Tuesday, December 2, 2014


The natural beauty and peaceful  of Semarapura town is small town located in Klungkung regency. Kamasan village, South of Semarapura town  is typical art village with ancient puppet painting, classic engraving on shell casings, carving the bowl / Bokor. Patience and tenacity skilled hands of the craftsmen are highly demanded to produce fine artwork in high quality.  

Let's visit Kamasan village craft booths are already available just a few meters from Semarapura town.

Indonesian country rich in culture with diversity of craft and culinary arts. This modern innovation era, Garut - West Java where Dodol Garut produced. Dodol Garut  has developed into chocolate with a distinctive flavor of Dodol Garut. Chocodot - the first chocolate at modern trend in international forum with sense of Dodol Garut

Garut area surrounded by mountains, cool temperature with stunning natural beauty such as the State of Switzerland that has chocolate product which is already well-known, so...please remind....!!! Garut known as "Swiss van Java". 

Chocodot packed with interesting and made variations in the form of gifts, bars and shapes such as parcel widths. Chocodot with variations edition / types, namely: Chocodot of volcano, Mount of Cikuray, Thunder Mountain, Mount of Haruman, Mount of Talaga Bodas, Cipanas, and Cangkuang Temple.

Dodol Garut with fresh fruit flavor innovations make this traditional snack as favorite ABG (The teens). We can enjoy trendy chocolate "Chocodot" with fruits flavors such as Orange / citrus, jackfruit, melon, strawberry, soursop and durian. And introduce " Brodol " Brownies Dodol with exotic brownies flavor. This " Brodol " is really attracted the youth and staying as the best seller of the youth snack for this modern seasons.   
Catch-up  the best price with the best flavor quality.......!!

Sweetness of Chocodot in Garut region always appetizing to try !! What about the beauty of the carvings on shell casings in Kamasan village, Klungkung - Bali?

  Shell casings manufacturing process complexity becomes attractive for foreign tourists. The original material of brass and need to be softened before chiseled. Sculptured style with classic puppet painting of Kamasan village (Taking story of puppet characters). Once the material is heated shell casings, craftsmen wear 
" Jabon" as material and began to carve the shell cashing.

Imagine ... !! How creative shell cashing craftsmen and Chocodot - Chocolate with dodol Garut creator. And all of them are available in our beloved country "INDONESIA"

Hi, hurry up....hurry up get thousand fresh Chocodot at Kuta, Bali. Please don't wait until tomorrow .......just enjoy and get the origin Dodol Garut wrap it smoothly with quality chocolate of INDONESIA - Chocodot...

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