Thursday, September 18, 2014


Java island is well known as  the land which is very fertile and the people are resilient and able to produce the food commodity suppliers throughout Indonesian society. Natural products from plantations, agriculture, animal husbandry, etc. are commodities that have export quality.

Modernization and innovation communities continue to be developed with improved quality of the society education. Javanese rural society in general stay as Islamic and love farming very well. Simple lifestyle and creative. They are modern Islamic society. The figure of hard worker with severe life challenges existing Java island
Leather craft  shoes has become the main livelihood for the people of Java that already pursue this craft in leather craft centers. Leather craft business is getting control of Indonesian export market.

One thing that should be fixed in Java society, improving themselves by eroding myth that always makes people think backwards and making our life is very chaotic, full of disputes, etc.

Kuta Bali looks more beautiful and attractive with a variety of unique art. One of   tourist favorite crafts are leather crafts ( There is a goat leather, sheep leather, snake leather ) found in the present mode of innovation. Going to Boutique in Kuta - Bali ..... ?? Please, do not forget to try to get further choice one of your leather favorite ........ 
Leather crafts ranging from leather bags, leather shoes, leather wallets, leather jackets, leather accessories, belts, etc..
Please try to ask, can we get reasonable price for snake leather bag  / other utensils....??? And you will bring home soonest......

West Java is famous for its leather craft Cibaduyut producing leather shoes and distributed to other areas both in Java and outside of Java.

Garut is also a place which is famous with leather craft centers in West Java. Sheep and goats
leather abundance source material is produced in the area of Garut

Central Java, leather handicraft center located in Batang Masin village. East Java, leather handicraft center located in Tanggulangin village, Sidoarjo. Yogyakarta, relying Manding leather handicraft tourist villageat  Bantul
Here we can see the creative Javanese hand, how  the craftsmen make ....... and can immediately buy it ...............

You are not colonial , are you..... ???  

Please, love this leather handicrafts products from Java island ...... !!!

Trees of marijuana have become memories of Klungkung, Bali in bad times ...... !!! Now the story of this  marijuana so sweet in Art-pop theme music of Princess Lady Gaga ....

These beautiful boots are made by original hand of creative Javanese who live in rural areas of simplicity Java island. Let traveled to Java & Bali Islands.  
Today, leather handicraft are easy to find in the corner of Kuta - Bali ....... happy shopping ....!!!

Do not anesthetized marijuana ...... !!!  

Enjoy Art- pop with genuine leather handmade crafts creative Javanese .......

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