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Ohhhwwzzz ... do you want to eat fast and cheap vegetables dish ... ?? Let take advantage to sauté fresh vegetables. Young banana flowers can be used as ingredients of sauteed vegetables. Cleaning the flowers pistil, then salty for 30 minutes until withered. After that we rinse it and flush with boiling water.

Chopping onions and garlic into pieces, cayenne pepper halved, salt, add fish sauce " Raja Rasa " as additional  flavor. Sauté banana flowers can be added  to stir shrimp or seafood.  

Happy cooking ......

Simple life atmosphere in my home, Klungkung, Bali. Keeping life with cooking talent on mixing natural seasoning "Base genep". The young & small banana stem " Gedebong " is used as ingredient  to make            " Jukut Ares ". Salt sown after cutting the stems, leave it about 30 - 60 minutes until tender and finally rinse it. 

In my home- Klungkung, Bali, cooking "Jukut Ares" has become our family tradition when celebrating Galungan day, temple ceremony in family temple or Paibon. " Jukut Ares "  as a part of our offerings in the temple.

" Jukut Ares " cooked with meats of pork, duck or chicken. The taste will be more delicious and nutritious when we mix it with " Balung or Kikil babi / Pork bones

" So pasti lezat dan nendang rasanya......!! Sekeras tendangan si Kikil Babi...!!! "  Hee......hee....!!

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"Boiled Suweng " is really delicious served by pretty Ibu from Payangan village Ubud, Bali. It is the real natural delicious with natural sweet taste of tubers during chew. Yes ... similar as boiled breadfruit / buah Sukun. It is the exact wonderful times to enjoy it during rainy season along with hot tea / coffee.

Banana weevil, one vegetable is  used as " Lawar bali" . Picking up banana weevil  from the garden, cleaned, cut it into small pieces /shredded  banana weevil  " Tek - tek" / Mebat " (Sliced with classical Bali methods) " and boiled. The tradition of cooking banana weevil become part of my grandfather vegetables creations in Sampalan kelod village, Klungkung, Bali, during his life. 

Mixture shredded  banana weevil, shredded of meat (Pork, chicken, beef, chopping bees from honeycombs, turkey meats, duck meat, rabbit meats or seafood either) and Bali seasoning will create fantastic taste of " Lawar Bali". Drop of lime juices for refresh the mixtures will be more exotic. 

"Pusuh Biu" / Banana flower has become favorite vegetables by  Balinese society. When I was a little very often cooking that dish with my grand-parents.  It was combined  with "Balung Bakar" / grilled liver and intestine meats..

Before cooking, "Pusuh Biu", the first section, we  baked until tender and continue to cut it in small pieces. Usually grand-parents' cooking vegetables with coconut milk from the origin grated coconut and mix it with Bali seasoning "Base Genep" and finally pour into grilled chicken meat " Balung Bakar "

It was really unrivaled delicious and enjoyed together amid the simple rural life in Sampalan kelod village, Klungkung - Bali .

Various types and flavors of banana can be encountered in traditional Bali market. The customs of  Hindusm in Bali require to present daily offerings to the temple. Banana is part of sacrificial  Balinese Hindu religion offerings.

Bananas are also useful as new baby born meals. In early 6 months birth, the baby start eating fibrous foods, especially mashed of green bananas / pisang hijau.

Pastimes community in Bali, especially in Klungkung, Bali is more attracted  to eat boiled bananas and rice cakes (cakes which is used as offerings to the temple). Bananas are also used as modern cake flavor or rice cakes either. " Pisang raja "  with distinctive sweet flavor is able to provide fresh and sweet taste of modern cake.

Fried  Banana " Pisang goreng  - 
揚げバナナ" of  " Pisang raja " is more agreeable  when we serve with  " Natural Juruh Gula merah  / palm sugar sauce" .

Come to Bali traditional markets or supermarkets, select one of them to bring it  home .... !!

Banana leaf has vital function in our life because in Hinduism  ceremonies we need it to make offering. When we finish cooking in the kitchen, delivery daily offerings to the temple " Mebanten Munjung " as rule of gratitude to the GOD - Ida Sang Hyang Widhi Wasa that has been given to us.

  Cake & Bali traditional culinary , many wearing banana leaves as wrapper. also will make the dishes more fragrant than usually. In simple buffet, beautiful banana leaves decoration made by mothers / Ibu - Ibu  in Klungkung, Bali.

In this modern innovation age, banana leaf has been utilized as traditional spa. Traditional Scrub of bananas mixed with other natural materials utilized as body scrub with flowers fragrance and present new scrub with bananas perfume. Banana leaf serves to cool and overcome the fatigue wrap in all parts of the body.

Dried banana leaves / Keraras utilized as traditional fried / snack wrapper (Chips, rengginang, dodol ketan, etc.), now used as crafts material made by student in Bali, or craftsmen. Even into uniform of Baris dance in Nusa Dua, Bali ( BTDC Nusa Dua Bali  ). 

Imagine how great the function of banana leaf for our lives in Bali island......!!!!

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