Friday, April 10, 2015

Bali & Java, Indonesian Quality ...

Beloved country in natural heaven, Indonesian archipelago. Friendly - hearted souls of Indonesia's become an inspiration to continue innovation based on modern technology . Simple lifestyle in diverse ethnic, cultural, regional languages enrich the national culture of Indonesia. Walisongo Moslems are the majority Moslem population of Indonesia who loved farming, cooking and simplicity. Gentleness and courtesy Indonesian women are able to create life peaceful.
May The Lord Blessing along Your Way.........

 Guten morgen, 
Madame, Herr, Bienvenue en Indonesia
Please find the most modern Indonesian innovation for this decade in Bali island and J-Town, Jakarta City, Indonesia

Danke Schoen.......

Roger's Steak & Grill Restaurant

The lasting love of this life born on this paradise island, Bali as a the world tourist destination. The tourist visiting the island to restore health, enjoy the culture and the arts in Bali Hindu society.

Mutual positive life relationship grows between the nations.Domestic and overseas tourists show up their concerned, attention  with the life of Bali population
surrounding . Various donations life was held as the way of awareness of fellow human beings. There need be no serious conflict if we always appreciate each other and respect our fellow human beings in this world.

Softly  white haze enveloped this country, Indonesia from Bromo Mountain, Eastern tip of Java island. Interwoven pearl gently interwoven like love  bridge towards island of the Gods, Bali.  
Let us enjoy the natural beauty of East Java to Ubud, Bali, Indonesia !! 

Ubud, Bali with Balinese village life fashion thickable to inspire visitors imagination with its natural beauty, the grace of almighty of the God. Natural water rhythm from Ayung river bring unmatched grandeur tranquility.

Amid the art village, Ubud Bali and beautiful Ayung river. We introduce Balinese home 

" Beji Ubud Resort "
 as the palace to rest while your vacation, the palace to celebrate your special day " Wedding party ceremonial ", the palace of your Honeymoon, etc.

Natural beauty of East Java and Ubud, Bali should be your choice .......

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