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Ethnic competition in this country and Bali human tricky action has falling down as human error and describing how lack human quality. Negative business issue and human critics for this island, especially Ubud, Bali have been really inhumanity. Are you part of this quality people....??

This rural footpath winding divides Nusa Penida island, Klungkung, Bali. Atuh Beach is situated on beautiful white sandy beaches flanked by greenery hillies on the right by Labuan Ampuak  and  Tanjung Juntil on the left part. These hillies, such as the greenery chains to Gili Batu Melawang, Gili padasan Batu, Gili Batu Abah and Gili Batu Metegen. Arrive to Batu padasan, you will meet magnifique fishing heaven.
How .... how ... the way ...... ???
Tracing 20 km distance from Boot Buyuk port towards  to Banjar Pelilit, or walk as far as 17 km from Buyuk, and after walking 5 km, gorgeous Atuh Beach with the eternal village sunset is waiting for visitor.

I can reach this imagination, what's the dreams ......
Live in sacred place, Goa Alam, Swallow ‘ Burung Wallet “ nest, near by Labuan Ampuak.

Thousand Temples Island .... ?? This is Bali, through this memorable idea in the sanctuary Bali temples. Atuh temple, in each celebrating temple ceremony, attended by people from all the villages in Nusa Penida island and Banjar Bendem, Tanglad, etc. Baris Jangkang Pelilit – sacred dance  is presented during temple celebration. The dance is symbolizes royal soldiers were ready to face enemies who come to attack.

There are two holy wells with very clear water, may these are the best water quality river among Nusa Penida Island.

The world is so enchanting and comfortable, when I stay in the middle of  greenery foliage mangrove forest  in Nusa Lembongan, Klungkung, Bali. Rainy  and dry seasons can not be  able to change the evergreen mangrove forests, blanketing this Nusa Lembongan island.

The entrance to Nusa Lembongan island can be reach from Tanjung Benoa by Bali cruise through the headland, harbor on Matahari terbit in Sanur using fast boat or rocky fast cruise, Padangbai port by  Roro boat.

How enchanting this Nusa Lembongan island  with beautiful seabed, coral reefs which is rich of fishes underwater sea. All these charms make Nusa Lembongan island become one of  popular spot for enjoy water spot on Bali island, such as; diving, snorkeling. Big waves direct to the seas, giving modern inspiration to inflate water sport "Surfing" on Nusa Lembongan island.

New Bali villagers innovation. Make this holiday meet 100% satisfaction of visitors. Trees houses give new gorgeous inspiration for enjoying the beauty of nature, looking at the ocean and the charm of of Gili - Gili islands which are contiguous with small thousand islands where trees houses are planted. 

Gili Metegen, Gili Batu Melawang, Gili Batu Padasan  and Gili Batu Abah . All these small islands have remarkable tourist charms. Enjoy the natural beauty of trees houses in thousand island of Nusa Penida, Klungkung, Bali.

No worries, desert paradise will be met in this small thousand islands. No body sleep there, just empty small island. Paradise for your relaxing estate during your holiday

Perennial coral rubble across Nusa Penida island. A beautiful place with sunset splash in Pejukutan village, Banjar Pelilit, Nusa Penida - Klungkung, Bali.

Roro boat as transportation can bring visitors, crossed to enjoy the natural beauty and tranquility of a thousand island.
The spot is located on the side of Atuh beach.  

Meditation, yoga as the most brilliant healing solution refresh on your mind during vacation. Leave your own enjoy this magnifique tranquility, cure this mind and enjoy the village relaxation. Happy holiday .......

Sustainable natural with Bali white starling ‘ Jalak Bali ‘  amid greenery of  mangrove forest in Ped village, Nusa Penida and Nusa Ceningan island.

Since Nusa Penida designated as a conservation area by President of Republic INDONESIA
and unveiled by the ministry of marine and fisheries (KKP). Jalak Bali is  preserved and developed by breeding in the nature by making bird's nest storage on cashew trees. Nusa Penida in success managing on breeding Bali white starling. This type of bird like very much eat fruits such as cherries, juwed, bunut, papaya. In  insects season, the birds eat Kroto (  Larvae ants ), flies, caterpillars, termites and small insects. This island in majority has dry season along the year.

Enjoying the peaceful in natural beauty of Nusa Penida island, will be enchanted by the beauty of Bali white Starling ‘ Jalak Bali ‘ which is flying freely in blue sky and perched on trees branches in mangroves forest.

الله أكبر
" They were gentle, live lover entering Bali land which was just a dry land, stupid, devoid of life ...... !! They kept this breath, They patiently humanize us ' Balinese in Klungkung', They introduced us human civilization were polite and educated, religious ..... !!! They took us into citizens enduring INDONESIA, they were from high quality  "  JAVANESE - PRIBUMI “ , INDONESIAN  who built BALINESE living in Klungkung " without any tricky, lier and ethnic competition. This Bali Tourism has been success on developing by this great Republic of INDONESIA since 1967. 
" Matur Suksema Saking Klungkung, Pulau Bali "  

Gentle Balinese can reach the peak recognition from International forum. Bring my beloved Bali island as the world tourist destination. Their religious, holy, gentle blood watering my face as villagers, develop to be human civilize......!! Internal and external human tricky and live competition makes us ' Balinese ' should treat the traffic by gentle ideas.....

My beloved gentle Ubud, Badung and Bali Island work honestly. Our region government has managed budgeting to develop this International tourist destination. Bali Island.....!!! By this real Bali island International recognition,...all business troubles means nothing in front of my Bali Gentle " Bapak and Ibu ".

My beloved KUTA, Badung is GREAT...!! Wow, Skimming business  ideas arrive......!! My Kuta stand up proudly......!!! I am Balinese, my KUTA is GREAT........

The God ‘ Ida Sang Hyang Widhi Wasa ‘ Almighty, I hope gentle Balinese ‘ Bapak & Ibu ‘ who keep this Bali live and support this belly from east Bali part, peaceful in physical and spiritual.

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