Sunday, December 23, 2012

Adorable Balinese Cure..........

Petitenget, Seminyak Beach, Bali

I am sitting on the white sandy beach and trying to call the birds who pass on me, " Cuiittt............cuiitttt......!!!" White feathers with yellow beak , make this bird looks so wonderful and interesting to see.........

Deep my own foot to get natural cure from the sandy and keep my healthy. 100% calm & relaxing morning at Petitenget , Seminyak beach.

Year by year, i try to pass all challenges and try to get good job. Mmm.........lucky The God Bless me and always meet nice people around the land where i could find my live. In the recent, i try to find my live in my own Bali. Everything work as water in the  river........

Tiredness attach my own soul which is really need treatment. Since my grandmother's era. We have typical habit to keep our healthy by traditional cure. Balinese call it by " meboreh "

I take some glese galangal, white rise and crushed by traditional stone in my  kitchen. Continue to crush some gingers for drink & making ginger paste.


Pampering my forehead by ginger & glese galangal paste. And we could use glese galangal for facial. We would feel fresh & clean. But ginger paste should use for pampering our forehead and our back. We could treat our migraine much easier by this way.

Drinking ginger tea with fresh lime and honey as final of this treatment. Boiling some crushed ginger & lemongrass about 5 minutes and continuing to drink.

Glese Galangal

You would get your real day by traditional cure as Balinese way. We could treat own by this cure, may you too, why not......???

Sssttt............you should never forget to take note that ginger could use as rheumatic treatment. Put some ginger on both of your knee on the legs. Add a shot of " Arak Bali " ( Typical Bali alcoholic drink ) on ginger paste & ready to use. Looks....how it could work for your rheumatic..............

 Don't leave your migraine to stop your creative idea, let's try once...........!!!

" Maooowww..........maooooow.....Oopss.....my cheerful cat arrive to me, i have to go. It's time for her lunch.........!!!!

Thank you,

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Tri Beauty Salon

Selamat Datang .........

Tri Beauty Salon 
Semarapura - Klungkung, Bali
Ibu Nengah Wiwik Arianthi / Bapak Agus Eka putra
Telp. no : 081.916.161.009

Thank you, 

Monday, December 3, 2012

Green Holy Pieces...........

Natural sacred monkeys walk around beside of me. "Hzz.....hzz....hzz...!!" walk and walk again through the mist. One, second  step would be continue to the real little forest. Fragrant flowers on the left & right side bring my mind to our dreaming bali paradise.

" Tikk...tikk...tikk...!!!"  my breath arrive to the peak of the hill of Agung mountain. The granted hindu temple " Puncak Lempuyang temple".  Imagine the granted of the God " Ida Sang Hyang Widhi Waca" ( Balinese's God ) ..............

Colorful hindu offering, hand made of balinese creation on the shape of young coconut leafs are presented wonderful in lempuyang temple. Fragrant  of natural incense, add this holy celebration. I feel so grateful to the God and families who always keep my  life on this paradise island.

Praying to Lempuyang temple is one of my family celebration calender. After big ceremony on cremation continue by " Ngrorasin " and " Nuntun" These of all are big family ceremony  in bali. This tradition keep on stronghold balinese culture.

During our traveling to lempuyang temple, we could find on the hill in east part of Bali, at Karangasem regency, we found magnifique place for visitors ( Prayers and tourist either ). Greenery, mist, Natural Balinese village stay on their capacity and culture. I could not leave it without enjoy this magic panorama.

Thousand vehicles with strength sound pollution has made my head so heavy and tired. Lempuyang temple with natural and sacred view give me a piece of smile and continue all my planning on my mind. I would never stop my imagination through this granted lempuyang temple and try to put on the list that i should return back to visit this temple.........!! Would you.....?????

Thank you,

Friday, November 9, 2012

My Heaven Comfort...............

" Ting.......!!!" surprise me when i was really enjoy with my favorite movie " Autumn in my heart" . Beautiful Seoul city   make me so exciting!! This story should break for a little while and  advertising dancing freely, i try to move in another program. And there is news " Balinese Tragedy "  from Lampung - Sumatera island.

The red monster have destroyed Balinese home in south part of Lampung, Sumatera island. This tragedy is the worse accident after heroic attempt for 40 years in this island. Baby blue try to breath and keep her life in the beautiful arm of her mother. Great tragedy which bring me to my childhood stories in  1980 i was studying in kinder garden. Spend our days by playing and learning.

Agung mountain eruption in 1962 has brought all rice paddies in my village. We could not avoid poorness. My grandfather told me  that many Balinese choice " transmigration" as the best solutions. Balinese move to Selebes/ Sulawesi island, Sumatera island, Kalimantan island, Lombok island, etc. Central Government has provided the real policies for this program.

Poorness from Bali try to  build their life very hard in that new place. Year by year try to treat their life to be better. Working hard is the answer of Balinese success go out from poorness. I am proud realize  my own that i am Balinese. Although i have met proud & strong Balinese on the road. How my grandmother teach me and treat me to be a human would become part of my life. She never hopeless through the challenges of this life.

Balinese habit, the way to use our cloth, all are our culture. It would be eternal habit as part of Balinese culture until  the end. In modern century we still cover our corp by simple cloth as Balinese culture without any controversial party or hanging out party. Strong people may worried for my idea who keep habits from my grandmother but this is mine, this is my own comfort.

I try to learn harder, improve my skill, hoping there is company would like to accept me as their employee. Strong outsider  try to come & stay in Bali. But so many unhealthy habit from outsider try  to change Bali performance life. In the recent one or second people attack to this unhealthy habit but Bali culture my spirit life which would cover all my idea for get the progress.All habits of Balinese are mine. I would be really comfort under my Balinese culture.

Thank you,

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Should i leave it ..........

At 06.00 in the morning. Natural roaster voice bring me to open this eyes and leave my bed.

" Crack ......Crack.......Crack!" is the way to continue daily activities. Sweeping in the garden as the main and very important duty in my home . All families have this  habit. They love very well to keep our home clean & tidy. Twice a day keep sweeping on daily schedule.

Our living room is part of our home where we should keep clean. We always spend our lovely day in this room with all families. More over when we have temple ceremony , we should take-off all dusts from our dining room. In this corner, we have dinner together with typical Klungkung traditional dinner as " Bebek betutu with Jukut ares and Ayam mepanggang with sambel nyuh " ( Typical Klungkung favorite dishes ).

Unforgettable calendar in my family  costume. We pasted our live as water who move slowly in the river. Sweeping , Scrubbing the floor, washing the window are our choice as a great family culture, should i leave it,  If the lovely strong live start from this way?

Thank you,

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Silence In Chastity..........

The sound of the temple bells of heaven always accompany Hindu prayer. The atmosphere was so quiet and holy ........

Colorful of flowers add to the beauty of Canang sari. It is one of our equipment for  Hindu ceremony in Bali . It is  prepared in  a variety of creative young coconut leaf  shape in each region of the island.

From childhood, I was taught to prepare Canang sari typical klungkung, daily. The shape is sleek and can be used to decorate a table in the living room / lobby at home.

The silence in the Hindu prayer will not be separated from the beauty of Canang sari.

Thank you,

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Where is the peace...............

Daily activity make me feel so  tired. I could not continue this live without hold on the side of greenery of plants which always show up their friendly leafs and pretty flowers which rich of colors and diamond shapes. It all build incredible heaven in my heart.

In the middle of my holiday, i try to arrange more creative schedule and useful where i could find the real peaceful of the earth.

Gardening is one of my hobby which could refresh my own soul. Beautiful flowers always grow up fertile in my home garden as : roses, orchids, frangipani, alamanda, etc. Home vegetables and fruity are the plants selections of my garden. I could cultivate banana, mango, orange, etc.

Diamond vacation which never die in my mind. May be " gardening " bear as your choice for build more creative living ............

Thank you,

Monday, July 23, 2012

BANCOSWISS - www.banco.ch

Chemin de Boston 25, 1004, Lausanne, Switzerland
Telp. ( 0041.21) 623.33.00
Fax. ( 0041.21) 623.33.00

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Monday, July 2, 2012

Profauna Indonesia

ProFauna Indonesia

Central Office ProFauna Indonesia
Jl. Raya Candi II, No.179, Klaseman, Karangbesuki,
Malang, - 65146
Phone  No.  : (62.341)57.00.33
Fax.  No.     : (62.341)56.95.06
E-mail          : profauna@profauna.net
Website        : www.profauna.net

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Friday, June 29, 2012


 I was born in Sampalan Kelod village , Kecamatan Dawan, Klungkung, Bali - Indonesia. I can not leave my previous  memory attached with all unforgettable happiness.

Kali unda river, greenery , meadow on left and right side of my village make an exciting harmony for this live.In early morning all farmers starting their activities by brought their own cows to the yard or hilly near by their home and continue working in their rice paddies. House wife in Klungkung loved cooking very much. They kept patient to keep their children and husband by cooking Balinese food in their lovely kitchen. In that year ( 1980's ) , we were still using public bathing and washing in ' kali unda ' river. Every morning and evening, we went to the river to picked up  natural water and brought  it at home for cooking. Washing and bathing at the river. We were feeling in the warm charming of live in Bali social civilization without any competition between us. 

In daily live many housewife filled their activity by making traditional weaving cloth - Endek. The motif, material which was using  really typical Sampalan, Klungkung - Bali. They  were creating  this cloth patiently by their own pretty hand.Live simple made this live so wonderful. I felt there was development on population education. Every family tried to upgrade themselves   by improving their children education. On last day our grandmother can  learn in elementary school only but after several years has changed and they can work until university. We should know that Balinese in Klungkung have strong attempt to work & learn in Java island as Jakarta, Surabaya, Malang, Yogyakarta, etc.

When i was a kid, i felt happy along my day. I would never forget when i was studying in kinder-garden. I was the best student in the school, lucky i can read  faster then others. My little friends kept hold me and  made me  happy. I brought traditional cake and pocket money at Rp.25 ( It's really big meaning for my live ), My beautiful grandmother give me pocket money & cake for my daily snack . But social live  has burn in early age, my little friends gave me present very often. They bought  me some ice - we named by " Es lilin ", candies even shared some amount of money for me. I still remember when they had new cloth,invited me to try together and we used the same new cloth !! Imagine....little Balinese in Klungkung have understood live humanity. ( I would like to say thank you very much to all little friends in Sampalan klod village, klungkung for this sweet moment !!! ) 

Thank you, 

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Curriculum Vitae

Hi, my name is Luh gede wahyuni. I was born in Klungkung, Bali. I am NATIVE Balinese with tourism professional hospitalize quality without any Criminal stories into my Bali lifestyle.  http://luhwahyuni.com/

I have passed my traveling to Switzerland as sponsorship by company, BANCO Forward SA (www.banco.ch). Western ( Switzerland fashion ) Modernization on my working strategy make me can innovate new working innovation with my native country fashion of Indonesia. It could be delivered to solve company matter during my duty.
From my Bali native life solution idea, bring me working in tourism industry in Bali and overseas.

I was working in Langkawi island, Malaysia and much working with incredible Malaysian Tourism Expert and wonderful Malaysian Team . My traveling to this country was managed by Tanjung Rhu Resort ( www.tanjungrhu.com.my ). This traveling upgrade my career in tourism sector, especially in hotel service and hospitality. But because i am Balinese who should manage my own social live in Bali Island as the reason should leave my exceptional team in Langkawi Island, Malaysia.

Spending my leisure to work as social teenager, treat my home & my family and split my experiences for villagers at Ubud, Gianyar regency, Bali, Especially Payangan village, I love this village so much.

Introduce my personal data and further information on my additional professional skill and job experience, as below detail :



: Luh gede wahyuni
: Br. Bokong, DesaSampalanKelod, Kec. Dawan, Klungkung – Bali
Date of birth
: 5th of July, 1977
Civil Status
: Single
Mobile no.
: 0821 4648 2173


Primary School
: 1984 – 1990 at Klungkung
Lower secondary school
: 1990 – 1993 at Klungkung
Superior secondary school
: 1993  - 1996 at Klungkung

: SMA of the state dated May, 27, 1996, Klungkung
: French International Language school – Migros  - BancoSwiss,Lausanne, :  
Switzerland ( French language program )

*Standard Level : 4.2.1999 – 1.7.1999, Lausanne, Switzerland

*Introduction Level : 26.8.1999 – 11.11.1999, Lausanne, Switzerland

*Conversation Level  : 3.11.1998 – 21.11.1999, Lausanne, Switzerland


Computer course
Program Word-star : 30.9.1996 – 11.10.1996, Certificate
Computer course
Lotus 1-2-3 : 5.11.1996 – 20.11.1996, Certificate
Computer course
Symphony : 27.12.1996 –, Certificate
English course
English for tourism : 30.9.1996 – 28.1.1997, Certificate
Japanese course
Japanese for tourism : 5.10.1997 – 2.2.1998, Klungkung
Computer course
Sewing course  
Computer course 
Internet Marketing 

Window and Office Database : 1.8.1999 – 30.12.1999, Certificate
Ladies cloth program : 1.5.2007 - 1.7.2007, Legian, Kuta, Bali
Adobe Photoshop : 2.11.2011 - 10.1.2012 Js College - Seminyak 
Internet Marketing training for professional marketer  http://www.andriezone.com/

Traditional Balinese Painting ( Puppet Kamasan Style )


Hotel - Restaurant
Waitress : 31.7.1997 – 2.10.1997, Bukit JambulRestaurant,Karangasem

Hotel - Restaurant
Waitress : 11.3.1998 – 15.10.1998 at The SeraiHotel,Karangasem

                                                                  ( AlilaManggis Hotel )   
Waitress : 4.4.2000 – 5.6.2000 at Spago Restaurant, Sanur


Japanese for food & service


Publishing House
: Illustrator : 3.11.1998 – 21.11.1999 at BANCO web – The home sweet -
  Homepage of asset managers ( www.banco.ch )
  Recommendation of BANCO Swiss : Mme Indira Tasan& Mr. Selim Chanderli
Citra Bali Diving

: Secretary : 5.6.1999 – 30.10.1999, Sanur – Bali

Kuta Beauty Salon

: Secretary : 15.11.2000 – 30.10.2000, Kuta – Bali

Hotel - Restaurant

: Waitress : 21.4.2001 – 21.4.2004 in Tanjung Rhu Resort, Langkawi,  
  Malaysia( www.tanjungrhu.com.my )

Travel Agent

: Receptionist at Raja Anggrek Tour : 1.6.2004 – 1.11.2004, Tuban, Kuta

Bar & Restaurant

: Waitress : 16.5.2005 – 9.2.2008 at TJ’s Restaurant, Kuta

Hotel & Villas
: Waitress : 11.2.2008 – 25.6.2008 at Rijasa Agung Resort& Villas – Ubud

Adm sales & marketing : 25.6.2008 – 25.5.2009 at Rijasa Agung Resort &
Villas ( www.rijasa.com )

Buttler/ FO Dept : 25.5.2009 – 25.12.2009 at Rijasa Agung Resort & Villas

Sales & Marketing  : 25.12.2010 – 20.8.2011 at Rijasa Agung Resort &

Hotel & Spa

: FB Secretary : 22.8.2011 – 13.6.2012 at Semara Resort & Spa

Beauty Salon Tri

: Salon attendant : 1.7.2012 – 1.6.2013  at Semarapura, Klungkung

Hotel & Restaurant      

: Secretary -  A & G Administrative Assistant from 8/6/2013 to 1/2/2015 -  
  HM Secretary and A & G Administrative Assistant from 1/2/2015 to 17/7/2015 - GM Secretary and   
  A & G Administrative Assistant ; 17/7/2015 to 18/06/2017 at 
  Sing Ken Ken Lifestyle Boutique Hotel
 Room Division Coordinator  from 18/06/2017 to present

: Profauna Indonesia ( www.profauna.net )

Thank you,
Luh gede wahyuni