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On Green Leafs..................

Kusamba village, Klungkung
Natural crystal salt at Kusamba village, Klungkung
Sardine - fishes of  Klungkung, Bali

" Krezz......krezz.....krezz.....!!" fisherman work on the yard of her home. Busy making " Natural salt " from the sea. Hot under the sun and cold under raining, she still strong to continue working for her kids live. Crystal salt would be ready in several days and she bring it to traditional market. If there is request from others part, she delivery it by traditional manner. Kusamba village, Klungkung, Bali where i could meet " Natural crystal salt " in fisherman village.

Seaweed, Nusa Penida- Klungkung, Bali

Lembongan island, Bali 

In Badung regency - the leading regency of the island still keep on fishermen village until today and others part either. In Klungkung, traditional boet is used for going down to the sea for fishing daily. And there is special boet as traditional transportation to Nusa Penida, Lembongan island and Ceningan island. An hour travelling on boet, bring balinese to Nusa Penida, Ceningan and Lembongan island.

Nusa Penida, Klungkung Island 

In human history of Nusa Penida, we should keep in our mind as balinese from Klungkung, Bali. Difficult live, dry, big wave of the sea in Nusa Penida made all balinese should working hard to treat our live , but social live always in live as red of fire although " corn porridge" become their daily meal . These island stay on south east part of Klungkung city. How hard this live would never leave my imagination. But i always proud with my grand-parents who teach me to stand up in all live condition.

Ricepaddies, Klungkung - Bali

Bali Cow

Balinese seaweed farmer

Balinese Farmers

" Hurry up ....hurry up ....luh!!" please walk faster!" My grand-parents teached me. It was in Gunaksa village where i worked with them in the garden. Collecting " Fire wood", " Dry coconut shell" I should passed approximately 1 KM by walking from garden to my home. My grand mother brough fire wood, i brough some dry coconut shells on my head ( Nyuun ), my grand father brough some coconuts on his bikecycle. We were happy and singing until arrived at home. It was so lovely live and there is no ones could make conclusion about balinese attempt to build this live. I love my Bali island.

Dry coconut shell

Coconut garden, Bali 

Young coconut, Bali 

Either with villagers in Nusa Penida. They decided to leaved island to treat their economic by " Transmigration " as their choice for continue live. Villagers at Nusa Penida going to Kalimantan, Sumatera, or Selebes - Sulawesi!! Imagine.......?? In 2012 - 2013 they return to their home with " Great success " I am proud to know about that, they could develop Klungkung. In modern century, leader economic of klungkung come from Nusa Penida. They build " Koperasi Srinadi Klungkung " as one of economic solution in Klungkung.

Cempaka ( Chrysolite ) 

Economic foundation of Klungkung, Bali

Balinese leader from Nusa Penida, Klungkung, Bali 

Nusa Lembongan island has been succed to build tourism in Klungkung. Mangrove forest, coral - underwater, surfing make this island as tourist destination.

Coral Nusa Penida, Klungkung, Bali 

Lembongan Mangrove
Lembongan mangrove forest

Nusa Penida, Coral Bali 

Balinese in Nusa Penida  who comeback from transmigration rebuild their temples, village, home and social live by " Dana Punia " to the villages in Klungkung part as Sampalan village, Gunaksa village, etc. Hi, i find many outsiders travelling but never show up attempt as Balinese from Nusa Penida. Mmmm........may be habit to create a negative conclusion for my Bali!!
I am proud as balinese lady !! Balinese language is used for our daily activity or working. Unnecessary  to use others due i love my balinese language!! English would be used when communicate with my foreigners friends and working place.

Stronghold bali hinduism culture has built great mental spiritual of balinese ladies. Naughty habit never arrive to my own live. Creative habit should always packing up on balinese mind. It is big wrong way when outsider make conclusion and annoucement on local publication as television about balinese ladies who have changed to be impolite ladies ( Ladies on the road !! ) who have leaved our bali custom and hinduism culture, if outsiders are human, " Please stop.......to do discrimination or screaming for balinese ladies"  It could be wise, you should treat your wild to be human, this conclusion show up that your own quality so lack or stupid even wild !!! Balinese ladies grow up together as our bali island development. Upgrade habit controlling by bali hinduism custom and education -suitable as our capacity.

" Bravo.....Balinese ladies, Merdeka.....!! Bravo.....pretty KUTANESE !!! Big thank you for your sacrifice, Bali is Bali....!! May God Bless All Balinese Ladies!!!"

Baris Nusa Penida Dance, Klungkung - Bali

Bat cave - Goa Lawah Temple

Goa Lawah Temple

Nusa Penida Beach, Klungkung - Bali

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