Monday, September 29, 2014


Truly harmony couple radiate from  the couple's face of Ubud village, Bali who always diligent and stay in the simplicity of  life.

Savory-smelling smoking  from their traditional kitchen, awaken the imagination of sleeping night at 5.00 am, they were already open and resume life sheets obligation at ricepaddies, traditional market, rancher farm,  working place, etc.
Serve together the joy and sorrow life, lasting without lambasting ......The real peaceful worldly of Payangan village, Ubud - Bali

I took a piece of green petai and split it to look for some seeds, petai is species belonging polong - polongan ( mlanding / Parkia speciosa ). Seasoning that i made is not a pinch of sweet ..., I'm one of Balinese which can not be separated from its spicy and salty seasoning.

Petai has a very distinctive smell and is very beneficial for health. Petai can be used to treat stress, morning sickness / maag, PMS (premenstrual syndrome), nervous system, constipation,depression, high blood pressure, stroke, tiredness, etc.

Petai can be found in traditional markets and eaten in raw. Now petai dishes also have served in the hotels or restaurant in Bali !!

Please choose pieces of green petai and find the best savory you need........

The day with tense in my home ...... !! At noon arrive to my home, but my dining table is empty ...  
Wow ....., i am starving .... !!

I try to recheck my kitchen, i find some fresh bitter gourd  which i can cook immediately ... !! Bitter gourd is one of my family's favorite vegetable. Slices of bitter gourd sauteed with fried onions, scramble eggs, red chili into a delicious dish appetizing

Bitter taste from  bitter gourd can be flexed  with salt water immersion in 5 minutes, and then we squeeze, finally rinse thoroughly. Bitter gourd is very helpful for people with high blood pressure, heart health, diet, maintaining freshness and also maintain healthy skin, metabolism, etc..

Why should you miss it.....? Let yourself get used to consume bitter gourd ..... !! Happy cooking ......

"Hi....Ning,  wenten don cemcem, wenten belimbing wesi .... meriki nampekin tyang, jagi anggen meratengan ring  poargan jeroane  ... !!My beloved grandfather happily carried all the fruits and vegetables from  the garden. I always miss with the voice of him,  powerful exceptional influence from his face and the words he used.
Yearly, my family in Klungkung, Bali has cooking tradition with meat and fish as the ingredients. Spices derived from natural herbs and boiling the meat to be tender by natural leaves and fruits. Belimbing besi / buluh with natural sour taste is utilized to relieve fishy from seafood and flavoring traditional seasoning. Usually boiled together with herbs and fish upon cooking process.

In the village, society utilize belimbing besi as natural cure. Starting from the stem, red or white flowers and also the leaves. It is used to treat high blood stress and diabetes.

So, please utilize belimbing besi/ buluh to relive fishy during cooking some seafood in your kitchen ... definitely will be lost ..... !!! It can be bought in traditional market of Bali.

Thank you,

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