighty and  starting your creative solutions and innovation in Flores Island " Ibu....". Swaying along the coast of Klungkung regency, Bali island, trying to continue this live story to Flores island, in our beloved country  " INDONESIA "

How delicious grilled of salmon appealing to visit....!!! Labuan Bajo, Flores became a new inspiration to continue traveling  to East part of Indonesia. invites all adventure lovers to explore the ocean in Labuan Bajo. 'Diving' in clear crystal undersea Flores, Indonesia 

Labuan Bajo is a fisherman village and now already moved on as a busy bustling epicenter of tourism. The sport is capital of West Manggarai, Flores. But we are still in limited for any tourism facilities and attraction for this while.

Do you have any planning to work further for Indonesia ....??? 
Especially tourism in Flores, east part of Indonesia. You should know that you can build an private facilities in this single island as part of Flores, Indonesia. It is much build marvelous tourism business. 
More over this part is port of our country fishery industry. And continue possibility to build modern sailing tourism explore.....

Komodo and Rinca islands are the place where we can meet Komodo dragon. These island become the Komodo national park. We can continue our adventure to meet Komodo dragon, upgrade sport activities as trekking, snorkeling or diving in crystal clear underwater sea Komodo island, Flores , Indonesia.

In Flores, we can enjoy relaxing in nature Kelimutu lake explore. Greenery of surrounding rich of tropical plantations on the edge of Kelimutu  lake. 3 natural colors of Kelimutu lake are proofing to us " How fantastic the beauty from the GOD delivery for our live "

Fabulous party in wonder oxtails party, accomplish with the intellectual cuisine on wine selections.Sunset cruise will become the most rapid request from visitors. It would be much easier to present in our fishery port at Labuan Bajo, Flores, Indonesia

The seafood hot pot preserve between natural rock in island forestry of Flores. Crystal rocky surrounding seafood plate selections. The fantastic dream which you can meet in our Labuan Bajo, Flores, Indonesia.

May GOD always be with you......!!
Through the way and the paradise will be open when we try harder to treat all the troubles............!!

Preservation of fresh fish meat by salting " Anchovies/ Ikan Asin ". It is unique tradition of Flores community that a live in fishermen village at this island coast.  
Salted fish can be stored  more then a month, and will not rot either.

Traditional Indonesian condiment will add delight dish of salted fish. Enjoy aperitifs on a glass of Champagne
serve with 'Anchovies' . Discover the delights of native fish from Flores, INDONESIA

Thank you,

Monday, October 5, 2015

SMILE, SMILE....NO GOOD......!!!

C'est une brilliant 'idea quand vous décidé à continuer votre voyage de l'ile de Bali à Flores, l'East de Partie de l'Indonesie


" Happy Birthday to you...."
" Happy Birthday to you..."
" Happy Birthday ..." 
" Happy Birthday..." 
Happy Birthday to Mr. Takehiro Inukai from Tokyo Japan . 
May God Always be with you.....
Domo Arigato Gozaimasu ....for your live support from Japan to My Country  " Indonesia ", 
Please keep continue till the END.....!!! 

PEACE from my BALI in  INDONESIA...!!!

Loe bantu Gue...., Gue ucap syukur, Alhamdulillah....

The newest regulations come as changing island management. Talk and find a solution .....
The edge island paradise, private island of immense charm, found on Kanawa island, Flores.  
Which is now run by Italians.
 Hopefully, the island management work together with local in Flores Island  ..... !! Amin .....


Beautiful coral reefs, a small port as a link of Kanawa island, traditional homes, providing on the edge as color of this island paradise, white sandy beaches along surrounding of the island ...... !! 
Relaxing in private island touch, providing paradise peaceful for the island visitor...

Tomorrow, Tomorrow Come Here Yes.....

Imagine.. how happy my friend returned back to his home island 'Labuan Bajo ", Flores
" Ya deh....Cinta...!! "

Thank you,

Friday, October 2, 2015


Prostitution Business into will never get  license  from  Indonesian officers. Although many sex workers' working in  this tourist  island  and build up ethnic  competition stronger than normal.
Illegal Movie productions in Bali island with theme  'pornography' is also getting wild promote their products with labels  Bali island , especially Beloved Kuta .  Foreigners who live with  very bad  live quality civilization, only selling  “ wild love “  sustained of life  their lives in Bali are also damaging our relationship with our nation's of  capital "Jakarta City ". They are live seekers  on this Bali island. They are strangers with bad quality people, only sex workers . Selling  themselves  by opening an online store or make themselves as an capital artists. 

Bali royal era had passed. But I am Balinese lady from the village , will be obtaining thank you to the ancient traditional Balinese dancers who worked in ancient times and bring Bali island is famous throughout the world as an Tourism island.

Bali ancient times are the age of the kingdom which is always proud  as the grand royal and wealth. Because  only the royal family were able to exit the kingdom from Bali island.  In ancient Times, the island of Bali is a fertile island, rich with silver and beautiful girls. Although  we are still in the colonial period. We already knew human civilization in our Hindu Bali Aga religion. Balinese are already familiar with 'fashion' according to the caste system. Jewelry distinguish the level of our caste in Bali. 

World war in the island was born and involved  in it, all the economic difficulties and disabilities learning  in a state of war. Since 1945 Jakarta - The nation's of capital announced our proclamation as an independent nation on 17th of  August. Balinese  integrate as  part of Indonesian.

In 1962 the majestic  mountains erupted and destroyed rice fields and plantations resident in Bali, especially Bangli regency, Klungkung regency, Karangasem regency. In  1965 Klungkung , Bali gripped G30S PKI - Communist very spooky and eerie
In 1967, Bali tourism  opened to the international community. Badung Regency develops as  tourist center of Bali island and Ubud, Gianyar, Bali became the art center of Bali. We are proud to announce ourselves that we are improving education, culture, social as citizens of Indonesia since earlier of the integrate year. We are not citizens of Bali the kingdom anymore, Bali island belongs to Indonesia island.  

I am Balinese, I am Proud as INDONESIAN.....

We build all sectors of our lives, financed by Central  Government of Republic of Indonesia. We build Bali tourism by ethnic  cultures which  are part of our nation  cultures  INDONESIA.

Brothers, Sisters and  beloved friends in all parts of the world. Please kindly assist to the make official announcement that Balinese is  Indonesian, Bali island  is tourism island in  INDONESIA.


Tore my shirt, my body smells rancid, foul mouth odor, no money ....... 
but I feel really great and proud, when realize myself  that I am INDONESIAN .....

Thank you,