Saturday, May 3, 2014


Water dripping, flowing browse the graceful curve of the trunk. Sunlight to penetrate the green leaves. Butterflies fly always looking for the sweet nectar.
In this beautiful morning, open these eyes to step move on certainly and open the gates of grandeur beloved Indonesian archipelago

Thousands species of flowers thrive in the national parks, tourist interesting places, home residents. Orchid plants has become a favorite plant to be maintained and cultivated. The orchid lovers choose to innovate. Beauty of new colors and shapes that pretty much was born in my country Indonesia. Bandung, Surabaya, Jakarta as the center of innovation Indonesian orchids. In Bali island, orchids lovers growing-up. Housewife in Bali year after year has changed &  keep live as  orchids lover by taking care these beautiful orchids  in the garden of their home.

White and yellow color more attractive with a lasting fragrance. Bunga Cempaka / chrysolite  in Bali become a commodity for Spa amenities such as massage oils, essential oils, traditional soap, body scrub, body butter, etc.

Fragrant incense made ​​of chrysolite increasingly as the public favorite. Now, chrysolite is not only use for praying in the temple but also using as the main material for natural beauty product.

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