Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Ibu Bali ( Balinese Mom...), I Love You..................

Ibu......, I Love You.................!!!
The way keep live in my Klungkung, Bali 
Balinese Mom..., be honestly spend their time for working, religion and social live in Bali! Balinese social custom keep very well until to the recent, because the strong attempt of our Balinese Mothers

From my deep heart would like to say great thank you very much for your love. I will try to  continue your habit until close my eyes in my Bali, Amazing social live would covering my live melodies........
I love you and May God Bless You......................

Goa lawah temple, Bali

Balinese Mother bring some sands from the river

Working hard, bring stone, sand to customers as solution for Balinese Mom...!! Others,  think it is crazy and too much.....and hate Balinese husband who never want to give money for their family live or Balinese doesn't want to develop and educate our self!!! Yesss....there is no office competency in this Balinese live situation, only try to get a plate of rice in daily live.

We should accept reality of our live in numerous economy level. They are married for continue to bear new family and Balinese couple try to take responsibility of their kids. She works hard because Balinese Mother really love her family....!! No ones can accept poorness, but Balinese should face it...as the caused of the World war, Communist war, and Gunung Agung Mountain Eruption which destroyed  Balinese live since 1962....Try harder if we want to continue live until to this modern century...........2014

Balinese Mother as farmers

Balinese Mother working in traditional market

He...he... try to get " A Blanjan" ( Try to get some money for daily shopping ), they are working as " Tukang suun " ( Assist customers to bring their goods in traditional  market ! ). This solution much ...much better than keep live as criminal, prostitution, make live competition or ethnic competition, keep pretty & trendy by grab business man / sell herself / Just Sleeping with partner without married before and bear crazy little animal corp and damage competitor by media television/ newspaper/ internet, or catch competitor by Drug.......  

Balinese Mother working as seaweed farmers on the sea

Tanah lot temple 

Thank you, 

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