Monday, September 7, 2015

One Dollar Two Rangda .....

Feeling like a dream when the natural  flavor of seaweed arrive into this mouth, chewing it slowly and get the taste. Enjoy fresh morning air on Nakula Street, Legian Kaja, Kuta - Bali.

Traditional market become an inspiration and the place where make me so miss to spend my time.   Traditional Indonesian ethnics dishes, as always presenting reasonable and full tasting of  Balinese and Javanese cuisines .... It's beautiful, unforgettable tasteful

The sound from the rainwater flow was going slowly watering the ways of Bali island. I was on the bus as a tour guide - French guide that  have tried since in the beginning. Fun and always traveling to all tourist interesting places in this beautiful Bali island .

Warmth, hospitality and nature of simple villagers welcomed us with our tourists groups brought by the guide. I gave an umbrella to all tourists in these group.

I was fascinated with fortitude Bali handicraft traders, proudly thrusting Balinese handicrafts "Sculpture carved wood" ... said, "One Dollar Two Rangda, please .... One Dollar Two Rangda, please .... !!!"  I was so happy to hear they offer it with exciting characteristic typical resident of  Bali Traditional village.

Love Bali live and met my earlier Paradise.....in my Bali island....!!

" Regarder ....regarder....looking...looking...!" natural idea from bali traditional trader - Bali art shops. I met easier just near by tourist interesting places in all part of Bali.

Today, Klungkung traditional market ready to serve the tourist from all part of the world, with beautiful Bali handicraft as traditional linen Endek, Songket, Brokat, Rangrang, traditional Bali bag, Bali painting with Kamasan painting typical style, Selongsong peluru " shell casing " in Kamasan village, completely available in our Klungkung traditional market.

We wait for your visit.......

Bienvenue à l'ile de Bali, Indonésie
Hip...Hip...Hip..Hula....Moi, rester juste à côté l'ile de Java, Indonésie

Thank you, 

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