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My heart is always clean swept by the mist village of Ubud, Bali. The lasting peaceful along the warmest social life of villagers in Payangan, Eco-village, Ubud, Bali.
How beautiful and peaceful life on the edge of the village with gorgeous view of rice paddies - Ceking charm, Tegalalang, Ubud - Bali.

Fragrance full of charm radiates from Pulina village, Tegalalang, Ubud, Bali. In Coffee plantations " Bali Pulina Agro-Tourism". Extraordinary fragrance of Kopi Luwak ( Civet Coffee ) . I fell in love with coffee after drinking this Civet coffee from Ubud. And continue as coffee lovers forever. Fragrance, delicious of civet coffee tastes invite all visitors.

Do not be confused, if you come  to Bali island for holiday. Please visit Bali Pulina Agro Tourism, in Tegalalang village, my beloved Ubud, Bali and do not forget to enjoy a cup
of Civet Coffee. 

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The coffee is an interesting story. Indonesia is already very well known for the diversity of coffee from the islands of coffee producer

Distinctive taste, aroma charming, how to grow coffee and how to process it with traditional method or combine traditional coffee innovation process with modern technology of Indonesia. In this century, Indonesia is able to produce coffee with the highest quality and has become a flagship coffee products in  international coffee forum

The grace of God Almighty. Coffee farmers in Ubud Bali are able to produce civet coffee “ Kopi Luwak “ with a distinctive taste of sweet fruits, it is not too bitter and refreshing. System " Tumpang Sari “ Inter-cropping applied to plant and maintain plants civet coffee with “ Subak “ irrigation system. Ubud, Bali is able to captivate coffee lovers with its flagship coffee products, civet coffee “ Kopi Luwak”.

Please accept my worship to my beloved " Bapak "  who live in the peace and knowledge lover on my Java island. Smooth spice aroma of  Blawan and Jampit coffee bring my own memory as lived and stayed together with you before, it was wonderful affection, embedded in the conscience. I love fresh ginger coffee aroma so much....

Java coffee is processed by  traditional way in wet process, so as to create a distinctive taste of Java coffee.
The gorgeous natural of Ijen Valley, in eastern Java, more attractive when we find cups of java with a sweet taste accompanied by smooth aroma of spices archipelago. Why not try it, you definitely will continue to fall in love with Java coffee. 

The Beauty of  Java Horses song " Kuda LumpingHappy, fly with you......, 
Free singing on this blue sky....!!!

Who does not know Wakatobi ”…” Bunaken... “ , South Sulawesi ??? Beautiful place full of charm with myriads of  INDONESIAN  innovation on true nature conservation, coral reefs towing.

Lembongan conservation team, Nusa Penida - Klungkung, Bali get many attentions and guidance from South Sulawesi island to maintain and preserve coral reefs. Planting flowers in towing coral species that can create colorful sponges.

In central beauty nature, precisely in Tana Toraja, Sulawesi Island. Toraja coffee producer place that is well known in the world community. " Queen of Coffee with distinctive taste, savory, fragrant and unique flavor between bitter and sour, in addition to herbal flavors that are not found in other coffee.

Let's find a new experience to enjoy a cup of Toraja coffee from Sulawesi island......

Bangkirai Hill, Samboja, Kartanegara, East Kalimantan. Beautiful peaceful place, in the middle of tropical rain forest and surrounded by tropical mangrove forests. Threatening psychology because of too stress, fatigue and allowing the mind to rest in tranquility greenery, Bangkirai hill is the best place choose for relaxing.

Derawan Island, Berau, East Kalimantan, which offers the beauty of underwater sea coral reefs. Invites divers to enjoy the beauty of coral  reefs in this beautiful island

Innovation natural lagoon that managed to bring brackish water and sea water, can be found on Derawan island.

Innovation coffee experts’ also increased the wealth and comfort holiday to East Kalimantan. Samarinda, is the world's top producer of coffee “ Natural wine coffee " recent discoveries of INDONESIA  coffee experts.

Gayo coffee beans, from Aceh, Sumatra. Coffee fruit fermented in wet for 3 - 5 months, producing different types of coffee ' Natural wine coffee' special scented grapes. Artisanal product is already luring the world's population with a sweet taste and magic wine aromatic. However, this quantity of coffee production can not be produced with maximal, It is still serve in limited demand.

Visit Samarinda, East Kalimantan and find the world’s top coffee of  INDONESIA ‘ Natural wine coffee ‘

Mentawai waves roaring, making a circle and invited the youth turmoil. The World surfing paradise in 
“ Mentawai islands "of Sumatra, the belle of surfers.

Eco-tourism and agro-tourism into tourism options on Sumatra Island. Coffee and tea “ Kawa “  made and presented in traditional way. Relieved back mood murky, enjoy hot drink amid the green nature of Sumatra Island.

Fish “ Bilih “ from Sikarak Lake mixed with varieties of  flavors. I love fish chips “ Bilih” so much, seasoning with tasteful of “ Rendang “. Wahhh…., you will never forget the taste of spices ‘ Rendang ‘  that always attached our tongue.

Sumatra traditional woven cloths which is pretty and made of genuine creative hand weaving Sumatra craftsmen . Bright colors was craftsmen inspiration. Under the eternal shady of 'Rumah Gadang‘ ( Traditional home of Sumatra ), Sumatra  population live in peaceful with their beloved ones.

In addition to surfing in Mentawai islands, let  continue the journey to Takengon and Bener Meriah, Central Aceh, Sumatra. Splitting greenery, walking amid coffee plantations. "Ohayooo .... Gozaimasu ..... !!!!"

Along the mountain and hill areas Takenong and Bener Meriah, Central Aceh, Sumatra, green areas with coffee as mainstay commodity  plantation. Gayo Arabica coffee varieties are Sumatran coffee varieties that have been recognized by the World coffee experts.

Teruntuk Ibu dari Danau Toba, tersenyumlah untukku selamanya " Kata dan mimik manusia bisa berbeda, tetapi kasihmu selalu aku rasa dan aku rindukan....!!" Mangkin wenten pemaco-an Bu.... ring Bali !! Mohon maaf...Bu....!! 

Mandheling Lake Toba coffee, Arabica coffee grown in the highlands of Sumatra island, precisely Mandailing region. Typical viscosity, taste and aroma of Mandheling coffee, led to become the best coffee in the world community.

Mandheling coffee, Sumatra has been known to the world community, since I was not born to the earth yet, circa 1878. Mandheling coffee is blended varieties of Arabica Gayo coffee and Arabika Lintong coffee.

Lake Toba, has become tourism center of  INDONESIA before developing Bali island as international tourist destination. Do you still remember the tourist mainstay island in INDONESIA ... ?? 

Now Sumatra Island has managed to build an healthy environment that standardized with International environmental quality. We invite all tourists from all part of the world to choose Sumatra Island as your Travel Island. You can choose Lake Toba, Mentawai Islands, etc. as your Travel desire …..

And of course ..as INDONESIAN, we upgrade human civilization by develop our education quality...!! Sumatra love development, they do not like to make war ......please behave them as educative people....!!

Hi, Remember Bali coffee? We wish you Bali coffee lover. Coffee cultivation in Bali  island, also in Singaraja district (North part of Bali). The coffee expert in this area are able to find the delicious taste of coffee Bali with planting pattern mixing different types of coffee Robusta and Arabica, which eventually gave birth to the type of coffee Bali Banyuatis. Banyuatis is situated in Banjar District, Singaraja, Bali.   

Processing system by way of traditional and modern is also used to produce natural Bali coffee with a distinctive taste.

When traveling to Singaraja, please visit coffee & cloves plantations in Banyuatis village, Banjar, Singaraja, Bali.

Thank you,