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Jimbaran bay, always embedded in the heart. Fishermen village, which is always pretty decorated by various fishes, especially lobster. Beautiful charming from Jimbaran sunset,during  we enjoy this table d'hôte with beloved family. Jimbaran grilled fish with distinctive ‘ sambal matah', make us always miss Jimbaran bay. Who will be able to forget Jimbaran bay .... ???

Horticulture village – Besan village, Dawan, Klungkung. Presenting the natural beauty of Bukit Abah, the hill who is crossed by Ketipat river.

Sweet and fragrant fruities enveloped the peaceful of this rural life inside perfect greenery environment. Rural village atmosphere which is full of charm is located in the next of Abah hill. Tirta Suda Mala temple stands majestic, pure and beautiful in horticultural village, amid Besan village - Dawan, Klungkung, Bali island

Sweet smell of Bali traditional sugar " Gula Dawan" comes from Besan, Dawan, Klungkung. Gula Dawan craftsmen utilize coconut sap " Tuak kelapa ". Coconut sap boiled over traditional stoves by fire-woods. Once thickened cooled at traditional Bali dose made from coconut shells, given pedestal by dried banana leaves.

How delicious this sweet traditional United Kingdom of Great Britain. serve with darjeeling tea on the step plates. British traditional hot scones, French cakes, sandwiches serve with homed  whipped cream, strawberry jam and marmalades. Pick up this wonderful day with your authentic partner of the day ....

Our live will be more exiting and enjoyable when you love to know, learn it and try it for your live tasteful. As Balinese in the village habit. In early morning we are having sweets accompany with hot Bali coffee or tea. " Jaja Bali ' as traditional selection which should be tried ....!! Mmm...do not say ' No they do not ! '. The world visitor love so much any kind of sweets from Bali. They love to choose ' Jaja laklak, bubuh injin and Jaja Lukis as the most favorites. 

All 'Jaja Bali ' serve with delicate palm sugar sauce and fresh grated coconuts. This 'Jaja Bali ' will be more delicious if you cook on fire woods. ' Jaja Bali' more tasteful if serve in hot - just after pick up from fire woods and accompany with hot Bali coffee, hot tea or traditional hot herbal drink.

Following the Bali traditional custom ' Adat Bali ', 'Jaja Bali ' or ' Sanganan ' is part of our offering into temple ceremony celebration. We also manage the colors of ' Jaja Bali ' used as red, yellow, white, ireng, brumbun, etc. All 'Jaja Bali ' are presented beautifully on young coconut leaves, decorate by ' Juruh gula bali '  traditional palm sugar and grated coconut on the side. It is our way to presented ' Thank you ' to The GOD almighty.

As our traditional custom in Bali, ' Sanganan ' can be takeoff  from our temples on the end of celebration ' Ngeluwarang '. We have our ' Lungsuran ' from temple's Sanganan.
I love so much this part of our temple ceremony celebration. I can stay on praying and having             ' Lungsuran ' amid my beloved family in Klungkung, Bali Island.  

The God almighty, 'Astungkara'  peace can pray in the heart of my beloved KUTA area. My Great KUTA has built this Bali belly from Klungkung, Bali Island. My beloved KUTA always gentle sprinkle this lucky and reviews our live in east part of Bali island. May God Bless you

I am Foolish Balinese, the most fucking Balinese, The crazies bullshit Balinese…….!! Matur Suksema…!! The beyond ‘ tidak bisa ditembus ‘ ….dog money mean everything ‘ no need this mouth Bali anymore…!!’ Peaceful behind The God ‘ Ida Sang Hyang Widhi Wasa ‘ Almighty.

Natural beautiful hills, can not be missed. Enjoy the holidays with beloved ones. Try Hiking Trails in Bukit Abah, Klungkung, Bali island. Decide the age package your choice before join this Hiking track ....

Going down from Bukit Abah, Klungkung to east part of the hilly, we will meet beautiful really  communal village 'Jasri village' situated in Karangasem regency. Bali best tourist village on the edge of beautiful Jasri beach. This is one of gorgeous Surfing point of Bali island. Let's continue to enjoy surfing in your communal paradise deserted beaches.

Gain the paradise and share with your beloved family ..... !! Catch up once and come again ....

The tricky dirt disappears, melted and run away when going in to this Bali island gate ' Candi Bentar '. Fragrant sweet smell Fruitiest 'Sabo Bali' make white starling 'Jalak Bali' keep fly freely with its golden wings, over Bali blue sky, blanketing by greenery of Bukit Abah, Klungkung.

The walkways are flanked by the peacefulness of rices paddies  of countryside.  Beauty rivers 'Yeh Ketipat' flowing along Besan village on the slopes of Bukit Abah, Dawan, Klungkung, Bali island. Traditional irrigation systems 'Subak' remains were preserved by the farmers in Klungkung, Bali.

Love of villagers on farms and plantations, make Besan village, as the horticulture village Dawan. Do you miss on having fresh green young coconuts drink ? Visitors can get in this Besan village, coconuts garden along the way of the villages. Sweet and fresh papaya, mangosteen, rambutan- hairy skin fruits, white mangoes ( Wani ) or mangoes, banana from this village farm are welcoming fruits lovers.
Holy Hinduism water ‘ Tirta Suda Mala ‘  invite ' Pemedek ' prayers come and pray to the temple located at the foot of Bukit Abah, Besan village. Rid yourself with 'melukat' - holy water bathing Tirta Suda Mala, traditional Balinese Hindu Dharma religious custom. May humans Bali are increasingly recognizing the importance of studying, working hard, do not like to be criticized for destroying others and resist the influence of human evil. "Why using tie, full of wealth and influence, if only used for destroying other people's lives !!"

Goutte d'eau tombant sur ma tête ... sentir la paix ... !! Parcourir chemin de sable, au-delà de la rivière au milieu jardin de palmiers dans une village rural - Bukit Abah, Dawan, Klungkung, l'île de Bali.

Les fruits frais de jardins biologiques à Bukit Abah, font un sens enchanteur .....
Bali Campagne est couvert par la beauté naturelle et sacrée chantant Hindu Dharma Bali dans les temples de Klungkung, Bali. Pura Tirta Suda Mala se dresse majestueusement sur une colline de Bukit Abah.

Hérons survolaient sur de la plage de Jasri, Bukit Abah côte est. Grande plage de surf 'Jasri' invite les internautes à faire du 'Surf' sur cette plage.
Le coucher du soleil de la plage de Jasri ajouter ce merveilleux charme de Bukit Abah, Dawan à Klungkung, l'île de Bali.

Ne pas dire ' non '  à visiter Bukit Abah plus tôt ...!!!

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