Friday, November 9, 2012

My Heaven Comfort...............

" Ting.......!!!" surprise me when i was really enjoy with my favorite movie " Autumn in my heart" . Beautiful Seoul city   make me so exciting!! This story should break for a little while and  advertising dancing freely, i try to move in another program. And there is news " Balinese Tragedy "  from Lampung - Sumatera island.

The red monster have destroyed Balinese home in south part of Lampung, Sumatera island. This tragedy is the worse accident after heroic attempt for 40 years in this island. Baby blue try to breath and keep her life in the beautiful arm of her mother. Great tragedy which bring me to my childhood stories in  1980 i was studying in kinder garden. Spend our days by playing and learning.

Agung mountain eruption in 1962 has brought all rice paddies in my village. We could not avoid poorness. My grandfather told me  that many Balinese choice " transmigration" as the best solutions. Balinese move to Selebes/ Sulawesi island, Sumatera island, Kalimantan island, Lombok island, etc. Central Government has provided the real policies for this program.

Poorness from Bali try to  build their life very hard in that new place. Year by year try to treat their life to be better. Working hard is the answer of Balinese success go out from poorness. I am proud realize  my own that i am Balinese. Although i have met proud & strong Balinese on the road. How my grandmother teach me and treat me to be a human would become part of my life. She never hopeless through the challenges of this life.

Balinese habit, the way to use our cloth, all are our culture. It would be eternal habit as part of Balinese culture until  the end. In modern century we still cover our corp by simple cloth as Balinese culture without any controversial party or hanging out party. Strong people may worried for my idea who keep habits from my grandmother but this is mine, this is my own comfort.

I try to learn harder, improve my skill, hoping there is company would like to accept me as their employee. Strong outsider  try to come & stay in Bali. But so many unhealthy habit from outsider try  to change Bali performance life. In the recent one or second people attack to this unhealthy habit but Bali culture my spirit life which would cover all my idea for get the progress.All habits of Balinese are mine. I would be really comfort under my Balinese culture.

Thank you,