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Lovina Beach - Singaraja, Bali 

Great honest brother " Bli Nyoman Budiarta - Mobile no : 0813 38573468 - Peguyangan, Singaraja, Bali.

The origin life in the time of megalithic community Singaraja still implicit in the art of building houses, weaving cloth Sembiran village, sub-district Tejakula, 30km from the town of Singaraja RegencyJulah village, Tejakula in 29km from the town is still keep traditional megalithic building houses, Sacred Baris Dance, Traditional weaving cloth typical Singaraja.    
The origin life style has always been my inspiration, charming that always make me proud to be  Balinese.

Singaraja botanic farms are arranged well as luxurious boutique which is waiting for visitor and ready with colorful of their own diversion. My eyes going through this magnifique land, fragrant coffee beans, exotic vanilla, delicious salmon,crunchy cocoa, the king of intellectual vineyard grow up well in this part.

These botanic origin boutique will much introduce the most spectacular taste of experimental. The most elegant presentation on modern innovation food will be found. Get the chance to make new things for this modern century, promoted and you will get it...................

Ngusaba Bukakak
Ngusaba Bukakak is one of culture and tradition of Hindu community in Singaraja which remain to this at the time of this modern century. Ngusaba Bukakak ceremony was held in Sangsit Village, District of Sawan, Singaraja, Bali. The main purpose of this ceremony appeal to Sang Hyang Wasa Widhi in manifestation  as a fertility goddess of fertility to be given to the farm and the crops that abound.
The ceremonial procession is held in April at BC calendar or on the full moon calendar sasih kedasa, Bali.

Ritual Agung Briyang
The ceremony is a tradition in the old village communities Sidatapa, Singaraja - Bali. The ceremony was held to expel spirits - demons.

Preservation of culture and tradition as a picture of the love of society Singaraja - Bali on Balinese culture, in modern year. How beautiful and high quality of life the community in Singaraja Regency  - Bali Island.....!!!

Working to build economic life, living in a religious ceremony customs and culture of Bali, improve education to improve quality academic skills as a worker and build discipline teenager with competent skills. Our time is very precious in Bali and ceremony is not for disrupted the operational company in Bali and not as the reason to make the company's operations become not conducive - Bali residents set the time of our lives to make a living, keep Bali traditions obligation and culture as our spiritual needs.

Wayan Oka Satriawan - IT Manager

Going abroad for working, find life and grateful to the God for meet nice family who bring me to their home and treat my live. This is the way to build my future and what Ida Sang Widhi Wasa send to me. This is my way to be independent .....

Helping my family and never have any idea to be second Zorro of people who has wife & kids at their own home neither. Or only listening Screaming from lazy & crazy people around of me.........

As normal human and obligation of Hindu Dharma Religion, Balinese lady should get married at adult age.
But i am not very important Balinese Lady....i find my way, treat this live, find live every where as solution but i never ignore my Bali Custom, Culture & Tradition. My idea is for me and my future.

Attention please....., there is tsunami sirens exercise across the street.... Hurry up.....,  
Hurry up.... and Jump .......!!!!

People from all over the world traveled to the island of Bali to relax, enjoy the beauty of nature, the taste of food, art and culture of Bali is increasingly popular with the public world.
Dearest......, inviting all creative students / creative teens  from schools or universities , Experts, Retired in all parts of the world, welcome to visit and conduct research in Singaraja Botanic farm, the research will be included the aspect of  agriculture, marine, art, Bali century ancient history, etc..

Lush green hills in the background of  Les waterfall in Tejakula village and Gitgit waterfall in Gitgit village, Sukasada districts.

Sidatapa village is one of the old village in bali with characteristic rectangular shape of the building and the house is divided into 3 parts: Jeroan, Jaba Tengah, Bencingah.

The blowing wind going through and hit frangipani flowers, enjoy relaxing in the heaven holiday under Bali sunny. Natural fragrance covering the face and rubbed the body with natural herbs from Bali farm. Fresh coconut milk, fresh avocado, cheerful carrot, fresh cucumber, exotic coffee, pretty cocoa, fresh lime, glesel galangal or ginger and many more, naturalness from  the true natural beauty of Singaraja - Bali Island ............

Menyali Village, Sawan Sub-district, Singaraja Regency, Bali  where is a craftsman tools made ​​of aluminum. Aluminum craft supplies equipment made ​​in various ceremonies of Hindu Dharma Religious. 

Yesterday, craft aluminum Singaraja Regency marketed to the public purposes of Bali only and today the demand for exports has been served. Aluminum export market has reached the United States, the Netherlands, Spain, Australia, Africa, etc.

Rich traditional design of Bali art life, make this handicrafts more functions in the life of the Hindu community in Bali.
Pottery Singaraja need attention from their own Region Government and also dealer dedication to build small communities in rural economy ......!!!
Craftsmen waiting for help from the public who are interested in pottery Singaraja, Bali ...... suksma .....!!

Yesterday crispy grilled pork stew and duck betutu always accompany me on my holiday in Ubud , Bali .....
If i continue to walk to the north part of Bali - Singaraja Regency, here also keep a variety of typical food delicacy of Singaraja as Blayag with Jukut buangit become favorite food of the seasons.
Anchovy / Sudang Lepet , delicate Sate Kakul more inviting appetite which can be combined with   Jukut Undis     ( Black bean vegetables ) and Sambal Bongkot . Balinese salads that contain lots of vitamin C can be found in the fruits salad -  Rujak of Singaraja, Bali. let's try the taste of Singaraja Regency, Bali .........

Develop ..... develop ..... develop ....!!!  Balinese in Singaraja Bali - North part of Bali Island has passed  a difficult period that must be treated from year to year, The world war has gone, we are integrated together as part of Republic Indonesia. Transmigration, Agriculture development, industry and in modern century should face great modern criminal action as drug syndicate, youth abuse, culture moving from foreigners bad boys or mixture married with foreigner bad boys and of course great life troubles from wildness of Balinese own habit to be great sickness in Bali island.    

Masih ingat Kota Surabaya ??? Kemarin pengedar narkotika merusak disana, Business PSK menjamur. Sekarang hal ini juga sudah mempengaruhi anak muda Buleleng dengan kenakalan  remaja yang cukup tinggi. Tertariknya kawin campur dengan " Brandalan & Pengangguran  Asing"  juga menambah kesakitan pemuda. Budaya korupsi di Pemkab daerah membuat ekonomi masyarakat semakin terpuruk. Kebiasaan masyarakat makin berkwalitas rendah dengan isu - isu politik meluas serta isu hidup gampang dari calo tanah, menciptakan masalah hidup yang luar biasa....!! Semoga berguna........

Hi, Yan.....kenapa Bulelengnya bela si babi.....????

Thank you, 

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