Thursday, July 16, 2015


Moving on and this stepped surely, toward to my beloved home ..... this time to celebrate Galungan and Kuningan Day. I feel comfortable while traveling in comfort and reasonable bus provided by Bali region government "Sarbagita Badung- Bali". 

Emmmm ....... I can rest along the way towards from Badung regency to Gianyar regency, continue travel to my origin region - Klungkung, Bali..... make beautiful child dreaming without threat of thieves, robbers or muggers, my Bali in peace forever peace.....
I open the door while saying "Om Swastyastu ...." My heart is happy to see my home and my parents. All the fatigue and stress from daily working is lost and disappear into the earth. I will celebrate Galungan day with family.

"Eoong .... Eoong .... !!!" my Manis ( Cat's name ) voice from the corner of my home. I say "How are you my dear ... ??" My Manis come with softly  and it love so much its son. The coat color throughout the body is very beautiful, there is golden yellow, white spots in the middle. Let's dance together to treat my miss to my Manis .... !! Hip.... Hip....Hip .... .....

I closed my eyes, customary families courtesy ' family etiquette '  are still preserved well in my home. We always talk with polite Balinese in daily and doing this live politely. I am happy, my family is getting stronger to keep working culture, they are diligent, pretty, handsome and know how to find solution for this live “ Mmmm…..human civilization has upgraded…!!”. I have not forgotten how hard my pretty grand- parents resume family life. They were very neat, pretty, handsome and loved the cleanliness and beauty of the house.

Galungan day celebration begins with Mejejahitan / offering preparation. Special offerings of Klungkung, Bali, we have different peculiarities with other districts on this Bali island.In variety of canang / offering ( Made from young coconut leafs ' Busung'  ) :  canang meraka , canang sari, canang payasan, canang yasa, canang wangi, bersihan and base sloyohan, canang ajengan & soda, plaus bayuan, lamak and gantung – gantungan, etc. We prepare offerings for family temple ' Sanggah ' and Bale Dangin. We also decorate our home and temple with  pengangge / wastra before Galungan day. My home is more comfort decorated with traditional Balinese linen, especially traditional ‘Prada’ linen. Prada linen as one typical handicraft of villagers in Satria / Paksebali Village, Klungkung - Bali.

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