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Build Human Life Bali in Nusa Penida - Klungkung, Bali

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Lembongan Island, Klungkung - Bali

The strongest blowing wind describe the spirit of this beautiful life - Nusa Penida , Klungkung , Bali . Drought , lack of food has become a living history of eternal life to be  strengthen in the future

Nusa Penida Island - Klungkung, Bali
The intellectual of  Bali from Nusa Penida has been brought to public Klungkung - Bali economy improvement . Agriculture , fisheries , plantation , tourism and even lembongan's boy was never behind in the international sporting event - surfing ! ! Happy and proudly to congratulate my little brother - Putra Hermawan ( Lembongan surfer ) , one of lembongan surfer who is able to stand up in a professional surfer forum !

Putra Hermawan - Putra Pulu ( Lembongan's Boy )

Dive Map in Nusa Penida - Klungkung, Bali

Ceningan Island - Klungkung, Bali
The development of tourism in Nusa Penida could not be said to be " just tourism " it is achieved by working hard of all the Balinese around in Nusa Penida .

Appearance is simple does not mean stupid and they are educated ! Balinese at Nusa Penida in daily use language which is not the language of human wild ! Klungkung regency always live in human manners and always trying to improve education .

Planting mangrove forests become a routine activity at lembongan society . Culture has always been a fisherman at heart growing community of Nusa Penida . Seaweed cultivation , manufacture of salt into the activities of rural communities .

Nusa Penida island, Lembongan island, Ceningan island,
Klungkung - Bali belongs to the beautiful island of Bali .

Ceninga island map, Klungkung - Bali

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