Monday, September 29, 2014


Truly harmony couple radiate from  the couple's face of Ubud village, Bali who always diligent and stay in the simplicity of  life.

Savory-smelling smoking  from their traditional kitchen, awaken the imagination of sleeping night at 5.00 am, they were already open and resume life sheets obligation at ricepaddies, traditional market, rancher farm,  working place, etc.
Serve together the joy and sorrow life, lasting without lambasting ......The real peaceful worldly of Payangan village, Ubud - Bali

I took a piece of green petai and split it to look for some seeds, petai is species belonging polong - polongan ( mlanding / Parkia speciosa ). Seasoning that i made is not a pinch of sweet ..., I'm one of Balinese which can not be separated from its spicy and salty seasoning.

Petai has a very distinctive smell and is very beneficial for health. Petai can be used to treat stress, morning sickness / maag, PMS (premenstrual syndrome), nervous system, constipation,depression, high blood pressure, stroke, tiredness, etc.

Petai can be found in traditional markets and eaten in raw. Now petai dishes also have served in the hotels or restaurant in Bali !!

Please choose pieces of green petai and find the best savory you need........

The day with tense in my home ...... !! At noon arrive to my home, but my dining table is empty ...  
Wow ....., i am starving .... !!

I try to recheck my kitchen, i find some fresh bitter gourd  which i can cook immediately ... !! Bitter gourd is one of my family's favorite vegetable. Slices of bitter gourd sauteed with fried onions, scramble eggs, red chili into a delicious dish appetizing

Bitter taste from  bitter gourd can be flexed  with salt water immersion in 5 minutes, and then we squeeze, finally rinse thoroughly. Bitter gourd is very helpful for people with high blood pressure, heart health, diet, maintaining freshness and also maintain healthy skin, metabolism, etc..

Why should you miss it.....? Let yourself get used to consume bitter gourd ..... !! Happy cooking ......

"Hi....Ning,  wenten don cemcem, wenten belimbing wesi .... meriki nampekin tyang, jagi anggen meratengan ring  poargan jeroane  ... !!My beloved grandfather happily carried all the fruits and vegetables from  the garden. I always miss with the voice of him,  powerful exceptional influence from his face and the words he used.
Yearly, my family in Klungkung, Bali has cooking tradition with meat and fish as the ingredients. Spices derived from natural herbs and boiling the meat to be tender by natural leaves and fruits. Belimbing besi / buluh with natural sour taste is utilized to relieve fishy from seafood and flavoring traditional seasoning. Usually boiled together with herbs and fish upon cooking process.

In the village, society utilize belimbing besi as natural cure. Starting from the stem, red or white flowers and also the leaves. It is used to treat high blood stress and diabetes.

So, please utilize belimbing besi/ buluh to relive fishy during cooking some seafood in your kitchen ... definitely will be lost ..... !!! It can be bought in traditional market of Bali.

Thank you,

Saturday, September 27, 2014


Du 23 au 26 mars 2015 aura lieu la plus grande manifestation financière d'Asie Pacifique à Bali, en Indonésie. Près de 5'000 professionnels de l'industrie seront présents, en provenance d'une vingtaine de pays. 

Culture, finance et découverte du marché asiatique! C'est l'occasion pour l'équipe de BANCO, basée à Jakarta, de faire bénéficier les acteurs suisses et européens du fort potentiel d’une Indonésie en pleine croissance. 

Comment? En organisant la création d'un “village suisse”. Sous une même bannière, les participants helvétiques pourront échanger leur savoir-faire avec des professionnels asiatiques. Chaque exposant pourra véhiculer son image sur des stands privatifs au sein du village, sans se préoccuper de la décoration et du matériel, qui seront assurés par BANCO. 

N’hésitez plus, faites vos bagages et venez tirer profit de cette incroyable opportunité ! 

Plus d’informations sont disponibles dans la brochure via ce lien.

Thank you, 

Thursday, September 18, 2014


Java island is well known as  the land which is very fertile and the people are resilient and able to produce the food commodity suppliers throughout Indonesian society. Natural products from plantations, agriculture, animal husbandry, etc. are commodities that have export quality.

Modernization and innovation communities continue to be developed with improved quality of the society education. Javanese rural society in general stay as Islamic and love farming very well. Simple lifestyle and creative. They are modern Islamic society. The figure of hard worker with severe life challenges existing Java island
Leather craft  shoes has become the main livelihood for the people of Java that already pursue this craft in leather craft centers. Leather craft business is getting control of Indonesian export market.

One thing that should be fixed in Java society, improving themselves by eroding myth that always makes people think backwards and making our life is very chaotic, full of disputes, etc.

Kuta Bali looks more beautiful and attractive with a variety of unique art. One of   tourist favorite crafts are leather crafts ( There is a goat leather, sheep leather, snake leather ) found in the present mode of innovation. Going to Boutique in Kuta - Bali ..... ?? Please, do not forget to try to get further choice one of your leather favorite ........ 
Leather crafts ranging from leather bags, leather shoes, leather wallets, leather jackets, leather accessories, belts, etc..
Please try to ask, can we get reasonable price for snake leather bag  / other utensils....??? And you will bring home soonest......

West Java is famous for its leather craft Cibaduyut producing leather shoes and distributed to other areas both in Java and outside of Java.

Garut is also a place which is famous with leather craft centers in West Java. Sheep and goats
leather abundance source material is produced in the area of Garut

Central Java, leather handicraft center located in Batang Masin village. East Java, leather handicraft center located in Tanggulangin village, Sidoarjo. Yogyakarta, relying Manding leather handicraft tourist villageat  Bantul
Here we can see the creative Javanese hand, how  the craftsmen make ....... and can immediately buy it ...............

You are not colonial , are you..... ???  

Please, love this leather handicrafts products from Java island ...... !!!

Trees of marijuana have become memories of Klungkung, Bali in bad times ...... !!! Now the story of this  marijuana so sweet in Art-pop theme music of Princess Lady Gaga ....

These beautiful boots are made by original hand of creative Javanese who live in rural areas of simplicity Java island. Let traveled to Java & Bali Islands.  
Today, leather handicraft are easy to find in the corner of Kuta - Bali ....... happy shopping ....!!!

Do not anesthetized marijuana ...... !!!  

Enjoy Art- pop with genuine leather handmade crafts creative Javanese .......

Thank you,

Tuesday, September 16, 2014


Very cold night already missed. I standed with a beautiful bed cover made in ​​Ubud. Bali motif that I love decorate dark green bed cover on a floral bed of bali.

Oops...., the day has changed into pretty morning ..... leaving my blanket at 6:00 am. I  passed through a rural road Payangan village, Ubud, Bali for jogging, unwind and treat working  pressure. Feels find lasting happiness.

I was in the middle of the green rice fields, duck sounds crowded , busy fighting over food. The farmers busy sowing paddy...... !! Wahhh .... scenery reconcile conscience ...... !! I sit and sang when white bird flashed on my head , it was pretty good looking, flying freely, so stunning .... !! Yes, Kokoan birds ( white stork )  that live in the villages of Ubud. Petulu Village - Ubud, Gianyar - Bali

Petulu village, a village that is home of hundreds of gathering Kokoan birds (white stork). Kokoan birds in his life in Ubud Petulu will arrive in the village on November to March for making a nest, lay eggs and hatch their eggs. On April chicks have started to fly and feed themselves and return to the village of Petulu at 6 pm.

Beautiful pink cloth ( Made myself  look pretty ...! ), I used it  for attended  my friend's wedding. Happy......i can be visited my friend's house in Payangan village - Ubud. Indigenous village is highly conserved with beautiful Balinese culture . "Om Swastiastu ........" the way to greet Balinese family when arrive to their home!

Ubud village as the center of Balinese art and handicraft with  high value to community who loved the original Balinese culture and agriculture. I was very impressed with the handicraft of art produced by
communities who keep simple life-style.

Ubud, Bali also always preserve the culture of cooking pork roll  / suckling pig ( Nguling Babi ). Balinese youth in Ubud are very diligent on cooking traditional dish, they are expert to cook pork roll 

( Suckling pig )  !! Let's learn to cook as the youth in Ubud, Bali ....... !!!

In particular feast, the people of Ubud - Bali making pork roll ( Suckling pig ) to create a group on preparing all the ingredients, pork and cook together.

In early morning , they began Nguling babi ( Suckling pig ). Starting from slaughtering pigs, cleaning pig skin & nails, grind spices, put wood in pigs (starting from the base of the oral cavity to the base of butt pig) which serves for turning the pig roasted at the time upon grilling. Coals made ​​from coconut husk and smeared pork by coconut oil and grated fresh turmeric, so that the meat becomes more tender.

Thank you friends ..... I always keep the memories we eat pork roll together in Payangan village, Ubud - Bali. Please love me forever like you love the culture of Nguling babi ( Suckling pig )  ................ !!  
Cheers ..........

We still know the myth in Bali Hindu society. The trust that is inherent in people's lives. But we must continue to modernize our lives, by improving education. Striving for achieving development goals prosperous society, trying to reduce the myths that make our lives so complicated / Makrepekan, a lot of fighting ( Dispute ) , a lot of diseases, made us are so lazy / easily offended as parent properties, etc.
 Let's Develop ......Develop and Develop again.........

From the southern tip to the northern part of Ubud, we find many temples with superb quality artistic. In addition preserving the art of upakara / religious offering  and cultures, people always maintain the cleanliness of the holy places and actively greening. But the type of peat soil makes frequent occurrence of landslides in the area at the time during very - very heavy rainy season, although greening has been very diligent done by the people of Ubud. Suksme semeton in Ubud, Bali ( Thank you very much to all society in Ubud, Bali...!! )  on Bali's efforts to maintain its clean water sources .......

Barong Dance is very famous in Batubulan village- Gianyar, wide range of barong mask are available at Sukawati traditional market. Sculpture of Ubud, Bali creates a variety of traditional barong masks in large and small sizes. Barong mask souvenir is very pretty and used to decorate the walls of the house.  

Do not miss out, grab Barong mask souvenirs to be brought to your own home ........

Hundreds of homes and all parts of Bali  island are adorned by the artistics temples, cave true inscription the hearts of Bali visitors. Wonders of the world which is also emitted by the mighty Borobudur temple is located in Magelang village, Central Java. Do you still remember it.... ???

Beautiful sunshine, flushed with grandeur colors of God Almighty can not dampen desires fascinated eyes into the beauty of Borobudur temple.
Central Java is also known to be one of the central area of ​​the green mussel producer. Innovation mussel cultivation continues to be developed by a fisherman in central Java.

Mussels had to be excellent cuisine Europa society. Do not tell me because it is expensive...., we have to serve delicious green mussel dishes in your favorite kitchen ............

The tears falling down on my cheek ... !! My Imagination floated up to the point of mellow, peaceful of love paradise island.......

"Rhythm of paradise" to inspire the love that missed all of couples. Gus Teja with "Flutes of love" so riveting. Works of art from artists in  Ubud, Bali. Please choose..... enchanting song from the flute of Gus Teja to add   your computability on resting space.

Ubud, Bali increasingly showed his class as art of Bali handicraft center. Bamboo handicrafts growing and  increase demand estab buy foreign countries such as Japan, America and Australia. Bamboo craft is a popular form of tables, chairs, cabinets ( Home appliances ) are decorated rattan bamboo screen, etc.

Thank you,

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

BALI MILDNESS...............

Roger Danuarta - Indonesian Actor .....Dear, Welcome home.....!!!
SSttt...........Yayangku " Mas Tukul " bilang, " Kembali ke laptop...............!"
" Jero...jero...anak bagus saking Jakarta.....!! Mangkin sampun puput ngrereh tambe, ngiring mewali ke Puri......!!! Duhhh......Bli bagus ngiring masucian ring puri Jakarta......!! Inggih wawanin malih apisan...Bli bagus Roger Danuarta........" 

Playing under sunset Nusa Penida beach so attached in my heart, my childhood with full of warmth. Seaweed farmer was busy gathering hay from their fields.

My simple meme /  mother in the morning , i called her by " Meme mangku  ..." gladly served  typical hot corn porridge of  Nusa Penida - it was very savory grits and made ​​from natural materials ........ !!! The warmth of the family in Toya Pakeh village will be not forgotten, they hold me, keep me on their comfort waist . The water was very hard to come to this village, but my beautiful Meme / mother in Nusa Penida  keep working hard, never stopped.  

But the day had changed, I had to go back to my home in Sampalan kelod village with traditional boat,
  " Ibu / Mom...., your smile and honest hand waving was so sincere and full of love for me",  
peace .............


Goa Giri Putri ........
A sacred cave  named by Goa Giri Putri which is situated at Karangasri village, Suana, Nusa Penida. The unique cave which should be enjoyed, The greatest tranquility cave make it as the perfect place for meditation .......

Spiritual tourism is now becoming one of the alternatives are pretty much tourist interest, including Goa Giri Putri concern to the tourists who visit to Nusa Penida, Klungkung, Bali

The water source is never reduced even during the dry season and never overflowed during the rainy season. This is one of the wonders of this cave. The holy water / Tirta / Air suci  is located in one of the cave hallways


Goa Giri Putri unique look for anyone who wants to enter the cave must go first to the mouth of the cave. The cave mouth is not too big about the size of the body, so.... enter it must be one by one.

The end of the cave through a wall gap that extends beneath the dry river. According to local people, the river is just watering when it heavy rains enough.

Bali mildness and steadiness of  light life is created in the pretty smile of simple Balinese women in the village of Nusa Lembongan, Klungkung - Bali.

Comfort and privacy are more soothing guests can be found on the beach of Jungut Batu, Nusa Lembongan. Jungut Batu beach has blue and clean water, fine white sandy beach and incredible panoramic hills.

Snorkeling and diving into water sports selection during  vacation in Jungut Batu Beach. The atmosphere is serene sunset adds the peaceful presented.
Please don't miss it....., Enjoy your day at Jungut Batu Beach, Nusa Lembongan, Bali .......!!

Small island in southeastern island of Bali are Nusa Lembongan, Nusa Penida and Nusa Ceningan. These small island entrance region of Klungkung regency.  

Unspoiled nature covering Nusa Lembongan panoramic view. Tourist facilities as hotels, bungalows, restaurants, entertainment and the arts center are available. Coral reefs in Nusa Lembongan so riveting and evolved into the sea for diving attraction.Modernization of Surfing water sport grew up following the greatest sound of the big wave in Nusa Lembongan. 

When you arrive at Nusa Lembongan, let's visit traditional population village and craft market. We can also visit the villages where seaweed cultivation. Most of the population in Nusa Lembongan is a seaweed farmers.  
Goa Gala is one of favorite tourist spot. The unique thing from this cave, has a fairly narrow entrance and had to go down to the basement with stairs depth of approximately 2 meters.

The hallways of Goa Gala is quite dark and in some corners of the cave has been fitted light the lamp. Height of the basement in the house is not so high, between 1 to 2 meters, so that you will more often bent in this cave. In some halls, the height could be sufficient space to stand up and take a photo in this cave. Cool air will be closely cover your skin upon your visit.

So...please do not miss the unique experience in Nusa Lembongan......!!!!

Labuan Ampuak located in Banjar Pelilit , Atuh Beach and Calung. Labuan Ampuak is a region of "Nyegara Gunung", hilly with natural beauty surrounds this area. Tunjuk Pusuh hill, Nyahi hill, Juntil hill and Titibehu Beach beyond the sea adds the charming of  labuan ampuak.

  Teluk Sebila

Sebila bay, a beautiful bay with natural white sandy beach, very quiet, feels like no occupants

Fishing ... ?? Yes, Sebila bay is one of fishing center point  and the harbor of fishing boat and a small vessel such as: boot, canoes and small boats.

My life can be enjoyed when let myself to be alone, calm down in beautiful & quiet place which is full of wonders of the God  - Ida Sang Hyang Widhi Waca. The place where i can  find  in my home - Klungkung, Bali. It is Atuh beach - Nusa Penida island.

Rugged road and farmers garden must be passed through to get Atuh beach. Peaceful,  clean and quiet without occupants. Swimming ... ?? We should be very careful, because this beach directly facing to the sea.

Two small island called Batu Abah. Hindu temple that sanctified the people we can find in this small island and preserved sacred dance is Jangkang Pelilit dance (dancing of  depicting the warrior in ancient times).

This beach can also be found two old sacred wells by the community as well been the backbone of the people when there was no clean water / PDAM. Strength of the God - Ida Sang Hyang Widhi Waca. Almighty, the wells are never dry in the length of dry season.

Nusa Penida island offers spiritual tour activity and Hindu Bali  society visit it for pray at their sacred temple. The island is surrounded by beautiful beaches and places to protect the conservation of plants, birds, and turtles.

Diving in this area has become travelers choice and you will find a large Pelagis such as Manta Ray (Manta Birostris) and Mola Mola (Oceanic Sunfish). Hopefully you can see the whale sharks

Coral reefs of Nusa Penida island  is very unique and beautiful. Diving area in Nusa Penida are: Penida Bay, Manta Point, Batu Meling, Batu Lumbung, Batu Abah, Toya Pakeh, Malibu point.We can reach Nusa Penida with a cross from the port of Sanur, Padang Bay and Kusamba

Nusa Penida is a dry area with calcareous soil texture. Most society work as seaweed farmers, fishermen, laborers and the other as seller in traditional market.  

So if you visit Nusa Penida island & Klungkung, Bali, please do not forget bring the nicer ones for your family and find the things you like ....... !! Happy holiday....

Bonjour Coucou....Bon Anni, Bon Anni....., Bon Anniversaire Mon Coucou Exan...... 

Bon anniversaire, Bon anniversaire, Bon anniversaire Bibou......Bon anniversaire, à demain , bonne chance.....Coucou  Exan !!!

I still kept a sense delicious of shellfish ( kerang dara ) dish. I aet during the journey across the ocean blue, looking for the place for live that i can reach.
Shellfishs ( kerang dara ) has become famous and favorite dishes society of East Asia and Southeast Asia. Shellfish ( kerang dara ) can be cooked with boiled, steamed or fried.

Delicacy is enhanced when mixed with innovation Indonesian spices with rich flavor or seasonings that suit to Bali tongue. Why not, please try once... ??

Nutrient content in shellfihs ( kerang dara ) are very high for the growth of red blood cells ( hemoglobin ). Shellfish ( kerang dara ) farms have been cultivated by farmers on Java Island such as Central Java and West Java.

Let's go  Chef ....., add shellfish ( kerang dara ) innovation into the creation of your recipe!!!
Hopefully it will make great sense and bearing new favorite desire from visitors ...........

Thank you,

Thursday, September 4, 2014


Kali unda river with a long bridge that connecting Satria village - Paksebali with Semarapura town.Kali unda river with 46 miles along the river and have a rushing stream. This the place of rafting - water sport / wahana  rafting with the length route of 9 miles and 22 obstacles. The river is further from Telaga waja river.

The beauty passionate of the river with greenery of the edge are arranged neatly due diligence of the society at Satria - Paksebali / Sengguhan village. Kali unda river also became natural studio of photographers and shooting place held for pre-wedding photos.
Kali unda bridge which stretches from west to the east into the access Satria village, Klungkung. From the Satria village we go a head to the northeast part of klungkung regency, stretch away to  Sidemen village - Karangasem .....

Let's make a visit to Klungkung and arrange the most fabulous schedule to visit Satria village and Sidemen village .............

Iseh village is one of  Bali tourism village situated at Sidemen village, Karangasem. This village is famous with rice-paddies panorama inflicting peaceful and tranquility. The village is surrounded by greenery of rice fields on the slopes of majestic towering mountains and steep cliffs.

From the
mount estuaries of the river flowing amid the majestic mountains of rice fields, Clear crystal water bearing natural sound over rides the rocks creating a natural touching.  

Iseh village is very well known in international society before the Indonesia independence. In ancient times there was a painter from Germany named Walter Spies lived in this village, in 1895 - 1942 established painting studios and sekeha Gamelan Bali ( Traditional Bali instrumental ) , including providing funds for this traditional groups. Other painter from Bale, Switzerland - Theo Meier also lived in Iseh village. From these artists paintings, the natural beauty of Iseh village is very well ​​known to the International community.

In early morning, before the sun showed his smile. Children happily bring their bags going to school. Elementary school built in the area of  intersection at Satria village .
Warmest beautiful fragrance of incense in the morning. The tradition of prayer in the morning reinforces Paksebali as castle village leaders Hindus in Klungkung, Bali. Satria villagers worked as sellers, farmers, ranchers, and craftsmen of traditional bali prada and traditional umbrella/ tedung.
A cross the village we can find many temples, almost in every intersection. Indigenous Balinese Hindu society and its social traditions of the past into a culture still preserved until this modern time by community at Satria village - Paksebali, Klungkung.

Prada handicrafts still exist until today in Satria village - Paksebali, Klungkung. Craftsmen who originally came from housewifes, now has developed into livelihood source of  the majority society at Satria village.  

Prada handicrafts used in the manufacture of traditional umbrella and ider - ider which are used as the equipments support of religious ceremony.
Handmade on process Prada cloth production . Traditional umbrella also more use of hands with more difficult on processing and conventional techniques, using a sewing machine at the moment and stalk umbrella using a lathe. Satin, velvet and cotton as the basic material. The execution process is  knitting wool with color defense on the color of the material.  

Endek woven cloth sidemen growing along with the development of technology. Sidemen village, Karangasem almost all its inhabitants can weave and even children are very diligent help parents make the line and tie the thread for weaving.
Weaving of  Endek  culture preserved by developing small business of endek woven cloth at  Sidemen village. Upgrade modernize marketing strategy. The weavers can be able to get attract of customers inquiry and hopefully more can boost the community's economy .......

People in Satria village - Paksebali are still very strong maintain bali hindu customs. In preparing for the offerings to the temple, temple community or Dadia Groups or Banjar ( Bali social community ) also prepare all the rules / offerings by cooking together that we call  " Mebat".

The artistic and traditions of Mebat with typical of Satria village is still preserved until today, The men cooking skills are also increasingly showing the quality of the food was delicious and hygienist. They set Awig- awig / Traditional obligation to be followed by dadia community, from procurement budget, preparation, continued until the division as religious ceremony.

Arak Bali at Sidemen Village........

Distillation of Arak is a tradition passed down to the generations of existing Sidemen village, Karangasem. The traditional way of making Arak generating high-quality Arak ( Traditional Bali alcoholic ) . Tools are used for the manufacture of arak called with the name "pengarakan".

  Arak is derived from the process of tapping the coconut flower, pollen is collected from coconut flower to be used as " Tuak " that is stored in a vat. The process of searching for " Tuak " called " Ngirisin." This activity is usually done in the morning and afternoon and performed by the males. 

 Sidemen village with the countryside is still beautiful. In this green land, there are not  plenty of housing yet . Society are still continue their activity with farming and gardening. Clove plantations is one commodity that is developed in this area.
Traveling to Iseh village - Sidemen will be more interesting by holding  " trekking ". Visiting farmers doing their clove plantations will add the joyous of your vacation.  

Happy traveling to Iseh village - Sidemen, Karangasem - Bali

Tracing Iseh village, Sidemen with trekking. The tourists will be through the greenery of rice fields, passing the river, traditional bamboo bridge, penetrate coffee plantations, clove & salak ( Snakes fruits ) farm.
Tourists can learn the traditional paddy Subak irrigation system at Iseh village. The most populer are Subak Beteng and Tabolah.

Fragrant flowers as chrysolite ( cempaka ) , ( sandat ) ylang, frangifani  ( jepun ) grow sustainably in villagers garden of Satria village, who make this village an advanced supplier of flowers for upakara hindu bali and hindu prayer.

"Canang cawu gonjer" is a beautiful creations of offering / canang sari are preserved by Satria villagers. Canang sari is decorated by flowers which are fragrant and charming colorful flowers.

Caste system in Satria village with Balinese Hindu custom still preserved as Klungkung kingdom era. But the caste system that is used by the people in Satria village - Klungkung been adapted to the Pancasila state ideology and laws of Indonesian Republic.  

The caste system in Klungkung -  Bali in its application in the system functioning of Hindu Balinese ceremony. We are still governed by regulations created  by the caste of Brahmins and Kshatriyas and implemented by weisya and sudra caste

Our life is covered by Bali Hindu caste customs which is implemented without any adverse public polemics.It has raised polemic caste system that occurred Bali in general. As endowment from Ida Sang Hyang Widhi Wasa, the society in Klungkung - Bali keep live in harmony with our caste system.

Thank you,