Sunday, December 23, 2012

Adorable Balinese Cure..........

Petitenget, Seminyak Beach, Bali

I am sitting on the white sandy beach and trying to call the birds who pass on me, " Cuiittt............cuiitttt......!!!" White feathers with yellow beak , make this bird looks so wonderful and interesting to see.........

Deep my own foot to get natural cure from the sandy and keep my healthy. 100% calm & relaxing morning at Petitenget , Seminyak beach.

Year by year, i try to pass all challenges and try to get good job. Mmm.........lucky The God Bless me and always meet nice people around the land where i could find my live. In the recent, i try to find my live in my own Bali. Everything work as water in the  river........

Tiredness attach my own soul which is really need treatment. Since my grandmother's era. We have typical habit to keep our healthy by traditional cure. Balinese call it by " meboreh "

I take some glese galangal, white rise and crushed by traditional stone in my  kitchen. Continue to crush some gingers for drink & making ginger paste.


Pampering my forehead by ginger & glese galangal paste. And we could use glese galangal for facial. We would feel fresh & clean. But ginger paste should use for pampering our forehead and our back. We could treat our migraine much easier by this way.

Drinking ginger tea with fresh lime and honey as final of this treatment. Boiling some crushed ginger & lemongrass about 5 minutes and continuing to drink.

Glese Galangal

You would get your real day by traditional cure as Balinese way. We could treat own by this cure, may you too, why not......???

Sssttt............you should never forget to take note that ginger could use as rheumatic treatment. Put some ginger on both of your knee on the legs. Add a shot of " Arak Bali " ( Typical Bali alcoholic drink ) on ginger paste & ready to use. Looks....how it could work for your rheumatic..............

 Don't leave your migraine to stop your creative idea, let's try once...........!!!

" Maooowww..........maooooow.....Oopss.....my cheerful cat arrive to me, i have to go. It's time for her lunch.........!!!!

Thank you,

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Tri Beauty Salon

Selamat Datang .........

Tri Beauty Salon 
Semarapura - Klungkung, Bali
Ibu Nengah Wiwik Arianthi / Bapak Agus Eka putra
Telp. no : 081.916.161.009

Thank you, 

Monday, December 3, 2012

Green Holy Pieces...........

Natural sacred monkeys walk around beside of me. "Hzz.....hzz....hzz...!!" walk and walk again through the mist. One, second  step would be continue to the real little forest. Fragrant flowers on the left & right side bring my mind to our dreaming bali paradise.

" Tikk...tikk...tikk...!!!"  my breath arrive to the peak of the hill of Agung mountain. The granted hindu temple " Puncak Lempuyang temple".  Imagine the granted of the God " Ida Sang Hyang Widhi Waca" ( Balinese's God ) ..............

Colorful hindu offering, hand made of balinese creation on the shape of young coconut leafs are presented wonderful in lempuyang temple. Fragrant  of natural incense, add this holy celebration. I feel so grateful to the God and families who always keep my  life on this paradise island.

Praying to Lempuyang temple is one of my family celebration calender. After big ceremony on cremation continue by " Ngrorasin " and " Nuntun" These of all are big family ceremony  in bali. This tradition keep on stronghold balinese culture.

During our traveling to lempuyang temple, we could find on the hill in east part of Bali, at Karangasem regency, we found magnifique place for visitors ( Prayers and tourist either ). Greenery, mist, Natural Balinese village stay on their capacity and culture. I could not leave it without enjoy this magic panorama.

Thousand vehicles with strength sound pollution has made my head so heavy and tired. Lempuyang temple with natural and sacred view give me a piece of smile and continue all my planning on my mind. I would never stop my imagination through this granted lempuyang temple and try to put on the list that i should return back to visit this temple.........!! Would you.....?????

Thank you,