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WHY I SHOULD STAY ....................

Thank you so much... Dear ......at Cook Island - South Pacific Ocean and enjoy to read it. Invite you to continue reading  this Balinese articles.....!!!

" Bonjour mon bibou.......prendrez un café s'il vous plaît.....! et puis pour le dimance viendrez chez moi pour fair le dejeuner ensemble.....!!" the most respect words i got from all my schoolmate in Lausanne......!! How happy i was when they provided great red wine for our lunch.......!! They said, 
 " Vien venue a notre fete .....c'est le vin rouge de nous avec le plus bon qualite de notre pays...!! "

It was fantastic and intellect live experience when i was in the middle of my intellect schoolmate in western live style Lausanne City - Switzerland................

Indonesia has the intellect of youth in social activities within the organization PROFAUNA Indonesia (www.profauna.net) which is engaged in the protection of endangered wildlife throughout the territory of Indonesia. The Intellect Youth in Indonesia spare their time by studying at the Universities  with the international quality system.The most of it live in JAVA island......

The head office of this organization:
PROFAUNA Indonesian Society
Jl. Raya Candi II No. 179
Klaseman, Malang Karangbesuki 65 146
Phone. +62 341 570033
Fax: +62 341 569506
Email: profauna@profauna.net

Founder and supporter ironic that the majority of Indonesian Islamic religion is the basis of this organizational culture. Intellect Islamic culture preserved in this organization shows the quality of the modernization of the Indonesian nation. applied science that is the basis of this organizational culture, innovation based biological sciences, agriculture, medicals, etc. It should be emphasized that Muslims who founded this organization is not hardline, they likes to live in a civilized and educated life, social life and not do a high anti to the discovery of innovative Scientists Western Nations ............

Violence and crime because people circled the pride, anti-development and education as well as damaging the dress culture, friendly - nation characters of Indonesian

From the sources that I read, the founder Hatten wines is a Winery originating from Bali - Mr. Ida Bagus Rai , introducing Hatten wines in 1994 as the first and only true Balinese Winery .....

Hatten Wines plantations located along the north coast of Bali ( Buleleng Regency ). Hatten wines using black and white local grapes in their wine production.

Since the retreat does not have a period of 'sleep' so Hatten wines can produce the wine along the years.
Hatten wines produced with the collaboration of the Australian wine makers and the owner of Bali wine.

Modernization of tourism development in Bali will be even more formidable with creative Initiative is more up to date ...........
( www.hattenwines.com )

Habit "sense of value - nilai rasa / treat people with social status - economy based!! " has made ​​a remarkable complexity of life on this Bali island !! Corruption, Connection  in recruitment, individual life and growing up with  lazy into this crazy habit. Modernization of tourism to boost tourism and civilization in the world not to make and build Balinese to be  " Pangling or Arrogant....!!! " 
Freeman, prostitution , female delinquency, individual, competition and life bosses for not modernizing Bali, but the destroyer of life in Bali. Science one becomes the central point in being with others ......

In 2005, I started my footsteps on the island of my Bali .... !! I was very happy to be joined with all friends who have social skills, professional in restaurant service hospitality and cheerful all the day at TJ'S Mexican Bar & Restaurant, Kuta existing on Jl.  legian - Kuta from 1984 . I will never forget with TJ's Families, I always desired to have "  spring roll " together with Ibu  Made Jane & keeping cheerful with all friends and Bli Wayan krisna lane .......

TJ's Mexican Bar & Restaurant
Poppies lane 1 No. 24
Kuta, Bali - Indonesia
Phone: (62-361) 751 093
email: info@tjsbali.com

This season, I stepped back amid modernization incredible of surfing trend. Surfers working hard in day to day build the reputation of surfing in Bali. Now I can share in its development because of the great work of the surfers. Let's Go surfing ......and greatest joyful holiday with chilled beer selection : Bintang, San Miguel, Carlsberg, Heineken, etc  and of course ...the most favorite chilled soft drink........

On Sundays I rest at the beach. Following the match, which was held at the legian beach - Kuta. But because of fatigue, I can not run fast again, yesterday I was not aware .......during  break on the sands of Kuta beach, under the thick foliage of the trees in the forest beach, " Sleeping Mom......!!! " This is my way, Free....no suck....stress..???? Bye......i don't care..!!!! Uppps ...... I was surprised there were two dogs fighting, closed to me and awaking up me ................... 
 Maybe they're dog's expression to the land of Kuta - Bali .... He .... He ..... ........
No worry, you can fuck me, shit me but you should know....i don't have money.....!!

Green leaves swaying gently in the middle of natural beauty of  mangrove trees. Kuta area in modern times has been overgrown with mangrove forests should be preserved from the action of business player who does not care to the nature.

Traveled in the mangrove forests of Kuta - Bali is a scheduled by tourists who come to Kuta - Bali. Culiner tourism is growing in this part of Bali.

Modernization in the art of music, handicrafts, water sports is growing along with the development of human civilization in the region of Kuta - Bali in our Hindu Dharma Bali religion custom.
Build innovation Bali tourism legislation and regulations in the region of Kuta - Bali.

 Criminal.....??? Drug......??? Prostitution...??? These are the risks to develop  this Bali tourism.....!!

Small canape will be more delicious when served with a cold alcoholic beverages such as wine, beer, etc. A glass of Glenfiddich or other spirits that will add to the fun of your fabulous party ......... Enjoy your golden vacation at Kuta - Bali , invite your friends to choose the best beverages and sitting down at the bar corner. Enjoy relaxing under sunset of  Kuta ...... !!!

Smirnoff is a brand of vodka owned and produced by the British company Diageo.
In Bali, we can find any brand of vodka with a line of 22 flavored vodkas with the "Twist" moniker appended on the end of the name have also been introduced. Flavors include Green Apple, Orange, Cranberry, Raspberry, Citrus (Lemon), Vanilla, Strawberry, Black Cherry, Watermelon, Lime, Blueberry, White Grape, Melon (Honeydew/Cantaloupe), Pomegranate, Passion Fruit, Pear, Peach, Pineapple, Mango and most recently Coconut, Whipped Cream and Marshmallow
All the choice can be found at supermarkets, bar & restaurant around of Bali, please ask to your waiter/ss and recommended.............
IT Manager ( Wayan Oka Satriawan  )

Yang.....sayangku....Rp.5,000,- untuk kacang kriuukkkknya.........( Lagu buat Do'i...) !! Tyang wantah nak luh saking desa,  B'li Wayan bagus...................!!! 

  Courtesy, respect life is part of my life & my home etiquette in the village of Bali. I love my family etiquette and my family life style, my own home cultural dress based on my mode for continue this story..............

Thank you,

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