Thursday, December 18, 2014


Strong wind through with  rainfall in early morning. Galungan & Kuningan day already come to this season. Hinduism Bali wisely celebrate religious ceremonies to purify body and spirit.

Beautiful young coconut leafs creations adorn houses, temples, roads, penjors, etc. at Badung regency, Bali. Kuta, Bali .... ??? The fragrance of incense envelop Kuta beach is purified by the community with various rituals ceremonies of Hindu Dharma in the hope always avoid abstruseness of life. The white wave created by the residents of Badung Regency who joyfully in celebrate Galungan day.

Balinese who always crave peaceful life patiently preserve cultural customs of Hindu Bali in Kuta, Bali. Indigenous Balinese Hindu culture sustainable amid world tourism activities centered in Badung regency.

Indonesian government innovation in tourism sector. Indonesia's policy to tighten visa regulations had come into force as 1st of February, 2004. Travelers are required to buy one of the Visa On Arrival (VOA): US $ 15 which is valid for 10 days or US $ 25 for 30 days, although the tourist visa is free and valid for 60 days . Countries are included in this strict policy, namely: Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Canada, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Japan, New Zealand, Norway, Poland, South Africa, Switzerland, Taiwan, United Arab Emirates, the United States and Great Britain.

Since 14th of July, 2004, the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of Indonesia add the list of countries to VOA including Iran, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Belgium, Spain, Portugal, Russia, Egypt, Austria, Ireland, Qatar and Luxembourg.

The seriousness initiative of  Bali government, especially Badung Regency as Bali tourism center by creating transparent administrative system. Controlling the population of Bali who come from the native administration Bali, Bali migrants from outside the region as well as foreigners.

Examination of identity card or passport from entering Bali island tightened, coordination with security forces of Indonesian Republic. Bali governments also impose payment of "KIPEM" ( STPPTS - registration certificate resident temporary  / surat tanda pendaftaran penduduk tinggal sementara )
for residents who live in the district / region where is not their native. Thus expected to prevent and reduce the occurrence of criminal acts, drug trafficking, illicit goods by local or foreign smuggling gangster.

Bali Government seeks to provide comfort traveled with increasing residents administrative transparency and always cooperated with state security officers and BNN ( Badan Narkotika Nasional /
National Narcotics Agency )

"Kukuuuuuruuuyuuukkkk.......Kukuuuuuruuuyuuukkkk.......!!" The lasting natural roosters voice forever.....!!

Subscribe to Kuta beach, Bali is not only tourists but also the shipment of garbage every year subscription to come to this tourist beach.

Sanitation Department (DKP - Dinas Kebersihan & Pertamanan ) Badung regency, Bendesa Pakraman and Kuta community leaders have worked hard to address the problem of solid waste yearly. Steps to be taken as solution to overcome the garbage posts by adding heavy equipments procurement of garbage and waste processing plans to set up factories in Kuta area, Bali

Let's Go and make your great support by sponsoring  Badung regency, Bali  to realize  
this initiative !!! Orang Bali yang korupsi adalah orang mokoh yang mau kaya cepat....

Regulation of Party Lanal Bali with strict sanctions, for anyone who throw garbage in the waters of Bali has implemented. Community of Kuta, Bali and volunteers have also set up GUS ( Yayasan Gelombang Udara Segar ) foundation in cooperation with Australian
volunteers who has lived and understood indigenous Balinese culture, particularly indigenous village in district of Kuta, Bali ( Mr.Stephen Palmer & Mr. Richard Flax ) .

Established in 2002, the GUS Foundation is a non-profit organization, dedicated to improving Bali's environment. The foundation has awarded funding support from textile company with International Quality
(Mainly textile co. from surfing watersports co.- Quality of Australian Brand ) as well as the cafes / restaurants.  

Human embodiment of eternal love on beloved Kuta beach, Bali.......

What is GUS ?

GUS Activities

  • Beach Clean Up
  • Education Project
  • Non Toxic Pest Control
  • Public Toilet
  • Rubbish bins
  • Environment Movies
  • Environment Events
  • Free Consultation
Vision    : Improve the environment of Bali 
Mission : Work together with stakeholders to reduce environment pollution
GUS Office
Legian 138 Kuta Bali | Telp. 62-361-759323 | Fax. 62-361-767654 
www.gus-bali.org | info@gus-bali.org

Yesterday morning, I read the rules of traditional village / desa adat Legian, Kuta, Bali along Legian street. Regulations that must be adhered to maintain security and avoid disaster.

Please do not set on firecrackers / firework  because in addition to disturbing the peaceful of the guests during enjoy their relaxing, especially in Kuta, Bali and are prohibited  giving amount of money to beggars because it will cause social problems and criminal are worse in the tourist area of Kuta, Bali.

Thank you for your support.

A group of tourists told about their grief from money changer in Kuta, Bali ... !! Complaints are very 
" Hit ... " came to the story of my life ..... !! Travelers complain because of illegal money changers often fraudulent practices, such as reducing the amount of money being exchanged, attach rate exceeds the provisions in BI.

" Wahai orang Bali, industri pariwisata Bali sangat bergantung dengan citra positif yang terbentuk di mata wisatawan mancanegara. Kenken ne....???? Kanggeang mekarya keuntungan alon - alon.....ring margi dharma utama...!!! Mokoh ulian Korupsi, nguwangin jinah tamu mewasta maling....!!!

To overcome this problem, three traditional village/ desa adat in Badung regency as, Kuta, Legian and Seminyak are now participating in supervising foreign exchange business activities by making " Awig - awig or Custom rulesto curb naughty illegal money changer .

In this custom rules, foreign currency exchange business customers adverse to cause damaging tourist village reputation will be fined up to IDR 5 million and the cost of cleaning ceremony of the village, to be in good reputation again. "Awig awig" was informal, goal inline with formal rules and create good cooperation relationship in operational.

"Horee ..... hip....hip...... we return to the marine ..my beloved home.. !!" sounds of  hatchlings / tukik  (turtles babies ) to Kuta beach. Hundreds of domestic and foreign tourists hatchling / tukik  release newly hatched in turtle conservation center in Kuta Beach, Bali.

The release of hatchlings / tukik was done as a form of preservation of endangered animals in Bali, Kuta Beach Task Force led by volunteers together, domestic and foreign tourists.

Since 2011 was born  BSTs ( Bali Sea Turtle Society ), It is non-profit and non-government organization founded by Balinese, with the aim program protecting  sea turtles and reviews their habitat, and raising up public awareness considering on  sea turtle protection.

This is the way, how to protect wild life - Sea turtles at Kuta beach, Bali. 

Bali Sea Turtle Society (BSTs)
Kuta, Bali, Indonesia
Phone: +62 361 8040088
Mobile: +62.8113882683
Email: info@baliseaturtle.org


Thank you,

Wednesday, December 10, 2014


Badung Regency - Bali Tourism Center
( Kuta, Seminyak, Nusa Dua, Sanur - Bali )

Thank you,


Exotic food Innovation, the greatest chilled Bali Hatten wine, marvelous shopping center, Bali traditional handicrafts collections and many more....!!! Perfectly is presented in Kuta Bali - Badung Regency

Thank you,

Tuesday, December 2, 2014


The natural beauty and peaceful  of Semarapura town is small town located in Klungkung regency. Kamasan village, South of Semarapura town  is typical art village with ancient puppet painting, classic engraving on shell casings, carving the bowl / Bokor. Patience and tenacity skilled hands of the craftsmen are highly demanded to produce fine artwork in high quality.  

Let's visit Kamasan village craft booths are already available just a few meters from Semarapura town.

Indonesian country rich in culture with diversity of craft and culinary arts. This modern innovation era, Garut - West Java where Dodol Garut produced. Dodol Garut  has developed into chocolate with a distinctive flavor of Dodol Garut. Chocodot - the first chocolate at modern trend in international forum with sense of Dodol Garut

Garut area surrounded by mountains, cool temperature with stunning natural beauty such as the State of Switzerland that has chocolate product which is already well-known, so...please remind....!!! Garut known as "Swiss van Java". 

Chocodot packed with interesting and made variations in the form of gifts, bars and shapes such as parcel widths. Chocodot with variations edition / types, namely: Chocodot of volcano, Mount of Cikuray, Thunder Mountain, Mount of Haruman, Mount of Talaga Bodas, Cipanas, and Cangkuang Temple.

Dodol Garut with fresh fruit flavor innovations make this traditional snack as favorite ABG (The teens). We can enjoy trendy chocolate "Chocodot" with fruits flavors such as Orange / citrus, jackfruit, melon, strawberry, soursop and durian. And introduce " Brodol " Brownies Dodol with exotic brownies flavor. This " Brodol " is really attracted the youth and staying as the best seller of the youth snack for this modern seasons.   
Catch-up  the best price with the best flavor quality.......!!

Sweetness of Chocodot in Garut region always appetizing to try !! What about the beauty of the carvings on shell casings in Kamasan village, Klungkung - Bali?

  Shell casings manufacturing process complexity becomes attractive for foreign tourists. The original material of brass and need to be softened before chiseled. Sculptured style with classic puppet painting of Kamasan village (Taking story of puppet characters). Once the material is heated shell casings, craftsmen wear 
" Jabon" as material and began to carve the shell cashing.

Imagine ... !! How creative shell cashing craftsmen and Chocodot - Chocolate with dodol Garut creator. And all of them are available in our beloved country "INDONESIA"

Hi, hurry up....hurry up get thousand fresh Chocodot at Kuta, Bali. Please don't wait until tomorrow .......just enjoy and get the origin Dodol Garut wrap it smoothly with quality chocolate of INDONESIA - Chocodot...

Thank you,

Friday, November 28, 2014


Chilled Beers became the most popular tourist demand in all  hotels or restaurants where they stay for relaxing at Kuta - Bali. So, please do not be surprised if they are complain because we do not provided any chilled beers.......!!

Variations of beers that are presented to guests, getting more creative, fantastic Draft beer, beer by bottles, Beer bucket or beer by cans. Remember to prepare chilled beer for your guests......!!!

Qualified skills make the main requirements that must be owned by each during serve beers for our guests. Please Do not forget to include favorite beers on the drink list menu as: Bintang beer, San Miguel beer, Heineken beer, Carlsberg beer, Bali Hai beer, and many more .....

Cheers .... and continue Cheers at Kuta Bali forever ... !!


The tropical climate in Bali  island is no longer become problem to produce white wine. Hatten Wine has  vineyard along the northern coast of Bali - Singaraja regency. Hatten wine is produced throughout the year due tropical climate knows no " Sleep season " . Planted grape types, namely : local black grape types Alphones-Lavallee, French table grapes as well as the local white wine - Belgium and Probolinggo Blue.

AGA wine is one of Hatten wine production. Suitable local delicacy served white wine along with seafood, white meats and spicy food. Aga Wine served in cold conditions and can be used for the base of cocktails.


Natural sweetness, the content is thick and crunchy fruits with small seeds become the hallmark of Snackskin fruits - Salak in Sibetan village, Karangasem.

Bali Island with the majority population is Hinduism. Thousand temples island - Bali island requires large enough fruits supply for ceremonial purposes of Bali  Hindu Dharma.

Innovation of snack skin fruits -  salak Sibetan increasingly entered this modernization era. Fruits processed into high nutritious snacks such as: candied,  syrup, fruits compotes, fruits crackers and now snack skin fruits at Bali has become main ingredient of  Bali white wine production - Salacca wine. The color of wine is clear and wine factory in Sibetan village also make wine from purple potatoes .....

In this while Salacca wine production is still limited. Budget production and patent official issues still have to look for solutions to develop production of Salacca Wine from Sibetan village, Karangasem, Bali. Good luck ........!!! 

Nicely to invite new investment makers for Salacca Wine factory at Sibetan village, Karangasem, Bali.....

  Party Paradise with Bali Roasted Suckling Pig.

Smoking roasted pork invite more appetizing pork roll lovers. Fresh drink accomplish your dining companion to add the celebration.Crispy pork skin is showing the quality of  extraordinary pork roasting technique. Please let's open your chilled bucket with beers, wine, champagne, rose, etc until the late night...!!

  Natural Bali seasoning treat typical tongue experience fans. Freshness of cassava vegetables deliver quality vitamins in it. For the Balinese, the taste of pork roll will be more stable with extra chili and fried shrimps paste.

Do not miss the party in Kuta, Bali without Roasted Suckling Pig....!!

Wow..., Laper Bangetttt......!!! Oh GOD, I am Hungry....!!

Thank you,

Tuesday, November 11, 2014


Hi, ada berita bagus buat kamu ...!! Ada Minat... ? Ada Skill ...? Cobalah beberapa posisi yang tersedia di bawah ini :

1. AP ( Account Payable )
Syarat kerja : 
* Lulusan SMK/ Diploma
* Mempunyai mental baja / under pressure
* Gaji UMR

2.Accounting untuk Restaurant 
Syarat kerja :
* Lulusan SMK / Diploma / Newbie
* Gaji UMR

3.IT ( Newbie )
Syarat kerja : 
* Lulusan SMK / Diploma / Newbie
* Gaji UMR

4.IT bisa Server Linux Hotel
* Lulusan Diploma
* Gaji UMR / Bisa dibicarakan kembali

Mohon kirimkan CV dan Personal data ke alamat ini : xpbalicom@yahoo.co.id 
OK, informasi selengkapnya, bisa hubungi alamat email yang tercantum diatas. Terima kasih dan selamat mencoba.....!!!!

Monday, November 10, 2014


Bienvenue au Nusa Penida, Nusa Lembongan et Nusa Ceningan l'iles. 

Natural beauty inviting and presenting tranquility during vacation period, enjoy the culture of rural population with simple lifestyle, art crafts and cuisine of Nusa Penida / Nusa Lembongan / Nusa Ceningan islands to be the choice of visitors.

Every place in the district of Bali  has typical Balinese food enriching Bali culinary, Indonesia. Ledok porridge, typical food from Nusa Penida island, Bali. Ledok derived from the word " Ngeledokin"  (Stirred during the manufacturing process of porridge).

Savory taste of  Ledok porridge is not come from rice but from the scent of maize and cassava (staple food community of Nusa Penida island ). Natural substances and vitamins in Ledok porridge  has benefits to cure diabetes.

Ledok porridge mixed with Bali herbs during its processing, mixing  bali spices by  garlic, salt, chili and shrimp paste. Ledok porridge served in fresh hot, delivery with  peanut sauce or " pecel" sauce on crunchy fried anchovies , shredded fishes and vegetables.

Ledok porridge is served with natural place called " Tekor " made from banana leaves bent.We can find it in traditional markets Nusa Penida / traditional stalls or wheelbarrow.

Coconut leaves wrapping boiled " Ketupat" ( Steam rice ). 4 pieces " Ketupat" served in one plate. Young jack-fruits vegetables and black soy beans (undis) add freshness of "Ketupat", sprinkle over the 
" Ketupat " .

  Special dish comes with tuna spiced/ pepes or satay ( fish produced by fishermen in Nusa Penida ). This is what distinguishes " Tipat jukutaku"  with other " Ketupat" dish. Served warm and spicy

Enjoy your meal...........

Having fried cassava  ... ?? Wahh ..... fried cassava is my favorite snack with my family. I was with my sisters, grandmother and grandfather spent our holiday while planting cassava and fried it together. It was wonderful time and the most agreeable spirit to be enjoyed ......

Nusa Penida island  is one of the region as cassava producer. The ability to process cassava into food that has sale value is very important for cassava farmers, to cope with the decline in the price of bountiful harvest season.

Cassava be processed into traditional  " Tape"  which has distinctive scent. " Tape" from Nusa Penida has  distinctive taste and smell due during fermentation process using banana leaves to wrap it up. Before fermentation, boiled cassava and should not be too ripe, refrigerate and after cold sprinkled with yeast and then wrapped in banana leaves for 2 days.

Traditional " Tape" of  Nusa Penida, Bali is sold to public at Nusa Penida and pemedek/ prayers to the temple, on temple celebration day/ piodalan merajan in Nusa Penida.

" Tape" become selection of " Oleh - Oleh" or snack souvenir typical Nusa Penida island taste......

The journey of life is full of challenges, has passed from time to time by the community of Nusa Lembongan island. Violence barren and dry nature makes communities living at Nusa Lembongan island stay in creative  and hardworking. My lover, lasting unforgettable. Living with simple lifestyle and always work hard, learn and treat themselves by modernization of education.

In this recent, Nusa Lembongan island has turned into an international-standard tourist destination with its natural beauty. Seaweed farming, orchard and vegetable growing, animal husbandry became the backbone of the community living in Nusa Lembongan island.

Difficulty getting rice in the past, make cassava, maize and hyacinth beans ( kacang komak )  as staple food in Nusa Lembongan island. Hyacinth beans porridge made from boiled cassava, hyacinth beans are mashed, grated coconut, yams and Bali seasoning.

Farmers make their orchards hyacinth beans porridge when working in the garden. This porridge is very rich with fibers and protein. So let  try the hyacinth beans porridge and not too much....!!! 

Find and discover its natural savory taste......

The story of life will continue to flow, retreating waves came and go on. We can not be avoided, the fact of life should be accepted. Why ???

Nusa Penida island , Nusa Lembongan island and Nusa Ceningan island with population in majority working as seaweed farmers. Seaweed is dried and processed as an ingredient to make pudding, dodol, sweets, jams, cider seaweed, crackers, etc.

Fresh seaweed used to make Urab sayur / Fresh salad served with grated coconut and chili paste. Seaweed salads would be more delicious when served with fried beans, fried tempe ( made from soy beans ) or prawn crackers.

Welcome and please try the natural snack from seaweed of Nusa Lembongan, Nusa Penida and Nusa Ceningan Island.

Thank you,

Friday, November 7, 2014


Happy Birthday Ibu Indira, May God Bless You.......
Wishes your are in good health and happiness as always......

Forward Indonesia – BANCO

Pondok Indah Office Tower 3, 17th floor
Jl. Sultan Iskandar Muda Kav. V-TA
Jakarta 12310
Phone: +62 21 2953 8993
Mobile phone: +62 821 10 756 156
Selim R. Chanderli
Head of the Representative Office

My eyes catched after along the way through South East Asia traveling .......Live competition, Lack human civilization with the highest wild - wild live , ironically, the wild ones getting more lazy to educate themselves. 

  There is no sense of human life by destroying and build  nation business competition in South East Asia. South East Asia strategy of human trafficking that has been damaging trade of INDONESIA. Various business issues are dropping the quality of goods made in INDONESIA also growing up, Why ... ?? Because humans are lazy to work hard .... !! Why Jakarta City - INDONESIA?? Proudly say to you .... "J-Twon is  the state capital of INDONESIAN .. !!" . Life in South East Asia increasingly become really hot, desire war can not be avoided, theft, murder, human trafficking continues to grow !!

  Hot weather in Bali island, INDONESIA.....??? Yes, the nature
tremendous sunlight sting to Bali land and bearing the super power of  fires covering Bali hilly area..... !!! Bali as the richest sunlight island today.
" Loe harus tahu gua kaya sinar matahari Bali ! Yes....."
Hopefully Ida Sang Hyang Widhi Wasa ( Balinese God )   always provide the way of life to the people on this Bali island , INDONESIA. Later on our nation scientist / college students of INDONESIA universities can be able to discover the power of nature " Sunlight " mighty terrible and had burned the hills area of  Bali island. And make this natural heat source into resource that can be used in our life.

Do you still remember Celuk Village ...? Yes, this village is located in Gianyar regency, Bali. Celuk village craftsmen, producing high quality gold and silver artcraft. Crafts producing in large quantities.

  Bali jewelry design more dominant with Bali floras and faunas motifs. In this modern era, simpler design also manufactured according to buyer demand. Export commodities produced by Celuk village such as rings, bracelets, necklaces, earrings, studs, bross and etc. The cutlery is manufactured as: spoon, fork, plate, bowl / bokor ( Used for the offering ), cups, glasses, etc.

Celuk Village began as silver craft producer since 1976
( But i have not been up to this world at that 
time yet ... !!!).  

Market corner for artcraft of Celuk village located in Sukawati market, Gianyar, Kumbasari market, Denpasar. The silver is also sold in some tourist areas in Bali such as Kuta, Sanur, Nusa Dua (Badung Regency), Ubud (Gianyar Regency), and Kintamani (Bangli Regency).

Kamasan Village is located in Klungkung Regency. Approximately 2 km from the south of Semarapura town. The beauty of art and culture in making silver, carved shell casings, gold and traditional puppet painting is characteristic of this village. Shell casings crafts  is still retained and become one of Bali's identity.

Craft intricate workmanship and craftsmen have to sculpt the brass of shell casings. Carved motifs same  with classic traditional Kamasan painting, which took puppet story. Artisan carving and painting artists become an economic alternative Kamasan village community.

Exhibition space and marketing corner for handicraft products has been built and is located in the west of Banjar Sanggingan, Kamasan village.

Welcome and find your taste on  terrific shell casing crafts from brass and exotic traditional classic  puppet Kamasan painting......!!!

The northern part of Bali island, Singaraja is not only presenting the beauty of nature with hinduism art  culture. Along with advances in technology, now increasingly developed pearl farming in Penyambangan village, Singaraja, Bali.

Travelers can see directly on processing of the pearls that are still in the shells until finished. Pearls since centuries has become a symbol of naturalness and purity, so that many people search for business purposes and its own purposes. 

Bali Tourism Majority, Kuta, Nusa Dua, Seminyak, Jimbaran and Sanur - Badung Regency

The waste ... ?? It has become useful object in Badung regency. Precisely at Serangan island. Seashells waste have been exploited as potential object of creative economy into high value of handicraft.

Various types of mussel shells with the creative hands of craftsmen produce handicrafts such as women jewelry, household appliances, photo frames, key chains, lampshades, etc. Seashell craft production used to meet the demand of tourists in Bali and also exported to Maldives and Greece.

Creative ideas imagination from craftsmen with high quality, utilizing the residual powder from the seashells as imitation pearls and cosmetic ingredients. Serangan Island, Badung as the largest shellfish producer. Mussel meat processed by professional chef which creates culinary into favorite seafood dish for Bali tourists.

Happy working to our creative seashell artist .... !! Quality seashell craft describe creative human qualities of Balinese from Serangan Island, Badung Regency

Invite you to visit and enjoy the tranquility in east part of Bali, Tenganan village, Karangasem, Bali.
Naturally and creative Balinese hand able to give birth art crafts from Tenganan village with  export quality. Materials craft made by Ate ropes (similar to rattan) made in various forms such as: bags, boxes, tissue holder, place-mats, barrel, etc.

Ate craft is made by craftsmen from housewives in the countryside. This work are taken while keeping the home, children and their beloved animals. Gumung villages, Tenganan, Seraya, Bebandem, Bungaya, another villages which are located near Candi Dasa beach, Karangasem. Ate crafts increasingly
popular to Europa tourists which are utilized for their own home purposes. We wish to attract more profitable communities in Karangasem, Bali

Hi, jangan tunggu dia datang dan berlalu...mari membangun sistem pemasaran yang lebih aktif untuk mencari calon pembeli...!!

In this modern century , requires the youth to be more active to expose themselves and find the best life troubles solution. Young people from the universities in Indonesia has very vital role of economic community development.

Gajah Mada University in Yogyakarta ( Java Island ) - already successfully implement development program, discover coconut shell as economically valuable craft at Baluk village, Jembrana, Bali. Various forms of coconut shell handicrafts produced like; bags, wallets, women accessoris, household appliances, etc. Coconut shell craft is growing to reach export markets to America, Europa, Australia, Canada and Asia.

Sekeha teruna - teruni Bali ( The youth organization ) also enabled people to develop the economy in rural areas such as in Ubud area, Udayana University, Bali implement Greening program with Mangrove forest at Badung regency area, etc.

Let's working in the school and build your own innovation to discover economy trouble solution in our
 Bali island....!!!

Thank you,