Friday, February 12, 2016


I got off the bus, I arrived in beloved Semarapura town. My imagination cooling down and always soaring gracefully school stories with all my pretty and handsome friends of Klungkung, Bali. It was awesome, kept life in educative culture surrounding as their lovely performance. 

Hanging up my deep love to my beloved Semarapura town, Klungkung, Bali. Pretty and handsome Bali eyebrows painted on wonderful high quality culture of east part Bali island, Klungkung region. Wonderful fingers bearing the beauty of Bali offering from young coconut leaves, and clean, pretty, clear yellow skin describe their knowledge quality.

Fragrant flowers always pinned in between of my hair, all of it are so beautiful in timeless warmth of my honest friends....

Step by step, grab the sun is shining brightly with gorgeous soft light from the eastern. Sturdy legs evergreen in your hearts, as strong as Monuments " Puputan Klungkung " in the middle of Semarapura town. Monument of Klungkung people's struggle against Dutch colonial. This monument is located near tourist attractions " Kertha Gosa ", Klungkung traditional markets and Shopping center of Semarapura town.

My footsteps counted one, two, three.... I tread very grand building, full of nation histories in the developed and prosperous nation of " Switzerland ".
I entered the museums, the oldest castles which have being guarded and preserved. I grew to understand the causes, effects and life struggle of this nation after learning from the stories of these museum.


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Long Distance Relationship - Al Ghazali 

“ Aku selalu mengerti….!!” Kata Al Ghazali dalam lagu “ Kurayu Bidadari “ -nya…!! Aku selalu merindukannya Al, senyum, lucu dan imut lucky laki tercinta “ Dul “ Semoga Tuhan selalu melindungimu. Dul Ca'em …. Aku sayang padamu …!!! 

The grandeur nation intellectual, reflected in the society habits. Especially the youth from magnifique City which is  beautiful, clean, educated and loaded with modern innovations that are essential to solve life problems in this world " Lausanne City, Switzerland”. Grand Libraries which are rich of abundance books collections, that are very useful for life. How happy of I am when, librarian let me in without any chargeable. I am very grateful and happy with all the supports and guidance to my great Swiss Family who kept  handle of my life, nurtured, educated & love me and the most important thing " Treated  me from Bali as a Human civilized and highly appreciated  me" during my life in Switzerland, my family in BANCO The Swiss Asset Management Magazinewww.banco.ch

Learning the nation struggle histories will have a positive impact on development of both mental and spiritual self. Humans will become wiser, preserving intellectual culture, and even we can find a solution to face all the challenges of this life.

By learning of a nation life struggle, to build a life to live in more civilized level will provide a mirror for us, especially the youth in putting themselves, establish themselves and know where they have stepped .... !!!

Welcome to Klungkung Museums and Monument " Puputan Klungkung ". Enrich yourself with the histories of  Balinese life, social, economic and cultural region of Bali in Klungkung regency.


Like pulling stuffed in my head, when I saw Bali garden, grandeur garden innovation which is created by beloved Bapak & Ibu  in Klungkung,Bali. Orange minibus parking, in peace, the tourists entered Puputan Klungkung monument.

Semarapura town give me breathe little bit easier in fresh early morning air, the sound of a bicycle bell from Klungkung student, add the sense and spirit of my life. Tinggg ..........!!!

Puputan Klungkung Monument is decorated bellows resplendent with traditional Bali artistic from black stones in the shaped of Semarapura Lingga - yoni. With the proper sense of Hindu philosophy that war could be completely that the work done by the best generations of Klungkung kingdom along with its people

On the ground floor of the phallus there is a square lobby with 4 Tickets to the position in the east, west, south and north. The height of the monument is 28 meters. Considering that between the building on the ground floor and the phallus there is building with eight faces decorated by 19 paintings of lotus flowers. All numbers reflecting the date of Puputan Klungkung War on April 28, 1908, the which is now commemorated every year. The diorama completed the monument rooms , the which represents the struggle of the people with king.


Worn white paper changes color into grey. The true writing man, recording all life stories and its challenges for the sake of the events in Semarapura palace, Klungkung, Bali

Bali artistic building rich of history arts and struggle stories, development and preservation of art, economi, social & culture of habitants in Klungkung, Bali. All the wealth of the people kept in the Museum Semarajaya, Klungkung, Bali.

Diverting museum in the Klungkung Palace compound has an interesting collection of archaeological and other pieces. Exhibits of Songket (silver- or gold-threaded cloth) weaving and ( palm toddy ) palm wine - Tuak and palm-sugar extraction – gula aren / merah. 

Moving display about the 1908  Puputan Klungkung ( Fight to the death against an enemy), interesting old photos of the royal court. The exhibit on salt-making can give you a good idea of the hard work involved.

Hi, My beloved friends...

Gangster and mafia will be ready life as your shadow upon vacation. I have the recent news of mafia action. Upon busy with special event, mafia can enter the hotel room in any time ( As a ghost, just go in and bring bag to the room ). As investigation report that this mafia use really genius way by making his Bali ID and 2 different  passports. 

Pay attention, please ensure close your room hotel door properly when you leave it and never leave strength people arrive to you for any reasons.
Let continue your happy holidays.....

I feel so wild, where….? Inland part of Bali island, why still wild ... ? No education or proud…? This fact of life drew me to reflect back on myself as Balinese from Klungkung, Bali! Problem...??? yalocal made themselves ..... !! Duuuhhh ....Loe Javanese or Balinese..?? Zuutt....gua, just a girl from east part of Bali - Klungkung Paradise....!!! And tied up my mouth taste by the eternal Javanese love .....GOD Merciful.....
Bapakku, Ibuku  I Love You so ….


Drive on into Semarapura town, the center of Klungkung regency. We will meet gorgeous Traditional market which is rich by  unique handicraft collection of Klungkung  regency, like, woven endek cloth, songket cloth, traditional classic painting Kamasan village, jewelry craft as  Alpaca, silver and bamboo handicrafts.

In the town  corner, we could visit Kertha Gosa built with traditional Balinese artistic. Beside of Kertha Gosa, there is a building called Taman Gili by the which is located adjacent to Bale Kembang that is a traditional building floating in the center of the fish pond.

Kertha Gosa is taken from Sanskrit. Kertha means serene and meanwhile Gosa word is derived from established or Announced that mean. The name of Thus Spake the meaning of Kerta Gosa Bale is a kind of building where the king announces Judicial Legislation, justice, punishment and so on.

Traditional ceiling combine with classic paintings from traditional puppet Kamasan village. From these  painting reviews, we could  learn about the ancient paradise historical paradise in Bali as  Ramayana and Mahabharata decade stories ......

Live will be more useful and joyful, when you are rich by  the ancient of human civilization historical  ....


Pura Agung kentel Gumi, Hindu Dharma, Bali temple in Indonesia. It was built as a center of the grand peaceful in Klungkung, Bali, situated in Tusan village, Banjarangkan, Klungkung, Bali. Pura Agung Kentel Gumi are in an area not far from Goa Jepang.

Pura Agung Kentel Gumi is Tri Gunaning Pura ( Khayangan Tiga of this Bali Island ). Balinese architecture adorn this temple, add  regal atmosphere of this sacred temple.

The Hindus or not Hindu, are welcome to pray at Kentel Gumi temple. Big temple celebration is conducted on the day of “ Ngusaba Jagat ” every Purnama Kalima, there are a number of other celebration held at Pura Agung Kentel Gumi. The ceremony was the ceremony which takes place every “ Pujawali Celebration “ on  Umanis Galungan. “ Jagat Panyegjeg “  ceremony once every 10 years. While the new “ Jagat Ngusaba “  work carried out twice in a span of 500 years


People will always remember Bapak Nyoman Gunarsa- The classic painting Artist of Klungkung, Bali. Gunarsa Museum is located in Banda Village, Takmung.3 Km to west part of Semarapura town, Klungkung, Bali.

In Gunarsa Museum, we can find a variety of classical Balinese paintings, both from the results of the last era, the new and former work of its owner “ I Nyoman Gunarsa ".

Balinese classical painting of Bapak Nyoman Gunarsa much taken from  Balinese folklore and Hindu Dharma legend, the Bali Arts such as folk dances, traditional music, Balinese ceremonies, etc.

Let's visit the Museum Gunarsa and find sharing your favorites classical painting. Have a nice  vacation


Preserving ancient buildings of high artistic value. Being inspired people to preserve “ Goa Jepang "  in my beloved country of  Indonesia. Since in ancient times, Goa Jepang serves as a place to stay. 

What’s the dark room I met “ Buzzzz ...” ? Yeaahhh….From my memory ... ., I went to  inside part by touch light. I saw there were staircase in the hallway leading to the acceptance and down, from north to south part of  Goa Jepang in Klungkung, Bali. During my school times, I was diligently to be part of cleanliness team to keep clean Goa Jepang ...!! “ WOW ... .enjoyed  sweeping with all diligent friends….!!!

Goa Jepang is developed  on  high Bali cliffs, tropical weather remains enveloped this cave. When entered, the tropical weather feels more into its " Moist ". Wahh ... What is magic experience……..

16 Holes cave with a depth of 14 meters each. Two of the holes are not related to each other. For those who like a challenge, perhaps "Goa Jepang " will be your choice in "Adventure - Tourism"
For your creative vacation. 

Goa Jepang  is located in Dusun Koripan, Desa Banjarangkan, Kecamatan Banjarangkan, Klungkung  . Just 6 km from the western part of Semarapura town.
At the  first glance , this cave is similar to Goa  Jepang   in  Kawangkoan Goa, Minahasa, North Sulawesi
Sulawesi Island  is the place of this nation coral-reefs expert, where they are creating modern innovation. Situated in Wakatobi, South Sulawesi.

Quality Indonesian Actress from 
Bali Island " Luna Maya "

Thank you,