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 Tapestry roses welcome visitors with the natural fragrance of cider crown. Pink softness welcome joy.  

Hypnotic pat brought settlers to the Canggu, Dalung, Kuta - Bali, publications cornering sincerity Balinese women ( Balinese with Hindu Darma Bali Custom )  has been not relevant because of working hard and keep praying to Ida Sang Hyang Widhi Wasa.

Coolness of nature, natural panoramas, green gardens and natural areas surrounding of  Strawberry Farm in Bedugul,Tabanan - Bali. In this Strawberry Farm , visitors can pick their own strawberries and learning to choose sweet and delicious strawberries from the farmers.

Closely  to this strawberry farm, we can also enjoy various of dishes made ​​from strawberries and enjoy the exotic fruit flavors of this beautiful and delicious strawberries. Luwak coffee is also fairly easy and cheap to get in the cafes near this strawberry farm at Bedugul - Tabanan, Bali. Lovely days with beautiful strawberry farm




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Ocean waves in coastal rock of Tanah Lot temple at Beraban Village, Kecamatan Kediri, Kabupaten Tabanan - Bali, adding dignity and sacredness of the temple. At the time of high tides make it like a lot of land temple at the center of the ocean. Balinese Hindu Dharma community always do praying in this Tanah Lot temple. This temple is much visited by tourist from all part of the world and even join a prayer Bali Hindu Dharma, we are praying together.

Complexity of life, the lust arrogant ambition, supernatural powers and Bererong of entrants to the Kuta area are not able to destroy the temple sanctity and majesty of Tanah Lot temple.

Traditional music - Gamelan Bali  "Gong Gede" invite the tourists to take a break after busy with their working day and tense competition in a variety of life.

Selecting handicrafts made ​​by Balinese hand with reasonable prices, it is very easy to find in the boutiques in Bencingah area of the temple. The places to take a break are provided food and fresh beverages also available in the temple parking area. Enjoy your traveling in Tanah Lot Temple Tabanan, Bali 

 Tropical forest in Botanical gardens - Bedugul, Tabanan more dazzling with natural birds melodies, multicolored of funny butterflies sucking nectar of flowers.  

Bali Butterfly park in Banjar Sandan Lebah, Wanasari, Tabanan - Bali. There are 15 species of butterflies preserved from all over of Indonesia in Butterfly Park. This butterfly park is the only one park, we have in Indonesia.

The park not only as a place to breed once but also the place of captivity for purposes of scientific knowledge and the study of education. Here we also can see the cocoon.

Let's go and choose the ... collection ornaments made from insects, scorpions and beetles. Butterflies dried and packed in glass, key chain from insects, etc. Very stunning natural beauty of the eyes and gives a natural charm like there is no other can replace........

As far as these eyes can see and the heart swishing see the beautiful scenery of terraced rice fields in the area of Jatiluwih, Tabanan district. Beautiful Temples, Simple houses add to the coolness of the heart in the cold weather.

Jati means the real and meaningful of luwih is beautiful, Jatiluwih mean really beautiful. Jatiluwih are nominated in  UNESCO list of world heritage. Subak is a traditional irrigation system which is based on culture and society. Subak temple built for the goddess of fertility and prosperity goddess.

Brown rice is fragrant and delicious ( The most favorite rice on my own recipe )  become the main result of Jatiluwih. This place is preserved as tourist attractions and places of Bali farmers to innovate in agriculture

Appetizing fragrance of coffee fans. Tiny granules - red and black grained  protruding from the thick leaves of coffee trees invites travelers to pass through Pupuan, northern of Tabanan, Bali, these districts are heading to Singaraja. Fresh air is able to brush up exhaustion of urban activity.

Typical cuisine of Pupuan can be enjoyed in the afternoon at about 4 pm
" EntilThis is the type of diamond that is typical of its wrapped in leaves " nyelep "  (the seller) .Similar like turmeric leaf - the texture but does not smell. The manufacture of flat diamond wrapped with leaves " nyelep"  this will result in a soft rice cake and light green.

" Entil "  is cooked using the traditional way by making use of a wood-fired coffee is fairly easy to find by in this area. Wood-fired coffee is pretty good and durable. The scent produced also makes the food so much more enjoyable......

So funny continue life story in my home , Bali - Indonesia. Corruption, KKN in working place become great trend, and the worse words ever...." Hey, are you Balinese?  Are you secretary? Secretary should know how to make the letter ? ...!! " So funny people around me just come  to Bali with family money and un respect my quality support!! They don't understand hospitality!! ...just follow the instruction from crazy idea, Hi.....looks so stupid!!! I cannot find outsider respect my support to build their money in Bali.....!! Mmmm....become natural shelter.....!! He....he.....just go out from their mouth.......!!!

Wooowww ...... heartburn, burning pain and bloating came sign my maag recurrence !! Disease relics of the school was so heavy but I'm grateful, my study ..... when school so lovely and enjoy .... !!!

Should be treated by eat something. One of the favorite dishes is Balinese society "Steam rice with lawar & grilled pork stew roll".
Gastronomy pork produce a distinctive flavor and crispness of meat. The right herbs seasoning bearing  an incredible sense of Bali. 
Kriuukk, crisp crackers ...... kriuukkk of pork. Processed and salty to produce a soft and tasty crackers. Tender and salty meat of bali sausage, a major production of pork.

Sugar snakes fruits  ( Buah Salak Gula ) are derived from one type of fruits production from  Pupuan - Tabanan, Bali. Naturally sweet fruit flavors, refreshing fruit is loaded with vitamin C. Sugar snakes fruits have been marketed almost overlooks throughout the traditional market in Bali and also supermarkets are located in Badung Regency.

Mangosteen fruits ( Buah Manggis )  with regular harvest season is also produced by the fruit farmers of Pupuan - Tabanan, Bali. Sweet natural taste with white fruits flesh, and in modern times Mangosteen rind is used as herbal medicine of cancer.

Let's visit the garden of Sugar snakes fruits and Mangosteen orchard in Pupuan - Tabanan, Bali. Searching  farmers experience in fruits cultivation and pick up ones directly at the garden ...!!!!
Good luck ........!!!!

Beautiful color, fragrant aroma adds the beauty of the botanical gardens at Bedugul in Tabanan - Bali. Innovation and cultivation of orchids has become a program in this park. Various types of orchids and soft natural colors give its own charm.

Make outbound schedule with school friends or working friends  to enjoy the beautiful of orchids park and increase our insight in orchids cultivation.

Bedugul Botanical gardens is waiting for your visit ...........!!!

Thank you,

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