Wednesday, May 7, 2014

FROZEN WINDS.............

Balinese Need Quality Australian Support .......!!!!!

Sticky drug shaking on the head can't stop this MODE and breaking out this Blood....
Yeahhh......................Happy Birthday The Actor - Roger Danuarta, 
if you believe it and you will move on .......May God Bless You....
Yeahhhh.......Yesss.....Stop it....!!!

Surge drum sound evokes the young, the youth laughter from around the world every holiday party describe their fashion of young people. They had always choose KUTA - BALI.  Exotic Jewelries  to be collected, visiting night club and restaurant, trying various international quality innovation cuisine from the Chef.  
Cheers ..... there no ones will leave KUTA - BALI without enjoy their fabulous youth parties. Let's pumping.....and get the real life desire.....!! Describe your modern emotion by pick-up chilled Beer on this Miracle Basket with Bintang Beer, San Miguel Beer, Heineken Beer, etc

The babies cries in the midnight, dogs howled in pain caught rabies ..... impossible ..... the peak taste in nightmare!

Original Bali Adrenaline from Tipi Jabrik ( Indonesian Surfing Star - Mantra Kitchen & Bar, Jl. Raya Petitenget 77X, Bali / www.mantrabali.com ) Roared..., Slammed like the Ocean Waves ...........

Tinkling of wine glasses clashing sign the party started. Now Hatten wine - Bali Homemade wine has served in Bali. Red wine, White wine and Rose already producted. Come in .....and Try different flavors of Bali wine...!!!!

Cigarettes already can not be released by the youth of today. Indonesia has also been producing cigars are made ​​from tobacco with International quality Standards. Wide selection of flavored cigars waiting for you, find it and let's try it..............

Intellectual level of quality is achieved when the sense of grandeur wine, spirits, liqueur was found and cultivated in official or casual event.

The magnitude of the tsunami shut down the city of Tokyo, Japan in March, 2011. Traffic jammed, Great Flood, Politic & Economy troubles at Jakarta City!! That's Indonesia capital city, capital of my country. The most modern solution has been applied to address problems which found in the city.

Please ....Do not miss the International business news and solutions that introducing  for Indonesia in Jakarta, our beloved city by BANCOSWISS  magazine www.banco.ch ) 

Forward Indonesia – BANCO
Pondok Indah Office Tower 3, 17th floor
Jl. Sultan Iskandar Muda Kav. V-TA
Jakarta 12310
Phone : +62 21 29538993
Mobile : +62 821 10756156

Rahajeng nyanggra rahina Galungan lan Kuningan 
21 Mei, 2014 - 31 Mei, 2014

TJ's Mexican Bar & Restaurant:

TJ's Mexican Bar & Restaurant Kuta, Bali, Indonesia
Address: Poppies Lane 1/24, Kuta, Bali, Indonesia.
Phone: 361751093
Cuisine: Mexican.

TJ's is Bali’s original Mexican restaurant and is as popular today as when they opened the doors more than 28 years ago! Situated in and around a relaxing open tropical garden and soothing ponds in the heart of Kuta, TJ's is still serving both authentic and creative contemporary food of the highest quality. If you want a taste of Kuta history, you might just find it wrapped in an enchilada, served with a spicy salsa, and toasted with a margarita. The food at TJ's Mexican Bar & Restaurant is excellent, with a wide range of delicious starters and main courses including dips, nachos, buffalo wings, quesadillas, tacos, enchiladas, tostadas, fajitas, salads, and baked potatoes.

Bli Wayan & Bli Ketut
Tjs Enchilladas
Tjs Tacos
Tjs Fajitas


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