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Pura Goa Lawah is one of the universe and the celestial temple has great significance for the retreat of Hindu community.

This temple is located in the hilly area of Pesinggahan village, Dawan, Klungkung - Bali. Pesinggahan with  the communities remain keep simple lifestyle. Here we can also enjoy the culinary delicacies klungkung at traditional " Lesehan"  that provides wrapping satay of fresh tuna.

Water sports are not found in coastal of Goa Lawah located in front of the temple. But we can fishing on this beach region. Fresh fish catching here have more savory flavor ... !! Let's try to go fishing and enjoy the beauty tranquility on the beach of Goa Lawah ......

Sits comfortably on the lap and even were often loved and can sit on the back of  my uncles... !! I sang in all the beach way with beautiful clothes gift from my Aunty..... fresh candied always be fully  fill my pretty pockets, how beautiful this life  .... if i always keep life with my aunties and uncles.....
3 km to the west of Goa Lawah temple, we will arrive in the village whose inhabitants live from fishing and sea salt farmers. This village is Kusamba village.

Tuna fish is the catch of fishermen and salt farmers produce high quality natural salt
Salt-making system and arrests are still used to cultivate the traditional way that has been known since ancient times. Now coastal fishing developed into tourist attractions which can develop and improving local economies.

Big Waves, shiny rocks exposed to light in the late afternoon, under magic sunset. The atmosphere is serene beaches make this Tegal Besar Beach is visited by many travelers. The beach is located in the area of   Takmung village, Banjarangkan - Klungkung, Bali. The society in majority working as farmers, fishermen and stone brush collector. 
The tranquility coast invite a lot of turtles to lay their own eggs, especially in the month of May to July. Kokoan Birds often fly in the afternoon and rested on the trees around the beach in the evening.

Traveled while enjoying the fresh nature at Tegal Besar beach , should be your choice. On this coast has  provided the places to eat, drink, and we can also find for villas to rest.
  Happy holidays .............

Abah hill is located in Besan village, Dawan, Klungkung. Beautiful hills with the atmosphere of Balinese are friendly and stay in the simple lifestyle can be found in Abah hill of Besan village.

Development of horticulture in this village, has been producing : durian, rambutan ( Hairy fruits ) , mango wani ( White mango ), banana, mangoesteen with the main commodities of palm / coconut trees. Society of Besan village using coconut as basic ingredients of palm sugar / brown sugar / bali sugar. Palm sugar is produced with high quality and can be reach in low prices at Besan traditional market.

The beauty of the hills can be enjoyed with holding Picnic / Camping, Tracking, Hiking,
Cycling, we can see Candidasa and Manggis from the peak of Abah hill. Abah hill region can be used as the "Off-road" using a motocross .......

 "Jengki" Bicycle with a distinctive way with the grandeur this nation song of my grandfather's struggle.He never stopped singing the Indonesian national anthem, along the road of Gunaksa village.
My grandfather in his day filled with coconut gardening in dry fields and raise cattle, pigs and hens. He was very fond of gardening in Gunaksa village with his beloved friends. They were familiar, enjoy eating and drinking together and talked about their life experiences

Gunaksa village is the village plantation commodities produced in the form of coconut as the main commodity, cocoa, banana, mango, buni, water guava, cassava, breadfruit, jack fruit, etc.. Amid the lush gardens, they also raise pigs, cows, hens and duck. The village also will supply fuel wood and charcoal from coconut shells.

I always feel happy & grateful  to fill my certain time for praying in the temples at Gunaksa village which are located on the hilly of this village. Bukit Buluh is the most beautiful hill in this area. Natural walking, tracking, hiking, cycling, visiting the homes of villagers and see how gardening and do their immediate work in coconut garden undergo daily life.

Happy Holiday...........

Endek woven cloth is one of Indonesian traditional cloth culture. Endek weaving craftsmen can be found in Sampalan village, Klungkung, Bali. Endek woven cloth derived from handmade not machine. Colors material are used made ​​from natural materials and the motifs typical of Balinese culture that is tailored to the tastes of the public.
The villagers in Sampalan village generally working at ricepaddies and housewifes keep their home while weaving through the afternoon. Farmers carry their garden product to  traditional markets at Sampalan village in early morning. Housewife in the village with the patient still cooking as their family culture with natural ingredients.

Tofu and tempe / oncom from Sampalan village also manufactured with natural ingredients. Raw Soybean as material of craftsmanship with traditional systems produce, creating savory flavor of  natural  tofu and tempe. Formalin? I make sure the craftsmen in Sampalan village not use these substances, as the customers society love the food from natural ingredients.

Welcome to visit fatherly look directly endek weavers and craftsmen tofu and tempe in Sampalan village, Klungkung - Bali

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