Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Exotic Natural Bali Sweets............

Hairy skin fruits

Why this natural sweets are  very important for Balinese?

Fresh fruits becomes very important in people's lives because we use fresh fruit for the offerings in all ceremonies of Balinese Hinduism and  it would be combined with colorful flowers.

Mangosteen fruit
Balinese society increasingly understand the importance of vitamin C. Balinese mothers prepare fresh fruits for their children at home. Fresh fruits could be obtained in traditional market of Bali

Bali as tourist island of the wold has made fresh fruit as an important role. The tourists are always keen to try out the natural sweetness of fresh fruits when they are on holiday in Bali

Tropical Bali Mango

Bali Orange fruits

Tropical orange ( Tangerine )

Bali Paradise culinary require many supply of  fresh fruit for the Chef who innovate culinary . Natural sweetness could  be very beneficial for the recipes of Chefs in Bali choice as a replacement of sugar!!


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Jeruk Limau fruits

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