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My brilliant Jakarta family, i love you......( www.banco.ch )

Why should Jakarta City ...... ?? Modern J-Town ( Jakarta known as J-Town ), Technological innovation, The Central Indonesian Mode based on Nation culture - INDONESIA. Jakarta's youth grow up as the energetic and creative teens, able to create solutions to modernize life education
Jakarta City also its prestigious Universities in International standards .......

Jakarta City is situated at the west part of Java Island as the center of Country Business, Politics, Culture and Home to the headquarters of state-owned enterprises / BUMN, Private companies, and Foreign companies.

The city is also seat of Government agencies and ASEAN secretariat office. Soekarno-Hatta & Halim Perdanakusuma Airport and Tanjung Priok port are the gateway of Jakarta City.

Jakarta as Diamond Country City...... , Not because it means or mystical, but we are in real life ....... !!!

Simplicity is the nature characterize of the nation's cultural. Creative to solve life challenges which is modified into complicated issues is characterize the people of Jakarta. Working hard and perseverance in modern innovations create high-quality commodity.

INDONESIA National Automobile procurement efforts have been opened since " Aku belum lahir lo ....( I was not born yet ) .... !!" about 1975 ........

Mobnas Tenaga Listrik  ( National Automobiles Electric - Powered )

National Automobile Electric powered in 2014, prepared by central government with mutual innovation from 6 Universities as University of Indonesia ( UI ), Gadjah Mada University ( UGM ), Institut Teknologi Bandung ( ITB ), the Institute of Technology Sepuluh Nopember ( ITS ), University Sebelas Maret Surakarta ( UNS ) and Manufacture Polytechnic of Bandung.

Mari kita lihat sejarah mobil nasional yuk....!!! ( Let's look the history of  national automobile.... !!! ). 

In 2007 has been formed Indonesian Electric Vehicle Community, which preceded similar communities in our neighboring countries. Automobile Electric - powered is presented as an environmentally friendly automobile which is expected to reduce air pollution in metropolitan city as Jakarta City, Tourism island destination as Bali island, etc.

"Wow .... this magic car turn around Kuta, passing Kuta Beach - Bali ..... !!". Modern Automobile Electric-Powered in it performance, comfortable and gorgeous automobile has been introduced at Kuta - Bali .

Applause...., Cheers.....it really make Bali car lovers more excited when a beautiful car through the streets of Kuta, Bali ......

Provide comfortable and satisfaction for the tourists who spend their holiday in Bali become a prime target of  tourism facilities providers. National automobile electric-powered is an alternative to the procurement of transport on this thousands resorts island  - Bali island.

OK......, Advise to introduce Auto-bus for our tourists in groups as Domestic, Asia ( Japan, Korea, China, etc), Southeast Asia, Europe, Australia, USA, etc.Modern style automobile electric-powered for the most modern youth MODE on enjoy water-sport, tour around Bali, Through Bali village & hilly places......... !! Cheers........

Give the best service for Bali Domestic & Foreign guests by providing National Automobile Electric - Powered. !!! 

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