Saturday, January 6, 2018

Second Minutes Hate Lost Then .....

 Leave these leg step down. Go on to the realm of  the peace. Tiredness and saturation, all area vanished when I was in front of the gate of my beloved home.

No sin, all i find so calm to sleep away  in the sincerity of this Bali life and simplicity. Forget all life competitions, curses and glamorous styles that are not part of my life.

Wow, my dream come true ….. !!! All the beauty enveloped my mind. Klungkung traditional market, Bali is one of the places of  Alpaca ‘ Alpaka jewelry “ handicraft, which is presented with traditional Balinese carvings.
The beauty of gemstones combined with traditional Balinese carvings, creates a new  beautiful craft with unmatched charm.

The artwork of  ‘Gumi Seni’, Sukawati village, Gianyar, Middle-east of Bali island is well known by the national and international community. In this modern era, artisans of jewelry in Sukawati have succeeded in creating an art creations based on Balinese traditional carvings from flora and fauna motifs.
Alpaca ‘ Alpaka ‘ is a metal that is not inferior to the quality of silver. But Alpaca ‘ Alpaka’ is a kind of metal that is more soft and easier to work with. In this modern era, jewelry from Alpaca increasingly favored art lovers because of its beautiful motifs and more affordable price.
Alpaca ‘Alpaka ‘ carving is made in the form of  Bross, Earrings, Rings, Earrings, Necklaces, etc. Please bring it once, to go walk around for your intellect taste.

Modern art as new Alpaca ‘ Alpaka’ innovation for your fashionable is available ….!! We are waiting for your desire ….

 Tuna has always dreamed of his lover. Tuna Fish from Jimbaran, South of KUTA, Bali Island is well known by the International community, has distinctive taste of KUTA sea.

The beautiful charm of  ‘Mebuug – buugan’ dance – Traditional Mud baths in Kedonganan village, Jimbaran, Bali – bring the peace of mind along with the bell praised ‘Tri Sandya ” Hinduism  in Uluwatu temple, under sunset of Jimbaran, South of Kuta, Bali island.

The world can spin, The afternoon can change to evening. The change is not cracked  the life spirit of artisans on Bali island . ‘Gumi Seni’ Gianyar, Bali – precisely in Payangan village, North of Ubud region is increasingly creative innovation according to Bali’s high-value art market trade. It is also not apart from the habit of Balinese – inhabitants who love the artistic of culture in everyday life.

Art of silver jewelry carved from Celuk village, carving art of Alpaca ‘Alpaka’ jewelry from Sukawati village. Bali Island creates Dulang crafts from fiber (Wooded type for handicraft), with Bali carving motifs that are distinctive and attractive colors, able to attract consumer demand throughout Bali. Congratulations to Bali art lovers, May Dulang Fiber is your choice for the next day …..

“Aduuhhh Cang Kebuss …. !!” cloudy but very hot covering this head today. Large puddles should clean up in the day after heavy raining. It is fun, but my grand-mom will keep shouting from paradise, ‘Silent, stop ….. !!’

A short of kirschwasser pour into pan for tendering these slices pineapple, French flambe .. ??. Sweet brandy dropped before over mixing palm sugar and slices of exotic butter. The sweet tiger is waiting and ready to bites it ….

Handcrafter bring abundance bullets are ready to be carved. ‘Selongsong peluru’ – shell casing handicraft is the most wanted craft of the season from Kamasan village, South of the Semarapura town heart.

Hand made paradise touching the style of Bali craft innovation . Burning  bullets before carving, so that metal is limp – as the first step in the process of making bullet casings handicrafts.
Before carved ‘selongsong – shell casing’ is burned to limp, then smeared with ‘dale’ liquid made from Meranti trees.

”Selongsong – shell casing’ is quoted in accordance with motif ordered by customers. Then washed and dried, followed by staining process. To get shiny result, then the ‘ selongsong ‘  is admitted with acidic water and potassium.

Lighting through the windows, tickling all over the rooms ….
I tried to read people’s minds up to my seat, and served a cup of  hot Bali coffee  …..

The river continues to flow roughly through the rice fields around me. As if participate welcoming beautiful sun. “Kwekk … kwekk … kwekkk … !!” the sound of ducks dancing happily with his friends, dancing and walking down the rice fields. Bali’s eternal nature voice  envelopes conscience, peaceful forever …

Beautiful nature in Budaga village, the artisans community that always active with his artistic innovation embodied in the metal or silver that is being worked on. What handicrafts are they making … ???

One of  handicraft from Budaga village that has been known into international community is the dream ball craft “Bola Mimpi”. Melodious sounds of Dream Balls “ Bola Mimpi “ attract domestic and foreign tourist. Even they come would like to see directly handicrafts making process in Budaga village.

Welcome to Budaga Village and enjoy the desire in Bali nature and Klungkung – Bali village atmosphere…..!!!!

Wanci Loong handicrafts from Budaga Village, Klungkung, Bali Island
Green lawn dissected by the farmer’s spirits in Budaga Village, situated on the western part of Semarapura Town, Klungkung, Bali Island.

The seconds movement, Budaga Village has been developed as an tourist destination for world wide. The village which is rich in handicraft products. Metal and silver crafts as the superior crafts from this village.

 ” One Dollar Two Rangda, neh….!!”..Allez…Allez…s’il vous plaît…!! Regard – regard…, B’li Wayan Suzuki, Mata neh…!!! ” Only from Bali Island ……..

Thank you,

Luh wahyuni

Where The Ancient Bali Art From .....

Bonjour … bonjour … !! Vous allez ou aujourd’hui …. ?? Ohh … bonjour Mademoiselle, je suis aller à mon paradis … !! chez lui ci, j’ai trouver très – très  bon plage pour chercher du tranquillité. Et bien sur au  l’île de Bali en Indonésie, évidemment.

Je vais jamais à changement mon idée ….. !! Allor, bon voyage …. !! Salut ……
Ahh bon…!!! Allons ci a table ….!! Très marquer, how traditional Bali taste going smoothly into these tongue, with fresh young coconut as mouth watering and bring it to the peak of joyous. ” Sate lilit “  famous cuisine from Karangasem regency is made by fresh grated young coconut, mixed with fresh fish from the sea, Bali seasoning add the exotic Bali cuisine explore ….

Comme une belle chanson de l’est de Bali jusqu’à Pesinggahan village, Klungkung regency. Tout bien cuisine de poisson  “ Sate Lilit “

Dive and Bar tour to Candidasa village, Karangasem regency will add this wonder East Bali trip schedule. Relaxing in rural Bali village, enjoy the real fresh air and unique cultures of villagers. The choice will unhesitating to stop anyone to move for others…..!!!

Beautiful village of Bali with its natural beauty charm, Bali Aga culture is still sustainable with the customary character of community. All are still firmly implement by the village owner. Why …? Because the native Balinese of Tenganan village really love their origin art and  cultural values ​​from their ancestral heritage.

Bullet casings carvings at Kamasan village, Klungkung are popular among metal carving lovers. The classical Kamasan puppet painting tells the story about ancient Ramayana and Mahabharata stories. The artistic soothing to conscience.

Tenganan village is a village where the literary and painting ‘Lontar’ originated. ‘Lontar’ made from ‘Lontar’ leaf which is already old. Do you want to know how to make this ‘lontar’ …. ???
‘Lontar’ leafs is dried under direct sunlight  for several days, turning yellowish color.

After drying, ‘lontar’ leafs are soaked with running water and dried with dry cloth. Followed by the process of boiling, drying and wooden pressing named by ” Pamlakbagan “. Imagine, how  to create ‘lontar’ have to go through the process for 6 months …. !! Terrific Balinese …..

Natural Amarilis flowers, the eternal blankets welcoming from  greenery hillside. Are you fond of being in the middle …. ?? Never let go of your eyes from the nature charming, flowing to the deepest conscience ….

Continuer les nouvelles ….
Elle voit la silhouette de la Bête dans une partie supérieure de la tour ….
Belle         : Qui est là? Qui es-tu?!
Bête          : [en colère] QUI ÊTES-VOUS?
Belle         : Je suis venu pour mon père.
Bête          : Ton père … est un VOYAGEUR.
Belle         : menteur!
Bête          : Il a volé une rose.
Belle         : J’ai demandé la rose. Punis-moi, pas lui.
Maurice   : [à Belle] Non, …

The palm leaves craft …..
High patience is required to create  natural palm leaf, forming palm leaf sheet into straight undulating. The finished sheet is called ” lempir “, the material of palm leaves ready to be painted
Lontar – palm leaves craftsmen started painting or writing on lontar leaves with ‘Pengutik’ – a pencil-shaped blade.

Unique art of palm leaf craft, rubbing soot from candle-nuts charcoal that has been burned first, or using charcoal from peanut. This process is done after the painting or writing on the palm leaf is complete.

The final step, the lontar or palm leaf sheet is wiped with a cloth and cleaned with lemon oil fluid for cleaner and lasting result of moth or insect attack.

In ancient times, the Balinese used palm leaves as their daily  of correspondence …. !!
Let’s add your art collections, to beautify your cozy room with the Bali painting of palm leaves from  Tenganan village, Karangasem regency, Eastern of Bali island.

Thank you,

Luh wahyuni

Friday, January 5, 2018

Eastern Honey Bee of Bali Island

Balinese women’s initiative to live more advanced with hard work, is increasingly visible with the development of the quality of Balinese human civilization with the increase of school quality into its measuring.
Native Balinese women, are generally happy to pass the time by working, helping families and cultured Hindu dharma Bali in daily life.

The nature of hard work is not only shown by the trans-migrants from Bali, but also farmers and Bali breeders. Ban village, in Karangasem regency – Eastern part of Bali island is a village that has been successful with the cultivation of its Cashew nuts. Here Cashews grow up very well.

 Historically, there was an Foreign expert and Volunteer – Mr. Aaron Fishman in 2012 came and took the initiative to help the economy of Ban villagers by setting up EBC ‘East Bali Cashew’ with other local investor teams – processing local cashews into products that are free of gluten and vegan and also zero cholesterol. He also founded Preschool for children’s education, with the aim of improving the welfare of the people in Ban village. Ida Sang Hyang Widhi  – as The GOD almighty, there is still the experts who love the native Balinese life. I can ask , “Why hate the native  Balinese life … why not take an initiative to help the native Balinese life … ??”

 Ida Sang Hyang Widhi Wasa – The God as the most life loving, the most great who protects this  Balinese Hindu life. May all the villagers of Ban village be given the power of conscience to face the Lapili rain from Agung mountains. Peace in Bali Island, peace in thousand temples island. Forever ……

I had to keep smiling in the storm and gravel, trying to stop me.
Tears are poignant in  sincere sweep by the eternal love of ‘ Bunda ‘ beauty villager who leave in Candidasa Village, Eastern part of Bali island, Karangasem regency. My feet tread new life, the chance of life for reach the higher step  being  given by my beloved ‘ Ayah & Bunda’. Lunch and dinner tasted so delicious  when ‘ Bunda ‘ always on my side, praying in temple together. “Be pasih melah …” (Fresh fish from the sea) said my older brother who never counts his love, showing the way of life for me. The eternal humanitarian value of the Eastern  of Bali Island. Thank you forever, May God  ‘ Ida Sang Hyang Widhi Wasa’ give the fortitude to face natural disasters on this Bali.

 With hard work of the native Balinese, since the 1980s on dry and sandy land has been successfully converted as cultivation fields of cashew plants or cashew nuts.

By Ban village communities, North-East Karangasem Regency makes cashew (Anacardium odcidentale) as their  main livelihood. Cashews that are high in value and popular in the international population, thrive in Ban village, Eastern of Bali Island.

Who would not fall in love with the hard work of the native Balinese in Karangasem Regency ….???

Reminded, that this is super high value Bali innovation add  the luxury value of Bali island.
Recommendation : Observation of Cashew Farming in Ban Village, Kubu District, Karangasem Regency, Eastern of Bali Island.

Comprehensive research on supporting components, including:
a. Provide superior seeds through the development of nursery in the field.
b. Integrated pest and disease management.
c. Study of soil minerals and introduction of technology in land treatment.
d. Producing organic fertilizers suitable for soil conditions. e. Land use through agro-forestry concept.
Adoption of organic agriculture and appropriate technology through agricultural intensification and harvest optimization.
Build a learning center as a place to learn to organize and obtain information about cashew farming.
Establish a community organizer to assist the process being built to achieve the goal.
Build market access through cooperation with trusted companies or business units.

Penelitian komprehensif mengenai komponen pendukung, diantaranya:
  1. Menyediakan bibit unggul melalui pembangunan kebun bibit (nursery) di lapangan.
b.Penanggulangan terhadap hama dan penyakit secara terpadu.
c.Kajian mengenai mineral tanah dan introduksi teknologi dalam pengolahan  lahan.
d.Memproduksi pupuk organik yang sesuai dengan kondisi tanah.
e.Pemanfaatan lahan melalui konsep agroforestry.
2.Adopsi pertanian organik dan teknologi tepat guna melalui intensifikasi pertanian dan optimalisasi hasil panen.
3.Membangun learning center sebagai tempat belajar berorganisasi dan memperoleh informasi seputar pertanian jambu mete.
4.Membentuk Community organizer untuk mendampingi proses yang sedang dibangun untuk mencapai tujuan.
5.Membangun akses pasar melalui kerjasama dengan perusahaan atau unit bisnis terpercaya.

Wow … Rosella Tea … !! A magic nature tea from East-Bali land. Put one tea bag into this cute white mug, pour hot water in and leave for 2 minutes. Fragrant smell come out covering the day and inviting the desire. A spoonful of nature honey will add the taste and this enjoyable …. !!
As the research suggests that Rosella is the nature cure for keeping our healthy quality.

Benefits of Rosella nature tea for health:
1.Source of antioxidants
2.Prevent cancer
3.Natural diet
4.Lowering blood pressure

Ok Boss, Happy reading, happy working and happy on scheduled the vacation to Bali Island and put visiting East Bali Cashews as one of your trip destination….!! As the God Almighty that EBC – East Bali Cashews in Ban Village, Karangasem Regency, North-East of Bali Island is out of the direct danger zone.

Here noted  “ Not to worry though – as EBC factory facilities are located 12 km away from the crater, EBC are out of the direct danger zone”. Please check on instagram@eastbalicashews

Thank you,

Luh wahyuni

The Luxurious Bali Corner

When sun shines on the earth, the traditional scoop pierces the blue nature rug. The natural heaven of Ida Sang Hyang Widhi Wasa. High waves pounding adds to the conscience of tethering the heart to ‘Serangan island’.

The works hard soul and helps each other, socializing as the true life of  Badung regency community. Greenery mangrove forest thrives around the beautiful island of ‘ Serangan island’. It is preserved in an effort to environmental quality develop and the ‘ Serangan island ‘ is  green turtle breeding paradise. So the island is often named by  ‘Sea turtle island’.
Rural village in Denpasar – south of Sanur beach, with only a small bridge for connecting the road. Imagine the nature adventure you passed while reaching Serangan island …… !!! At tidal waves, the turtle island can only be reached by boat from Tanjung Benoa, Sanur or Suwung. Let’s catch up for meet the true life …..

The Native Balinese, The Quality Badung Regency, Bali Island.
Badung regency where the heaven of Native Balinese pioneer of Bali tourism development. Native Balinese who bring this Bali Island grow up as an International Tourist Destination. Where heavy worker and Bali social worker live…….

love intertwined, in dipper greeted …..
happiness tears dropped if you continue to hold me …..
oh, this heart feels barren without your love ……
please tell me that  you will always wait for me … in Serangan island

The waves from the blue ocean surround the holy temple amid the beautiful  Serangan island ‘Pura Sakenan’. Rows of Hindus following the sacred ceremony, Bali traditional music ‘Lelambatan’ from Gong Gede  adds to its natural charm, in the southern part of Denpasar, Bali. Peaceful  mangrove forests is welcomed amidst the tangible green turtles cultivated on the island.

The eternal life spirit and the real loves from Badung regency covering and  never changed from 1967, opened the world eyes and changed the economic quality of the native Balinese on the island. And of course The lifeline from the Capital of  ‘ Jakarta’  as the island motor, bringing Bali island to build this life quality.

The waste  problem in the world tourism island, such as Bali island into the agenda of the community with innovative solutions that are cultured and educational.

Shell garbage waste into one type of waste that is used as handicraft in high artistic value with and in various motifs and functions.

Indonesian innovation not only move until here. The way find to use powder from the remaining cutting of shell, is also in used as becomes imitation pearls and cosmetic ingredients. 

The Indonesian culture lovers can ask ‘ Why should INDONESIA …. ????
No doubt, this is Indonesian fashion, meet the taste for your desire ….. !!! Cheers ….....  ‘Kelaut ……..!’

Abusing ??? Bali  island is ready to provide education that is able to improve the mental and spiritual, youthful with soul full of curiosity and emotional turmoil. Choose Serangan island as a place of educational tour for the youth and the family …..!

Please stay turn …!! keep smile…nothing be changed we gonna always together, cheers and keep your hand on my own soul….!! Along the hours we gonna sing this life songs…forever…!! Pour this holy water….and create the yell ‘ Sista…….., brother… give me water….’ i would answer ‘ i am available and will always wait for your coming …Dear…!!”

Tour while learning to make craft from seashell will be more interesting for you. Tourists will be brought to know any type of Endemic shell on Serangan island or an extinct type. let’s join the seashell tour program on Serangan island, Denpasar, Bali …. !!!

Thank you, 

Luh wahyuni

Une petite lettre pour mon père en Australie ……

My tears disappear when you welcome me, entering your pretty home. My life began to open with various human treatments that you gave.

Modern fashion was introduced, I began to love my favorite colors, fragrant flowers covering my body, cosmetics polish on my East-Bali face. My father from the country at the beyond  ‘Kangaroo Country’ – Australia.

You gave the spirit of life, I crossed to Europe continental, precisely Switzerland. What a beautiful, clean & tidy , disciplined and educated community, love life develop very well and friendly – they are one nation who love Indonesian nature and culture.
My father in Australia, I found the beauty of life in Switzerland, why … ?? They are disciplined and deeply love their native culture. Immigrants must continue to follow the highly disciplined Swiss state regulations.

My advice to you ; please do much consult to qualified people from Switzerland, they loves this life. God is Great, i can live in this prosperous country.

Rue des Terreaux 10
1003 Lausanne – Switzerland
​Tel +41-21-623 33 00
Fax +41-21-623 33 05

Announced to the world…..

Nusa Lembongan island, Nusa Penida island and Nusa Ceningan island introduce new blue paradise island to the world. The islands of Republic INDONESIA in Eastern of Bali Island, Klungkung Regency.

Almighty of the GOD Blessing all of Klungkung regency part have grew up as tourist destination, great movement in the middle of Agung mountain eruption into Nusa Lembongan, Nusa Penida and Nusa Ceningan Island.

I make myself as social teenager of Klungkung regency would like to thank you very much for all supporting from Australia who always keep maintain their great life support into this island.
This Australian donation already delivery since the regency still in the sleepy of rural village.

Direct donation is very often provide for villager and also making trendy   (   Making trendy   ”  Mbok B’li modis  ”   ) us by International gear from Australia. Please kindly assist to continue this life support without any doubt from any criminal and tricky business competition action, on trial damaging this mutual life relationship. May God Bless you …..


Green sea turtle creeping over the sands, keep walking slowly hit by white froth waves of Candidasa beach. Swimming and keep flapping his feet and hands across the beautiful beaches in eastern part of  Bali island.

Sunlight drowned, rustic sunset melody of the eyes, the endless grace of the God as the beauty nature creator. Traditional canoe on shaking the calm of beach water from traditional fishing boats. Bali culture atmosphere in traditional fishing village of Candidasa village, rural village corner bring  unforgettable memories with.

Crysolite – Cempaka flowers offer natural scent, enveloping an ancient village with traditional Balinese customs. The village’s tradition of  ‘Bali Aga’ or the original Balinese awakened sustainable reconcile the immortal soul in the traditional village of Tenganan village, Karangasem Regency, Eastern of Bali island – Thousand temples island.

 The day has changed, morning and evening times linked. Dream unravels endless time, who will be able to remember it only … ??

“ Mega Mendung Batik “ share its beauty charming of Java island, precisely West Java. Beautiful gown envelope pretty face with the soft touch of Indonesian Batik.

The beauty of nature in “ Karimunjava islands “  in the Java Sea  makes the world always dreamed of being amid of it. The Carving artistic of  “ Jepara” from East Java … ?? The jewel of the Javanese hands is unmatched. All become one in wonderful of Indonesia.

High quality … ?? Why …?? The Tenganan village creates  ‘ Traditional Gringsing woven cloth ‘ double woven cloth with high quality value..

Cepuk woven cloth from Tanglad village, Nusa Penida as beauty traditional woven cloth which is created with color material taken from naturals color. Bali traditional weaving innovation continues to grow with the discovery of  “Endek Alam”  in Tegak villages, Klungkung, Bali. Leaves, stems and flowers become the inspiration of nature’s color which is attracting all the eyes of its lovers.

The ancestral heritage of ancient era in Tenganan village, Karangasem, Bali also provides high artistic value in the manufacture of traditional weaving cloth – double tie woven cloth “Traditional Gringsing woven cloth”. Kapuk – nature cotton seeds are the main material for yarn making. Natural colors are also used in the manufacture of Gringsing woven cloths and use only 3 natural colors that Balinese named by ‘ Tridatu ‘.

Tenganan village woven cloth experts take on natural colors from:
1. “Babakan” (petal tree) white “ Kepundung “  mixed with “ Sunti tree “  roots for making red color.
2. Old candle-nut oil, about 1 year mixed period with water of powder / Candle nuts wooden ash for making yellow color.

3.” Taum tree “ for making black color.
All the process of making double tie woven cloth ” Traditional Gringsing ” by hand without machine and wear traditional equipment.

 “ Kelinciku kelinciku ………….
Kau manis sekali…
Melompat kian kemari ……….
Sepanjang hari…
Aku ingin menemani ………….
Sepulang sekolah…
Bersamamu lagi …………………

The sadness, sorrow and disappointed never stops……..
I sin on my beloved parents, I will definitely receive ‘Phala’ from my own ‘ Karma ‘ …..
It’s gone …., and disappeared from my side, crushed and cried become one ….
Ohhh …. the sweet lyrics, dousing the feelings of pain, tears of my sorrow, disappointed and all of it……
Approached me, the deepest life spirit was tethered back …..!!!

The Unique of Gringsing cloth from Tenganan village …..

The charming of Gringsing – traditional woven cloth art is  radiated from the original motifs of the traditional Tenganan village. This high value of artistic is embodied in 14 cloth motifs that are still preserved. Introduce the motive: Geringsing Lubeng, Geringsing Sanan Empeg, Geringsing Cecempakan, Geringsing Cemplong, Geringsing Isi, Geringsing Wayang, Geringsing Batun Tuung , etc.
The unique of this cloth, the older of cloth, the colors are getting out and nice. Unlike the cotton in general the more fading colors. To produce better color, the washing is unique, just given the rain water, the longer the better. The content in rainwater can give color to Gringsing cloth compared to ordinary fresh water
Do you like it ….??? Let’s go to Tenganan  village, Karangasem regency, Eastern of Bali island.

Thank you,

Luh wahyuni


Wonder eastern on preserving Bali primitive fashion ’till today

Let it down and find the best news i need. Bring these eyes falling to small book and black pen i have. Starting on writing…..
This small magic thing make me so exciting to talk the stories….Why…?? Busy find the answer…!!
The live term has been completed, passing the way i choose as own dreams. But your happiness, honest and hard working style in simplicity fashion, an memorable can not be leaved.
Continue crawl up and try to be strong and stand up ….!! The refugees made me on deep previous illusions with your words…..all the words ever…!! Through the hard way and try to catch up all new things arrives. An excellent live experiences. Changing bad habit and treat this mind to be healthy. Working side of those is the recent solution ……

Flowers broke in the morning dew, surrounded by beautiful butterflies that come to suck its nature honey. The breeze adds coolness conscience of Bali nature lovers. The birds sounds in the middle of greenery are welcoming the sunrise.

Ohh ……. my slow and tired steps are now gone by the grace of Ida Sang Hyang Widhi Wasa. Is this my life … ???

Ohh, a heavy head that closes my imagination, is now open when the mighty, the glorious of  “Besakih temple”  can be visited to worship again. My eyes open widely, this fresh air, take me in holiness of holy praise’s song in my own Bali temple.

The Artistic of  culture that is never separated from Balinese life atmosphere, especially in Karangasem regency which is still keep and continue life in simplicity and civilized in accordance with the development of science on Bali island, Indonesia.

I had such happy school time, spent very effective time at school – Klungkung, Bali island. And I was working with rarely the school holidays in Bali, except Hindu holidays.
Villagers in rural villages with major livelihoods as farmers and ranchers. Besides, they also work as an ‘Ate craftsman’. Ate crafts are created with the fashios of Balinese artistic, typical Eastern part of Bali island, done by handmade without machine. Made into home equipment, jars, bags, slippers, shoes, etc.

We can find Ate craftsmen in the villages of Seraya, Bebandem, Bungaya Village, Bebandem District, Tenganan Village, Manggis Subdistrict, and Seraya Village, Karangasem District.
Welcome to Karangasem regency. Do you have new Fashion and idea consider on Ate handicraft … ?? No worries let’s go discuss further for the newest artisan art innovation, Hurry up …. !!

I am waking up in early morning, i touch my forehead (Just for checking). The temperature already going down since yesterday thunder. One – second days blocking in dirty working cultures competition, human decrease has implemented. Found the seekers ‘The NGESIK ones to Bali island’ never respect for life support has delivered.

Leave it … !! All are stupid taste offer from money problems makers.

The fragrant incense lighting and the ‘ Canangsari ‘ bring my imagination to the realm of peace. The splendor of the holy shrine at the “Paibon” family temple gives you eternal coolness, the most beautiful of all while sharing with family and beloved my own hard workers family from Nusa Penida Island, Nusa Lembongan and Nusa Ceningan, peacefully forever on Bali island – the Thousand Islands temples.

Thank you for always come to our home, i miss you so much and always proud of you. The way bring us to improve this quality life in the island of Nusa Penida, Nusa Lembongan, Nusa Ceningan and Klungkung land – Eastern part of Bali Island, Klungkung Regency.
Cultural tourism based on native Balinese cultures, Balinese village atmosphere of the island Nusa Penida, Nusa Lembongan, Nusa Ceningan and Klungkung land, Eastern part of Bali Island, Klungkung Regency.

” Surudan woh – wohan ‘ is given by my beloved family. Hi, there is Salak Bali – snake skins fruits ..!!!  I do not want to wait until  an hour to collect all ” Salak Bali ” Hiipp ….. Hiiipppp …!!!
Snakes skin fruits  “Salak Bali ” from Sibetan village – Eastern of Bali island, Karangasem regency
Do you still remember ‘Salak Bali’ … ??? Of course and should remind the unique taste of snakes skin fruits ‘ Salak Bali Sibetan ‘- sweet with little sour taste . Fruit growers in Karangasem region who successfully developed ‘Salak Bali’ plantation in Sibetan village.

The residents of Karangasem region with their uniqueness cultures, and still love farming, ranchers and plantation. ‘Salak Bali’  is one of the fruits cultivated by inhabitants. Various modern innovations have been found by the experts of Karangasem region, to increase income of the population from ‘Salak Bali’ fruit production. Base on social cultures of  Bali society, the experts and collectors of snakes skin fruits, cultivate and find ‘ Salak Bali‘  with a distinctive flavor.

Wine salak Bali from Sibetan village, to be the only wine in the world produced from fruits. GREAT ….. !!! Balinese in Eastern part of Bali Island has succeeded in producing Salak wine as souvenir icon of Karangasem regency. May Salak wine products increasingly in demand by the world community …. !! Ida Sang Hyang Widhi Maha as The GOD Almighty ….

The beautiful hilly nature side of Bali beaches, the majesty of Hindu temples on the hillside covered with greenery adds to this natural charm of the villages in Karangasem regency. A unique Balinese cultural tradition with traditional village tradition in Tenganan village. Gringsing woven cloths are natural creations from the creative hands of craftsmen in Karangasem region.

When the charm of nature, traditional rural culture. Jasri village with culture and atmosphere of the rural nature is very unique and much attracting visitor by its lifestyle.

Attracting Balinese culture lovers, experiences of the art explore, who can resist the longing for art from Eastern Part of Bali Island … ???

Creative hands from the experts in Karangasem regency never ending, keep maintain on finding unique art and product creations for this life solution. In this modern era, unique products have been created – there are wine salak ‘ Salacca wine ‘ by The Dukuh Lestary factory, and also sweet wine Brem Ubi Ungu. The main ingredients of Sweet Wine Brem Ubi Ungu is purple potato, that is a unique product with a unique ingredients, that is a lot of benefit to keep the healthy of human.

Ahhh……my eyes try to through and let genuine bird leave me for a little while ….i should be stuck in front ….. and leave the mouths words dry by itself…..

My proud will never be frozen …
Mmm… ( with smile …!! ) rural Bali corner bring this land to be an International Island. Lush greenery hilly as its backdrop, add the beauty nature of fisherman village in east part.
Gorgeous Jasri village shown its fashion on attracting the world wide people. The village side of Dawan village, Klungkung by through out Abah Hill will make you arrive to this wonder palace.

Bali village atmosphere is presenting with primitive style and artistic fashion is blanketing Jasri village, Eastern Bali island, Karangasem Regency.

Beauty Jasri beaches invites visitor for relaxing on the village nature, surfing, snorkeling to enjoy underwater world of Jasri and of course diving as an observe of the beauty coral reefs around the beaches.

Human discontent makes the evil intent appear as trouble maker. And social jealousy covering the common sense of being inhuman ….. !! I do not want to be part of it …. surely, i will never touch it …. !! no money – no hard work = bad intentions !!

In previous time decide to break away, today live as trouble maker !! Hiiiii… hiiii….it is so funny …..

Thank you,

Luh wahyuni


 Thank you, 

Luh wahyuni