Tuesday, June 23, 2015


Om Swastiastu,

Ngiring ngwangun raga sujati antuk ngeranjing ring program Beasiswa Universitas Mahendradatta. Dumogi mekardi manusa sani pinih utama ring wewengkon jagat Baline......


 I am brilliant Balinese, You should pay my Salary, except ....you just a thief  in Bali island, .......!!!

Are you Balinese.....??? Let's going to the school....Let's Go learn harder, Killing wild - wild live in our body part. Up grade your quality skill until bear the real teenager who is suitable to get MONEY......!! We do not need corruptors, no need stupid and crazy recommendation from stupid Manager, Crazy ethnic Racist. So make yourselft as Balinese with qualified human civilization, Educated and make others respect to Balinese by  paying our salary  in our working place.....!! OKKKey......

Marilah belajar, marilah tingkatkan diri untuk mencari isi dari piring kita masing - masing. Jadilah Orang Bali yang pantas makan nasi dan yang pantas digaji perusahaan .....!!! Kita hidup di zaman terpelajar bukan lagi hidup di zaman aliran " EDANE...."


Ayo Orang Bali belajar......
Kalo sudah belajar, sekolah, disiplin, selalu nunas pica mantuk ring Ida Sang Hyang Widhi Wasa....sekali tancap gas, ngeser langsung......so pasti kerja, Nggak perlu jadi kaki tangan para bangsawan & politikus gila.......!!!


WOW.....I Get the number.......!!!! 
Let's Go Orang Bali...Orang Bali.....Orang Bali......

Thank you, 

Tuesday, June 16, 2015



Australian Bali tourism Boss.... greatest thank you for all assistance  to tied my personal life. I have no coin for return back....

I do not like to leave Kuta, Bali because i can meet my youth fashion in this beautiful spot.
I do not like to leave without quality life rules - innovation Bali Hinduism culture, nation rules and modern tourism business development as born in Kuta, Bali. Its all make me love so much stay in Kuta, Bali. District tourism has created the best rules to preserve quality of our Bali tourism, specially tourism in Kuta area.

I don't like to ignore all modernizations in tourism rules arrive to Kuta, Bali. I can learn a lot to improve my skill related into my personal career
I do not like less closed with all qualified foreigners friends who always honest tied on my personal live, split modern skill by upgrade employee training which i have received from them

I do not like to leave Kuta beach without say hello to my BOSS Nation flag " Australia "
on the beach
Australian volunteers always keep honest to give attention for us " Balinese " live in all part of Bali island as :

* Keep clean Kuta environmental - Cleaning and recycle giant rubbish on the beach 
* Build paradise sporty on this paradise land and has been success to make Kuta, Bali as the spot of Surfing paradise. Australian with their great humanity provide great sponsorship in Bali tourism sporty development
* Preserve natural live in Kuta Beach by making great donation as provide the machine or utensils need
* Build company in Bali for open new life for Hindu Balinese employees, event all ethnic from all part of Indonesia. Australian BOSS pay for employees salary, THR as sophisticated required to do business in Bali island and service charge also
* Australian volunteers keep attention for poorness in Bali island . They always provide donation and send cloths for villagers
* Australian volunteers share their quality to build tourism in Bali island as one of advance country ( 1st world quality people ) on the earth

" Bali International  achievement - Badung Regency International  achievement in 2015 "
I Gusti Ngurah Rai International Airport in Bali has been named the world’s 3rd best among the 30 airports with a passenger capacity of 15-25 million per year, according to the Airports Council International (ACI)

Forward Indonesia - BANCO
Pondok Indah Office Tower 3, 17th floor. 
Jl. Sultan Iskandar Muda Kav. V-TA, Jakarta, 12310. 
P. +62 21 2953 8993
M. +62 821 10756 156
 Contact person : Bp. Selim R Chanderli - Head of the Representative Office 
Email: sc@banco.ch 

I don't not like to break down Kuta, Bali And damaging my country mutual relationship, because i do not want measuring  Australian quality by criminal action and i don't like all the thief who has damaged mutual life relationship in Bali Tourism with Qualified Australian BOSS......!! I catched by mine......Too stupid......too crazy....and prefer money by stealing in Kuta, Bali......Oooo...just wake up ....just hit...just earn advantage in Kuta, Bali with no appreciate for Balinese support, just bring Balinese to negative politic issue and jail.....!!! just dreaming to be VVIP in Thief nation and build devil cage.....!!!! Thief.....hooked.....Thief...Bite.......!!!
As long my eyes catching. Many radical people, they love damaging advanced country innovation, They want to hold all the progress of advanced country without working hard, just steal, just corruption or just make personal business inside of Australian company, Ooppss....for personal pockets??? ....just create great complicated live in my KUTA, Bali.....Thief....thief....thief....!!!

My Kuta has been success build an international tourist spot. I love it and i do not like to leave my Kuta, Bali. Except........????

This is the way Balinese lady from Klungkung, Bali , just live near by Ubud, Bali.....!!
Payangan village, Ubud, Bali .....Remember....????

Past live as walking in the nightmare covering crocodile monster, what's a great ethnic racist......!!! Hello...how are you and you....?? Zissttt.......is it JAIL is Balinese cage today?????

May God Bless You All... Balinese and Javanese ( Pribumi ) .......!!!

Thank you,

Sunday, June 7, 2015

5 MINUTES AWAY........


Australian Bali tourism Boss.... greatest thank you for all assistance  to tied my personal life. I have no coin for return back....


Hi, ..... I open slowly, i see slowly, and finally i taste it ...  typical sweet snack from Yogyakarta - Central Java. Gratitude 'Alhamdulilah " I can try this sweet snacks from my Manager .....

Friends, today, i will continue my story from Payangan Village, Ubud, Bali. Beautiful mists that always enveloped the village, going down from the mountains, cold and refresh our soul. Please do not miss it, let's visit Payangan Village, Ubud, Bali.

Uhhh....so many crazy idea arrive today, going to the left, to the right for nothing...just thinking fully pocket, just making guardian to hide stupid and big mouth ...smash it .....Wooowww......what's messy idea......! Buzzz....... 
SSStt.....BOss, i have no coin for return back ......!!!


Religious song by Roger 'Ojey' Danuarta - An Zhao Ni Suo Yao

Hip.......Hip.....Hip.......BANCO SWISS in Jakarta, Indonesia  ......!!! 
Forward Indonesia - BANCO , 
Pondok Indah Office Tower 3, 17th floor. 
Jl. Sultan Iskandar Muda Kav. V-TA, Jakarta, 12310. 
P. +62 21 2953 8993
M. +62 821 10756 156
 Contact person : Bp. Selim R Chanderli - Head of the Representative Office 
Email: sc@banco.ch 

Mmmm .....i get the real natural sweetness. Fresh sweet taste as always come from these fruity of Payangan  Village, Ubud, Bali. Lychee fruits may stay in memorable ...???? Ahhhhzzz ....we still preserve several lychees trees on these village farm yachhh .......!!!

Rambutan / hairy skin fruits, jeruk bali / tangerine, durian, mangosteen, jackfruit, mango, white mango, fresh coconuts and many more. These fruits are available along the year, depend on fruits seasons.

  Let's pick up a sack of your favorite fruits during visit Payangan Village, Ubud, Bali.
Banjar Begawan, Melinggih Kelod Village, Payangan, Ubud, Bali - Indonesia  
Eco & Agro Payangan Village, Ubud, Bali

AllĂ´........proudly announced to all TJ's Bali Lover that TJ's as the best quality Mexican Bar & Restaurant in Kuta, Bali. Beautiful live relationship between owner, employees and restaurant customers from all around the world, make this restaurant has important meaning for my live career. Invite you all to come and dine at TJ's Restaurant while your vacation.....!!! Cheers.......from KUTA, BALI.......
Cheers...and Continue Happy.....!!!.
TJ's Mexican Bar & Restaurant
Poppies lane 1 No 24
Kuta, Bali - Indonesia

Phone: (62-361) 751 093
email: info@tjsbali.com

"Aukk ... Ah ...!" Tyang Numbas kakul dumun ring beji traditional Payangan. Indayang cingakin meriki, durung tyang wusan meratengan sampun meled kayune ngajengang be kakul ... !! "

Ehhmmm .... Taste goes to the heart, I grab a plate of tutut / kakul / conch fields with  distinctive
Bali spices flavor. Lime leaves can reduce the fishy taste of conch fields. Full fragrant flavor from  “ Traditional fire “ wagon” of Meme in her kitchen / powargan .... "

I can not close my eyes, while walking along the village Melinggih kelod, Payangan, Ubud - Bali. Fresh Eel fish/ Be lindung and well has been cleaned, offered by merchants from the stall. Cooked Eel fish with " Sune cekuh sauce" an inspiration for my lunch .....

"Mai ning ... lan baang neda be lelene ..." penchant children of Payangan village to maintain catfish / Be lele  in their house, rice paddies or gardens. Sangkuriang catfish increasingly popular among the people of Payangan, Ubud, Bali.

"Murak Babi " pork cutting “ Butaniku “/ Be Celeng  into the culture of farming communities in rural Payangan village  are still preserved until this  modern times. Farmers create groups for procurement of pork cutting  every Hinduism celebration, such as Galungan Day, Kuningan Day, Nyepi/ Silent Day, etc. They cookTum, satay, lawar  for offerings to the temple  and having lunch or dine with  family. Wahhh .... I also got it..... !!! Cheers .....

Remember, delicious green frog meat / kodok hijau / nggung??? Farmers  in Ubud, in particularly Payangan village, still raising a green frog. Green frog  meat is processed as ingredients to cook a delicious satay. Try once, definitely hooked Yummmii ....... ...... ..... yummmiii

Pretty rabbits  jumping to the left and right, following its mom… . Fresh carrot, vegetables  are prepared for rabbit breeders. Wahhhh ..... Beautiful rabbit , now more fat and ready to be brought to the market into the rabbit pieces.

Ouppss .... Do not forget .... visit and if you want to cook, looking  for fish and fresh meat to Payangan village,  Ubud, Bali ....... !!!!

Suppliers ..." No worries, you will find the best prices at Ubud, Bali " 

Banjar Begawan, Melinggih Kelod Village, Payangan, Ubud - Bali 
Bp. Wayan lali - Contact no. 0812 3859 443
Bp. Nyoman Rudita- Contact no. 0819 3307 1081

Thank you,