Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Should i leave it ..........

At 06.00 in the morning. Natural roaster voice bring me to open this eyes and leave my bed.

" Crack ......Crack.......Crack!" is the way to continue daily activities. Sweeping in the garden as the main and very important duty in my home . All families have this  habit. They love very well to keep our home clean & tidy. Twice a day keep sweeping on daily schedule.

Our living room is part of our home where we should keep clean. We always spend our lovely day in this room with all families. More over when we have temple ceremony , we should take-off all dusts from our dining room. In this corner, we have dinner together with typical Klungkung traditional dinner as " Bebek betutu with Jukut ares and Ayam mepanggang with sambel nyuh " ( Typical Klungkung favorite dishes ).

Unforgettable calendar in my family  costume. We pasted our live as water who move slowly in the river. Sweeping , Scrubbing the floor, washing the window are our choice as a great family culture, should i leave it,  If the lovely strong live start from this way?

Thank you,

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Silence In Chastity..........

The sound of the temple bells of heaven always accompany Hindu prayer. The atmosphere was so quiet and holy ........

Colorful of flowers add to the beauty of Canang sari. It is one of our equipment for  Hindu ceremony in Bali . It is  prepared in  a variety of creative young coconut leaf  shape in each region of the island.

From childhood, I was taught to prepare Canang sari typical klungkung, daily. The shape is sleek and can be used to decorate a table in the living room / lobby at home.

The silence in the Hindu prayer will not be separated from the beauty of Canang sari.

Thank you,