Wednesday, October 22, 2014


The voice of beautiful melodious brings my imagination to drift into the blue sky. Flap your wings sturdy heading toward the sunrise. I stand on the beautiful Nusa Penida island, a small island in Klungkung regency, Bali

Aiswarya Endek Bali 
Jl. Tukad Gangga 29 Panjer. 
Near Renon Court - Denpasar, Bali 
Phone no : (62) 812  370  61279

Comfortable on traveling to Badung Regency ( Sanur, Kuta, Seminyak, Jimbaran, Nusa Dua ) can be served as the center of  tourism major region are growing up with the most modern taste of  shopping center . The selections of traditional Bali cultural crafts center , INDONESIA  and continue the set-up textile with modern design.


INDONESIAN culture is very rich with numerous of ethnic weaving cloths. Balinese weaving cloth is of the choice. Balinese weaving  culture is able to attract tourists with traditional motifs. The natural color is soft and made ​​of natural materials that produce connective charming weaving cloth.

Rangrang weaving cloth is produced by Balinese society from Nusa Penida. Rangrang weaving cloth is one handmade woven cloth from creative community of  Karang village, Nusa Penida, Klungkung.

Being a cloth weaver craftsmen in support of their life and preserve Bali traditional culture, because Bali society used as a complementary means of ritual and custom clothing

Single weaving technique is applied to the style and color of  Rangrang cloth. Red or yellow as the background of Rangrang cloth. Various motifs in the middle, like a Saksak lotus flower, questionnaire grass, and spruce. On the edges are often given an ornament of floral motives julit collection, daffodil leaves, butterflies, frogs and trimmings.
Rangrang cloth is also always accomplished with white line. Pangoh spurs/ taji line known as a kind of knife that is in use by a cock fighter in the fighting or cockfighting event / metajen.

Bienvenue a Nusa Penida, Klungkung - Bali .....  
Discover the beautiful traditional weaving cloth. Add your collections with traditional weaving cloth of Nusa Penida, Klungkung, Bali ...........

Australian Bali tourism Boss.... greatest thank you for all assistance  to tied my personal life. I have no coin for return back....

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Friday, October 17, 2014


Metal craft is one of Balinese culture that has been occupied since the ancient Bali time. Metal crafts such as kris ( dagger / Belati ), wadung ( axe / kapak ), crowbar ( alat besi ), hurt ( sickle / sabit ), sasap (sort of trowel / sekop ), and armor (Kurug).

Klungkung is one of Bali regency  that preserve the heritage by keeping craftmen skilled on  making metal crafts. The craftsmen working in Pande Besi, Kusamba village, Dawan district, Klungkung - Bali

C'est Pourquoi Indonesie....???

How savory & delicious these steam rice, is embedded in the hearts of my Hinduism family until to grand- children in this modern century because your honesty  love to this life in Klungkung - Bali land ........

Balinese life during the Dutch Colonial Era and the year after the Dutch Colonial .....Klungkung, Bali

  " Allahu Akbar .... !!" My eyes can be opened .... how beautiful this life with education in the school ....... the beauty of life with higher education modernization .... ... You have presented for us in this land, "Matur suksme saking desa Sampalan kelod ( Great Thank you from Sampalan Kelod Village )..!!
 " Allahu Akbar....!!!" My God - Ida Sang Hyang Widhi Wasa show me the way to treat my stupid, my wild, my poorness, my wild sexual willingness.....etc.

The Breath of Islam Wali Songo enters to Bali island as the growth of Gelgel kingdom, in the late of 13th century as a very good relationship with Majapahit kingdom. The ancient Muslim society of Klungkung are situated at Kampung Gelgel , Kampung Lebah, Kampung Jawa, and Kampung Kusamba. 

Muslim descent of Banjar are living at  Kusamba village with many relics of ancient Muslims, such as the Tomb of the village leader/ Makam Wali  and the Quran has reached an estimated age of 400 years. The Quran is the handwriting of the great scholars from Bugis.

Life limiting yourself  from the development or friends who has high quality professional skill will be caused of all life troubles on yours ..... !! Wahai ORANG BALI ...., let us increase our ability to communicate, be respectful to your INDONESIAN Brothers, Sisters and Friends......!! Please try to learn and be honest appreciate others INDONESIAN  people opinions and attention......!!!

Scorching heat of the sun and can not stop the stinging salt farmers in Kusamba village, KlungkungDry season becomes a blessing for the farmers who tried to boost their salt production.

Villagers in Kusamba village largely support themselves by farming. Iron craftsmen also still preserved in this village, especially dagger / keris craft. Dagger craft in benefits as means upakara / ceremonies utensils in Hinduism religion of Bali ceremonies, Using as Bali fashion accessory, the arts collection which has high aesthetic value. Maintenance to mix wrought iron has been passed by the ancestors of Indonesia since the days of Hindu, Balinese craftsmen can make beautiful dagger / keris.

The most rarely craft dagger/ keris and only can be found in Banjar Pande, Kusamba village - Klungkung, Bali. 

Balinese celebrate Tumpek Landep on Saniscara pon, wuku Landep once every 6 months. Tumpek Landep is one of Balinese Hindu ceremony to present our gratitude to Ida Sang Hyang Widi Wasa is down to the earth and give thought to human acumen weapon shaped like a tapered / pointed, namely: keris / dagger, spears / tombak and swords / pedang.

Implementation of the conserved Tumpek landep ceremony, the prayers are not only celebrate the weapons made of iron but other equipments also, containing elemental iron or moving objects can be made ​​of metal such as (motorcycle, car) household appliances and others. Balinese Hindus make offerings for all of the equipments from metal in order to simplify and facilitate the activities of human beings in their daily lives.

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Sunday, October 12, 2014


I picked the rose with soft color and fragrance perfume to soothe the soul ...... !! I can not afford to forget the memories with family and delightful friends in Payangan village, Ubud, Bali

When we going tour to Kintamani - Bangli, then we will pass through Payangan village, Ubud - Bali. 


30 Minutes drive from Ubud Center. Agro tourism presented by Payangan village has its own charm. The society love stay in simplicity and unpretentious love of agriculture and animal husbandry. Rainy season is higher in this village make it suitable to cultivate fruits, vegetables and flowers.

I will always be grateful to my family (Meme / Ibu) & delightful friends in Payangan village, Ubud who always love my life and bring me having dinner , cooking the pork or chicken, praying to the temple, etc.

 I joined together in prayer indigenous temple of Banjar Begawan, Desa Melinggih kelod, Payangan, Ubud, Bali

Truly unforgettable memories ........

In the freeze of  Bali early morning , I sat in the bus which drove me to Batubulan station. Sacred Barong Dance of Bali society and also a dance dedicated to local and foreign tourists can we find at Batubulan village.
My feeling so whirred..... when looking at Celuk village, Sukawati district, Gianyar - Bali. The village is located before Sukawati art market. Celuk Village is Gold & Silver handicraft center. Various jewelry  designs of gold and silver with typical Balinese design ( Most of it with Bali's  flora and fauna Design ).

The greatness of the God Almighty, through the natural Balinese hands bearing the skilled awarded into villagers at  Celuk village, Sukawati. They able to create gold and silver craft in high quality.

The beach with large waves and foamy surrounded by greenery of rice fields scenic Purnama beach. Purnama beach, one of the beaches that lie on Banjar Lumpang Telabah, Sukawati village, Gianyar. Saba beach, Lebih beach are others tourist beach in Gianyar regency, Bali.
Sukawati art market, one of Celuk gold and silver craft market center. Jewelry are sold in perfect design as Rings, Bracelets, Necklaces, Earrings, Bross and various other types of jewelry.

If you arrange your own tour scheduled around Ubud or other parts of eastern Bali island, Let's stop at Sukawati art market, Gianyar - Bali, choose the jewelry design that you like ......!

Marketing gold and silver handicrafts from Celuk village is growing rapidly after the opening again by  the Republic of Indonesia to outside world in 1970s, especially in the tourism sector.

Growing demand from consumers. Historically in1990s until 2000, Celuk jewelry design has been created with a modern design.
Motif created by craftsmen more to " Plin " motifs. Due increasing demand for modern motifs, this year Sukawati craftsmen are already using machines to make silver and gold jewelry.

Ibu, now eating  Indonesia Bakso ( Similar bakso / meatballs from my dear.......Mas Abas in Payangan village .....) treating this miss to you ..... !! Be Happy my love - Ibu, my families and friends continue to stay at Bali paradise of Payangan village, Ubud - Bali .... !! 

 I will always keep your honest  smile forever............

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Wednesday, October 8, 2014



Esemka Indonesia  


Esemka Indonesia BBM Channel C001A99CB Info@esemka.co.id www.fb.com/esemka.id www.twitter.com/esemkaIndonesia http://www.esemka.co.id

My brilliant Jakarta family, i love you......( www.banco.ch )

Why should Jakarta City ...... ?? Modern J-Town ( Jakarta known as J-Town ), Technological innovation, The Central Indonesian Mode based on Nation culture - INDONESIA. Jakarta's youth grow up as the energetic and creative teens, able to create solutions to modernize life education
Jakarta City also its prestigious Universities in International standards .......

Jakarta City is situated at the west part of Java Island as the center of Country Business, Politics, Culture and Home to the headquarters of state-owned enterprises / BUMN, Private companies, and Foreign companies.

The city is also seat of Government agencies and ASEAN secretariat office. Soekarno-Hatta & Halim Perdanakusuma Airport and Tanjung Priok port are the gateway of Jakarta City.

Jakarta as Diamond Country City...... , Not because it means or mystical, but we are in real life ....... !!!

Simplicity is the nature characterize of the nation's cultural. Creative to solve life challenges which is modified into complicated issues is characterize the people of Jakarta. Working hard and perseverance in modern innovations create high-quality commodity.

INDONESIA National Automobile procurement efforts have been opened since " Aku belum lahir lo ....( I was not born yet ) .... !!" about 1975 ........

Mobnas Tenaga Listrik  ( National Automobiles Electric - Powered )

National Automobile Electric powered in 2014, prepared by central government with mutual innovation from 6 Universities as University of Indonesia ( UI ), Gadjah Mada University ( UGM ), Institut Teknologi Bandung ( ITB ), the Institute of Technology Sepuluh Nopember ( ITS ), University Sebelas Maret Surakarta ( UNS ) and Manufacture Polytechnic of Bandung.

Mari kita lihat sejarah mobil nasional yuk....!!! ( Let's look the history of  national automobile.... !!! ). 

In 2007 has been formed Indonesian Electric Vehicle Community, which preceded similar communities in our neighboring countries. Automobile Electric - powered is presented as an environmentally friendly automobile which is expected to reduce air pollution in metropolitan city as Jakarta City, Tourism island destination as Bali island, etc.

"Wow .... this magic car turn around Kuta, passing Kuta Beach - Bali ..... !!". Modern Automobile Electric-Powered in it performance, comfortable and gorgeous automobile has been introduced at Kuta - Bali .

Applause...., Cheers.....it really make Bali car lovers more excited when a beautiful car through the streets of Kuta, Bali ......

Provide comfortable and satisfaction for the tourists who spend their holiday in Bali become a prime target of  tourism facilities providers. National automobile electric-powered is an alternative to the procurement of transport on this thousands resorts island  - Bali island.

OK......, Advise to introduce Auto-bus for our tourists in groups as Domestic, Asia ( Japan, Korea, China, etc), Southeast Asia, Europe, Australia, USA, etc.Modern style automobile electric-powered for the most modern youth MODE on enjoy water-sport, tour around Bali, Through Bali village & hilly places......... !! Cheers........

Give the best service for Bali Domestic & Foreign guests by providing National Automobile Electric - Powered. !!! 

Thank you,

Wednesday, October 1, 2014


I went through the greenery lane with my grandmom and my families to Kintamani - Bangli .... !! The greenery and natural perfume of ylang - flourish welcoming visitors from rural roads.

The situation getting more quiet, silent as we passed the expanse of black rocks road , lava petrified relics of the greatest Batur mountain eruption in 1917. Between the hallway of black rocks, i saw  greenery of Chinese cabbage and tomato gardens. The cold weather of this region, making Kintamani as vegetables, fruits, herbs and flowers producer which is utilized for Religious ceremony of upakara Bali Hinduism.

Meandered road ... sometimes have to climb and then down through the cold & rocky region with the real frozen black rocks and splitting fruits and vegetables garden. Wow ...... fatigue face turned into sparkling and happy.... watching the beautiful gift of almighty the God - Ida Sang Hyang Widhi Wasa.

Natural delicious & exotic Bali fruits accompanied us along the road toward Ulun Danu Batur temple. The temple with highest artistic and historical value. It is located in Karang Anyar village, Kintamani, Bali.

Cold temperatures in the night and continue the coolness in  the morning covering the atmosphere of Panelokan village, Kintamani. Serve an excellent valley panoramic for visitors to catch up the sunrise at  Kintamani.
Panelokan village is the intersection of  natural panoramic from Batur mountain, Batur lake at the valley with crescent-shaped blue caldera , and surrounded by the expanse of black rocks.

Kintamani village can also be reach by through along the road from Payangan village, Ubud - Bali

Trunyan is one of the village in Kintamani region, Bangli regency. Trunyan village can be reached by traditional boat or stroll along the coastal shores of Batur Lake.

Trunyan village is  Bali Aga or Bali Mula village which has very specific and different tradition from others villages in Bali. In Bali we can find Bali Aga village as : Sembiran village, Cempaga village, Sidetapa village, Pedawa village, Tigawasa village in Buleleng regency, Sukawana village in Bangli regency, and Tenganan village in Karangasem regency.

The society of Trunyan village has a unique tradition on open burial / Mepasah. The dead are not buried, but placed in Sema / cemetery accomplish by certain ceremonies which separate place from the village by boat.

Magic and weird ........!!! The bodies were placed on the graveyard / cemetery  or Sema no foul odor, due to the stench of the corpses removed by Taru Menyan tree in the Sema / cemetery area.

In megalithic relics of Trunyan there is a statue of Ratu Sakti Pancering Jagat who serve as worship for the community of Trunyan. The statue was originally found is small, which gradually getting bigger. From the mythology,
Trunyan name comes from the word "Taru Menyan" and of the word "Turun Hyang" which eventually became Terunyan.

Let's go and find the uniqueness in tradition of the society in Trunyan village.......!!!

Skin health problems..... ?? We must be diligent in the shower to wash themselves clean of dirt and odor. Soaking in a natural hot spring pools from underground, as the  alternative of visitor in Toya Bungkah village.

Relaxing  in the hot spring which stands beside Batur lake, amid greenery and vegetables garden surrounded by black rocks of  Pakraman Batur village , Kintamani, Bali.


Mountain climbing is other leisure activity and camping in natural Kintamani serenity . Toya Bungkah derived from the word " Toya " means water and " Bungkah " means out of the ground", so Toya Bungkah means "water that comes out from the ground".
Society in Toya Bungkah village in generally working  as farmers and fishermen. This area is equipped with facilities for guests' comfort such as: restaurant, hotel / bungalows and toilet.

Keep your healthy skin by enjoying hot spring water bathing at Toya Bungkah  village.

The uniqueness of the gift from Ida Sang Hyang Wasa Widhi make Kehen temple is scheduled as the attractions of tourists. Candi Bentar is characterizes of temple entrance celestial universe in Bali, but at Kehen temple have typical shaped of entrance as Candi Kurung.  

Bale Kulkul brackets above the banyan trees since hundreds of the years old. Kehen temple is situated at Pakraman Cempaga Village, Bangli. 
The Kehen word comes from the term "cool" or a fire associated with the first inscription that mentions the words Hyang Api, Hyang Karinama, Hyang marks and names of monks.
Agriculture as the main job of the society, including seller in traditional market & employees of company as their live economy solution .

Fusing from  leteh / dirt with melukat / purifying under natural cool water of mountains estuary in Sedit village, Bebalang district, Bangli regency. Natural fountain located in Tirta Sudamala temple. Here we will see 11 fountains ( 9 fountains at the higher place and 2 fountains are in lower place).

Journey taken by tracing the majestic natural beauty, shrouded in greenery of  trees. We will also pass tourist interesting places as Batur Lake, Kehen Temple, Penglipuran village and finally arriving at Tirta Sudamala temple.

Meditation ...? Relaxing with nature ...? Withdrew himself ...? We can still laid to rest amid unspoiled jungles of Bali. The sound of the water hitting the rocks, will be more soothing the soul of visitors. Dusun Kuning waterfall is located in Dusun Kuning, Taman Bali village, Bangli.

The place is hidden away from the crowds and worldly. On the edge of waterfall, amid the forest which still  keep Bali monkeys genuine life. 

Come in and enjoy this unspoiled nature......just in Bali Island...!!!

Traditional buildings are arranged neatly, Blanket by Bali garden surrounds . Bali Traditional Angkul - Angkul, the gate is presented by  typical architecture of Penglipuran village. The village is situated in Kubu village, Bangli - Bali.

Penglipuran village stay as an alternative of conventional tourist destination. Local and foreign tourists come to see and enjoy the atmosphere of the village which is still beautiful, both tourist from the ordinary, scientists and students who are interested in doing research in this village.

Residents Penglipuran village come from Bayung Gede, the name of "Penglipuran" comes from the word meaning " Pengeling temple"  has a shrine to the memory of the ancestors.

Let's go come to enjoy the village's unspoiled natural atmosphere and charm of customs, culture Penglipuran with predominantly rural life as farmer.

Hi, My little mate....! How are you today? It was much agreable to work together in the same roof with you, Wayan......!! Let's continue the success 'till to the end.............

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