Sunday, March 16, 2014

Legend of Love, Kuta - Bali

Water droplets falling on my face, the cool breeze refresh my memory on a peaceful unforgettable story. The beach which is full of legendary stories - Kuta Bali, I definitely stepped over from yesterday ...........

Loves from all friends around are so beautiful in my heart ..... blow, cruel voice of the Bali bombing 2002 is not able to relieve the spirit and compassion of my friends to me. I always miss the joy hearts when working together! Small street in Legian, Kuta always inspired my dreams and prayers

The small street in Legian so captured the heart, silver & gold jewelry, with a modern design, made ​​of original material and carved by the hand of skilled traditional craftsmen.

Modern fashion trends have made Kuta - Bali as a tourist spot with stylish fashion national & international innovation and ready to serve all visitors in modern shop or boutique,  traditional art shop which are completed by their own modern merchandising.   

Modern songs decorate this afternoon from beach side road to penetrate small street in Legian Kuta
 Treat this my tired day with a cup of sweet local white coffee, i choose white coffee -  Luwak as my trend for this season.

When I was tired, I'd rather own the collection of the movies that I have. United movies has become my choice for a holiday. Another tastes of my beloved country - Indonesia, which presents many soap operas on television, artist news, culture comedy, etc. MMmm ....the Indonesian soap operas has made this live so enjoyable after spend all times in working place .......

The sweetness of honey bees back, when i was sitting on a white sandy beach froth at Legian - Kuta!! The wind let it fly freely ......please give a way to these beautiful pigeons. Please.... flying with a lasting peace that will never die!!!

Breaking down the lion fangs at the beyond, giving sanctuary peaceful stabbed heart ever!! Let this love grow along my Legian, Kuta .........

Traditional batik with soft sheen cultural characteristics of Java - Indonesia, implicit in the art of beautiful sheen Batik Java.

Value of high art engraved in traditional Balinese crafts. Traditional handicraft shop offering Indonesian culture has been available in Legian - Kuta, Do not miss it, make a note in your agenda when visiting Legian - Kuta.

This limp enveloped my body, I could not find where the center of my limp!! ... Hzhz ..... finally The doctors have to say 'stop jogging' ( blood pressure too low!! under normal condition !! ), jogging is  my actions which is scheduled every Sunday - on my day-off! Huzzzz ........ I must be absent and leave the habit to walk around  the village in all part of Bali by jogging ...! "Maybe i can ride a bicycle ....?? 'I said softly ....! ...... Ha..ha ....! Lying on the bed of my subscription spa. And I take1 hour Balinese massage, Wow ... feel comfortable throughout these muscles....!!

The Spa heaven can meet in this little Kuta spot! we can choose of them as your favourite for your body tretament during vacation. Natural touch with experienced therapist. Spa fishes is adorable natural spa to try. Please don't leave Kuta - Bali before you try the treatment.

Restore your health, added your knowledge of Kuta - Bali and learn the art of Indonesian culture which is full of charm. All summed up in the love story in a small space of this island - Kuta, Bali

Thank you,


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