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The smile of sunrise, greet gently into the beautiful nature surface. Cloaked in blue navy of  Toyapakeh village, Nusa Penida Island, Bali.

White sandy beaches add the charming of this beautiful village . Underwater world lovers, will be captivated by the charm of coral reefs which is rich by seabed fishes. The dreams beauty nature, wait for visitors in private desert  heaven of  Toyapakeh village, Nusa Penida island, Bali.

Love this homeland brought me fell peace as always in its side. The beauty of  ‘ Phinisi ‘  ships, carved with INDONESIAN  art and culture, adds exceptional charm.

During the royal legend in Indonesia, the ‘ Phinisi’ ship created and used to sail across the ocean between countries.

In the line with development of this nation tourism - homeland of 'Indonesia' -    ‘ Phinisi’ ship  has developed into a commercial ship to travel in the middle of blue sea.
Make the most comfort in private Phinisi as your top choice during your visit to Indonesia.                    “ WELCOME TO INDONESIA !”

A beautiful black color and  typical aroma, innovation of Indonesian. It is now creating different types of coffee with the taste alluring. Indonesian coffee innovation are already known in the world wide among coffee lovers.

Bali discovered ‘ Kopi Luwak ‘ - Civet coffee in Kintamani & Ubud, Bali. And in 2015 East Manggarai, Flores, NTT in success to presenting Colol coffee , and gain as the best coffee in Indonesia, on coffee festival in Banyuwangi, East Java.

Indonesian coffee is more grown there is Robusta and Arabica in mountainous areas throughout Indonesia. The diversity of  Indonesia coffees innovation given its own taste on this country tourism. Gayo coffee, Toraja coffee from Sumatra Island, Wine coffee from Samarinda, Kalimantan, Lanang coffee from Java. Discovering genius taste by enjoying  artificial coffee of INDONESIA

Indonesia is a  beautiful country with incredible natural charm, culture and art from all over the Indonesian ethnics.

Exploring Spa beauty ethnic of Indonesia will come as your creative idea. When you already have made ‘ Balinese Spa ‘ as your gorgeous holiday choice, and today we introduce the deep origin Indonesian spa experience from beauty of Kalimantan island. 

Beautiful orchids thrive on Kalimantan island. The art and culture Spa of Banjar - South Kalimantan can also be enjoyed in this beautiful island. Batimung spa which in its tradition courtesy for Banjar wedding  sacred ceremony. Unique spa enriched with natural ingredients and the art of massage typical Kalimantan island. Batimung spa in three movements that massage is beneficial to remove dirt and sweat, keep the body's metabolism, and relaxation of the muscles.

Grass vetiver, ginger, turmeric, ylang, fragrant pandan, Java cardamom, Intersection dribbles, meeting buffoonery, roses, lemon grass, lala'an oil (coconut oil), white jasmine flowers and lime are used as ingredients Batimung spa. Natural herb that is used for the steam bath for 30-60 minutes.

Attention please: please do not drink cold drinks or ice water after Batimung massage. Drinking sugar or honey water. Indirect wearing fan or AC after.

Feel the smoothness & skin glow and fragrance after taking the herb Batimung spa. Imsonia disease can also be cured with a spa treatment of Batimung

Rare marine animals? Beautiful coral reefs in Derawan island, Sangalaki, Kakaban and Maratua - Berau, East Kalimantan island save sustainability green turtles and hawks-bill turtles are endangered.

Waters location directly into the sea off will bring together diving lovers with blue sharks and sea jellyfish in the waters leading to the lake. Do not worry jellyfish will not leave a sting in the visitors nearby.

Diving is also coupled with the beauty of giant turtles, hawks-bill turtles, stingrays, barracudas, mermaids and jellyfish are dancing on the high seas. The grace of the God almighty, the exceptional coral reefs beauty on Derawan island, bring this island as the world's best diving point.

Diving explore will not complete, if you do not visit Derawan island ..... !! We can enjoy wonderful  turtles that lay its eggs on white sandy beaches, and the sea with clear water in green turned into blue cobalt. Magnipique .....
Keep these eyes dazzled with the beauty of Derawan  island in East Kalimantan, which is  shrouded by tropical forest of Indonesia

The dream desert beaches in Bali traditional live atmosphere. Invites culture, nature and art of Bali island lover for exposing further into Toyapakeh village, Nusa Penida Island.

A couple of roosters sings in its bamboo basket add the exotic of  Bali culture. Bali village live atmosphere cannot be afford to forget.

Crystal Bay in Nusa Penida island is an attractive site in this respect. Bali has a surprisingly rich underwater life, the which is mainly due to the fact that it is located between two great oceans, the Indian ocean and the Pacific.

Toyapakeh village is a very beautiful village with beautiful coral reefs rich in colorful of fish and sea sponges. Here we can find mola - mola or sunfish as well.

Enjoy your beautiful holiday and find the most exotic places on Bali island coral reefs. !!! Do not wait until tomorrow .....

Lungs of the earth will always survive if tropical forests that covered the islands of Indonesia continue to be maintained. Natural resources and the importance of Kalimantan island is very dominant in maintaining tropical forests of Indonesia to the world.

The beauty of seabed is equipped with a rare green turtles, etc. The charm of  ethnics cultures in Kalimantan island with variety of customs and cultural arts are able to attract the world art lovers to visit this wonderful island.

Soft scent of aloes ‘ Gaharu’ wood polish, leaving the fragrance in all the time. Precious stones with the world and superior quality of gemstones from other parts of the world, we can find on Kalimantan island. Native Zamrud gemstones of Kalimantan island has green or dark green color and not fragile is increasingly becoming the belle of the world gemstones lovers. How about you, choose Zamrud gemstones of Kalimantan island as your premium collections ...........

The natural beauty that is followed by  hard work of villagers. Will provide the lasting peaceful in the village of Nusa Penida island. Toyapakeh village population livelihood as fishermen, Bali cattle breeders, Traditional Rangrang weaver, seaweed farmers. Seaweeds cultivation on the island is growing in Ped village, Nusa Penida, Klungkung

Green expanse visible from the distance are designated part as seaweed farming areas in Ped village, Nusa Penida Island. Production of seaweed farming village into superior product in Nusa Penida, besides of coconut, cassava, beans and corn. ‘ Gogo ‘ Rice farming has also become an alternative agriculture development of Klungkung regency.

Ped village farmers are busy with seaweeds cultivation. And now, we are going through to Kalimantan Island. Various types of plants thrive on this island. Roses, jasmine, cloves, vanilla, cardamom, sandalwood, ylang flower, aloes / gaharu wood, etc. 

This plant are used as natural ingredient of  perfume. The innovation of natural ingredients create softness typical fragrant perfume from Kalimantan  island.

SSttt .....Beautiful Kalimantan  island  in addition , rich of varieties fishes of the sea , native island ethnic culture and art, industrial plantations, Gold mine of  the island is also producing a lot of high quality golds.

By high-quality gold of  Kalimantan island create jewelry innovations with ethnics cultural art motifs on Kalimantan island and modern design innovations.

An extremely safe snorkel provide in Crystal-bay. The golden blue water can be enjoyed upon your snorkeling trip. Underwater located in between Nusa Lembongan and Nusa Penida island are rich by colorful fishes, coral-reefs, rare underwater habitat .
Welcome and enjoy the golden things in the islands of Indonesia…..

National and international consumer interest to choose traditional woven cloth made from natural materials. Making traditional woven cloth craftsmen, upgrade their  innovation to create the new colors from natural woven materials.

Traditional woven cloth 'Endek Alam' of  Tegak village, Klungkung, Bali developed material innovation such as natural color from noni, gintungan leafs, teak leaves and cang wood  to produce red color. Besides, also used to make brown color by cloves, mango leaves to produce  greenish color, and tree bark mango to producing green color. With natural colors innovation, is capable of creating traditional woven cloth ‘ Endek Alam ‘ with export quality.

‘ Rangrang woven cloth ‘ the pride of craftsmen in Nusa Penida Island. Traditional woven cloth made from natural materials such as wool and silk with terrific workmanship process. This Rangrang woven cloth is produced by traditional process. In this technology  period, Rangrang woven cloth is able to make itself as international tourist favorite. Traditional Rangrang woven cloth made from natural ingredients and traditional manufacturing process, capable of creating a Rangrang woven cloth in high quality, as consumers desire…..

Traditional woven cloth  innovations are also encountered in Kutai, East Kalimantan island. Dayak Benuaq successfully develop innovative ' Doyo ' plants  (Typical forest plants in Kalimantan island ) as a raw material fiber for woven cloth materials manufacturing ' Ulap Doyo', with motifs typical of  Dayak Benuaq (One of the ethnic in Kalimantan island). Traditional woven cloth 'Ulap Doyo'  has also been successful in attracting consumers from Europe. Hopefully European tourist increasingly interested in traveling to and request for ‘ Ulap Doyo ‘ traditional woven cloth from Dayak Benuaq, Kalimantan Island.

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