Friday, February 20, 2015

THE GLUE.......

Nation Intruder singing

I don't need your screaming, i don't need your attention, i don't need your come in to my personal life, 
Please ...i am Balinese from Klungkung, Bali and really hate it...!!

Pay attention too much is crazy...my quality mood better then yours, my human attention only present for the ones who really important for this life.....

My attempt much greater to break down all challenges......, the ancient myth is much ...much....make me crazy.....!!! Pay attention ...?? What for......?? Don't you have some amount to answer this question.....!! Making announcement for nothing is crazy.......!!!

Klungkung, Bali population life story can not be separated from the poorness. I am grateful to live in the community who is simple, polite and high social life in Balinese Hinduism culture . We are poor not to be hidden, we are trying to learn, trying to improve the economy of our lives until there are companies that want to hire us.

Development program continued to hammer poverty amid corruption on Bali island . Attack narcotics, prostitutes, criminals with all the violence and supernatural power.

Klungkung Bali to build tourism, not to be hidden poverty, we try to get region income by develop tourism. Should try to fill their personal own pockets 

( We can not ask some money for our own pocket to our Nation President...or just Demonstration as monkey on road and hungry after.....or revenge on the owner company.....!!! ) . 

They are not thief, not spreader virus of  HIV/AIDS. Poverty can not be clean up in a minute, take time and try harder. 

I am the person who live in this step will never believe your announcement of Bali poverty...!! Please measure your own and announcement means nothing for treat poverty........!!!( Ngaba apa iba mamaan....!! ) It is true Bali ancient myth make this live complicated in modern era, we should face this reality, it is not mean they don't want to find  life solution. Yes, me....I try harder as hard possible....!!!

Economic solution to treat poverty  as sharecroppers, sand seekers, collecting firewood, workers in the market. Poorness always become questioned immigrant  who has quick deep pockets, maybe they are working as thief, corruption or grab management position by destroying other people's expectations.

"Celibataire / Keep Single" is solution of my life, instead breaking the tradition of crazy myth or damaging other ethnic myth..... !! I do not need the mad myth, we are Balinese, we are not women like nasty video "pornography movie", we don not like harassing other religious people. Balinese is civilized women, my life solution more sophisticated then the rich ...... do not need to use pornography video on harassing Balinese women.

 Balinese women obligation is not only " Ready to serve partner on the bed as Dog - Sex Gaya Anjing "or just waiting Bali region get " Red on our development", or just spread virus HIV/ AIDS......

My mine, No Money.....No Crazy......!! 

Please stop " Bungan Hati / screaming " action, i am origin Balinese...i stay in my own quality life way and it is not my job to treat " Crazy " from others crazy Balinese ou bien l'autre tribal non plus........!!

Australian Bali tourism Boss.... greatest thank you for all assistance  to tied my personal life. I have no coin for return back....
Thank you,

Friday, February 6, 2015


Sangkaragung Village, Jembrana, Bali

Human life is beeing busy by various human characters. Stupidity should continue perpetually confronted with formal and informal Education & learn harder to be change and throw our bad habits

A change of life will be there, if we try, be patient and pray. We are Indonesian.....Stick to your convictions to Ida Sang Hayang Widhi Wasa / Balinese God and Indonesian cultures who are friendly, stay with simple life style, be polite and knowledgeable.....!!!

Traditional music "Jegog" that characterizes the art of Jembrana, Bali. Precisely in  Sangkaragung village. " Jegog"  Bali traditional music is very popular among Japanese tourists.

Bali tourism icon " Jegog"  be performed at Sakura  - Japan in routine schedule. This " Jegog "  is  performed  every two or three times a year. It is also offered to tourists with weekly schedule in Jembrana, Bali.

Visit and Enjoy the traditional music "Jegog" characteristic of Jembrana, Bali

Thank you,