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Eternal peaceful entered of my life heaven. Balinese culture in Klungkung - Bali Hindu dharma will always be an inspiration of my life. Live motto " Dharmaning Ksatrya Mahottama" still preserved in the hearts of Balinese soul in Klungkung regency. Build the economy by trying and praying on their own initiative and achieve life peaceful by his own hands. Hopefully Klungkung regency managed to establish themselves physically and spiritually, in the middle of the technology development, life competition, crime disruption, etc.

The Beauty  entrance of ‘ Kambang Hall ‘ and ‘ Kori Puri Agung’  in Kerthagosa more stunning and captivating conscience to approach, learn and emulate from historical life folk stories at Klungkung regency, Bali. ' Catur Muka' statue greet visitors friendly by  'Om Swastiastu' into its sculpture artistic …. !!! How beautiful sacred singing of Hindu Dharma Bali ‘ Kidung ‘  amid Balinese Hindusm who pray at the temples surround Semarapura town, Klungkung, Bali.

Mmmm … I am the laziest villager from Sampalan village throughout Klungkung, Bali. AiiiiH .... lazy on living at my home. I can not said, “ Why?” ….because I am looking for this live  opportunity in wherever .... !! Cheers .......
Weaving in Klungkung, Bali estimated  have been part of  Bali native community since the Paleolithic 'Old stone ' decade. In ancient Bali live period, weaving as Bali inhabitants appreciation into the art which saw as cobwebs, birds’ nests, or "dyke" made by beavers.

Traditional woven cloth presented in the most attracted of art with  distinctive motifs and quality. Produced by weavers from all corners of the region, in Indonesia. Klungkung, Bali as manufacturers of traditional woven cloth with typical traditional Balinese motifs. Such as puppet motif, floral, bird motif and outskirts motif. Creating the woven by nature material as yarn cotton, rayon, banyumas and silk threads.
Special skills of weaving and perseverance, become requirement key for weaving's artisans. Special and high quality creation become the pride of native Balinese in Klungkung, Bali which is contained into traditional woven cloth of typical ‘ Endek Klungkung’.

The recent innovation on traditional Endek Alam ‘ Lasem ‘ woven cloth in Dusun Tengah, Tegak Village, Klungkung, Bali. Further enhanced by Bali weavers, using dyes made from natural materials such as; noni, jati leaf, leaf Piedade – daun gintungan create gray color, Secang woods produces red color, mango leaves make  greenish color, mango trees skin to create green color and brown created by cloves.

Traditional Endek Alam ‘ lasem ‘ woven cloth. Traditional woven cloth is range produced by traditional process, with special motifs and colors back from natural materials, which is more attractive with soft natural color. Welcome to Tegak Village, Klungkung, Bali and try to find traditional Endek  Alam ‘ lasem’ woven cloth as your favorites .... !! Happy Holiday ........ !!!

I am fascinated with an interesting innovations from West Java, the most power island of this nation  “Java Island “.
This nation part has brought us into the heritage level of human cultures. How wonderful this island and invite all to learn further on improving our human and also skilled human civilization.

How beautiful nature of West Java as beautiful as ' Mojang Bandung '. Feminine skilled of ' Mojang' from West Java also been successful in creating wonderful handicrafts as household handicrafts  appliances and souvenirs from " Enceng Gondok" ( Eichhornia crassipes ).

This modern circle, " Enceng Gondok " crafts typical West Java has evolved into mainstay region products. " Enceng Gondok " cultivated by craftsmen, to preserve the environment in order to avoid sedimentation.

الله أكبر

The Wali Songo are revered saints of Islam in Indonesia, especially on Java  island, because of their historic role in the Spread of Islam in Indonesia. Wali or ‘ Raden ‘ are member of Royal Houses of Javanese. The way on spread Islam influences into Hinduism cultures in Bali island, following to Wali songo culture Java royal families. Bali agricultures on plantation technical much get influences from Java ‘ Wali “ royal cultures.  

Indonesia is known as the country's tropical climate and natural beauty filled with the charm of flowers, varieties of plants in the middle of the mountains in around of Indonesian archipelago.

The cherry blossoms are known to the public, be able to live in Japan. But the results of the most modern innovations in Indonesia showed that the cherry blossoms can thrive in tropical climate of Indonesia, particularly in the botanical garden - Cibodas, West Java. In Cibodas, cherry blossoms can bloom as much as 2 times a year as follows: January-February and July-August. Beautiful flowering cherry blossoms in the past one week.

Cibodas Botanical Garden, West Java succeeded in innovation cherry blossoms in nature tropical climates since May 13, 1971. How beautiful the world is, if all the people in Bali island, especially Klungkung regency is able to innovate as flowers and tropical climate like Indonesian expert at Cibodas Botanical Gardens, West Java .....!!

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