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Nusa Penida - A New Marine Park of Bali Island

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Marine Park of Nusa Penida, Klungkung - Bali

Found A New Marine Park in the waters of Nusa Penida
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A new marine park areas such as coral reefs are found in three different locations in Nusa Penida , Klungkung regency , Bali . Marine park recently discovered by a number of professional divers joined in the " Kingdom Indonesia Media Divers " ." We shared media friends to try to find the point of the marine park was fantastic and it was found in the waters of Nusa Penida , " said Haji Sutrisno Protectors and as Chairman of the Advisory " Kingdom Indonesia Media Divers " on Monday 

.According to him , the three locations that have the beauty of coral reef marine park is located at the point of diving , while on the coast adjacent to an elementary school so -called SD point dive , Toyapakeh , and Crystal Bay .He revealed that the three locations have a good density of coral reefs , crystal clear sea water , good visibility , and diversity of marine life is incredible compared to some dive spots you've visited in other locations in Indonesia .The discovery of new dive sites was carried out through the " Exploration the Next Bali 2013 " which is intended to look for a new location to support travel and research a variety of underwater marine life in the barren island known .Nusa Penida has several dive spots favored by divers from both within and outside the country who complete three new locations that include at Penida Bay , Manta Point , Batu Meling , Batu Lumbung , Batu Abah , and Malibu Point .In addition the area is located in Badung Strait was also known as a unique world where the presence of fish Mola - Mola or " Sunfish " .Exploration was carried out together with divers who have a journalist background , Navy divers , marine conservationists , and dive operators .He mentioned that in the dives point SD for example , has the diversity and density of stunning coral reefs in the not too distant depths of 10-15 meters although the current under sea waters of Nusa Penida is known to be strong about 3 knots . 

Bali Governor Made Mangku Pastika come directly to Nusa Penida to know the new location of the discovery of the marine park ." In particular the underwater beauty of Nusa Penida has not been widely exposed and explored . Presence Divers Kingdom Media is very important so that the world will know and they will come traveling here ( Nusa Penida ) , " he said .He said he hoped all components of government, private , and community keep potential sea island of Nusa Penida considering it has the potential for tremendous tourist marina . 

Make sure the claim that Bali Provincial Government supports the development of nautical tourism in the region because it will provide a huge economic boom for the local community .Kingdom 's own target marine park area has been documented that will be aired in a special television station about the natural world " National Georaphic " and is included in the international tourist scouting information .It is expected that after the discovery of the new dive spot , Nusa Penida be underwater sights are more attractive or into areas of marine research as well as a tourist destination marina on the island 

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