Monday, April 15, 2013

A Pinch of Mist

Payangan village mist

Ohayogozaimasu........!! Welcome to Payangan, Ubud - Bali

It was 06.00 O'clock in the morning. I put my eyes in the middle birds melodies and greenery from productive rice paddies. Villagers tried to walk faster hoping could arrive to traditional market soonest with all goods on their head to be sell to customers ( Nyuun : put goods on the head )

Ubud, Bali mist

Ayung river, Ubud, Bali

Paradise calm covering Payangan village ( North part of Ubud, Bali ). In modern century, villagers in this village much learn and change to be the real human by upgrade their education ( Mmmm......treat human wild by education ) . They never strong with modernization from the earth. In daily working in the school, they have used computer for their task obligation. " Magnifique...!!!" surrounding of this village meet me to the real heaven.

Balinese villager, Payangan, Ubud - Bali
Natural water falling down to Ayung river valley. The flowing through this village until to the end of the land. Village forest is kept well by villagers and Payangan district government has managed well with their real planning. Social youth balinese organization take responsibility on cultivate Payangan forest regulary along the year. ( It is private balinese initiative ).

Payangan bamboo forest, Ubud - Bali

Wow........looks!!! Pretty bird passing my head It is great present from Ida Sang Hyang Widhi Wasa ( Balinese God ). The little ones dancing freely on the side of the white ones. I could not close my eyes for this natural sensational.

Kokokan, Ubud - Bali 

Rindik ( Bali traditional music ) treat  this emotion moving down perfectly. Green frogs never tired to sing song along the evening. They stay comfortable in the middle of stone and fish pond. They are so cute as kiddies call their parents proudly.

Payangan village stay on the hill of Batukaru mountain, in the middle direction going to kintamani. Through 1.5 hours travelling would arrive at kintamani and enjoy sunrise in early morning.

Ulundanu temple, Kintamani

Kintamani volcano, Bali

Ehhh....... i would never leave batubulan village before enjoy Barong dance. We could put on our travelling list for this program before going to Payangan village. Hand made balinese souvenir have arranged for all visistors at traditional ubud market ( Ubud center ) or Sukawati traditional art market.

Barong Dance, Batubulan - Bali 

Payangan village, wait for me.........i would come back to visit you again. Love you................

Thank you,

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