Wednesday, March 6, 2013


Sunset, Kuta Beach 
Manggrove, Bali

Om Swastiastu......

Blue paradise .......has brought the stories. Beautiful eyes would never close without its smile. Why import wind just stay and lay down, damaging this real paradise, KUTA - Bali???

Uluwatu Temple, Bali
Leading Regency in Bali - Badung Regency has given fragrant  incense for this island. Stronghold balinese spirit from Badung Regency has built Bali as the most favourite tourist destinatination in the world. Kuta, Seminyak, Sanur build all moril and spiritual Bali tourism foundation since 1967.

Bali offering

Original balinese innovation bring- up Legian, Kuta from the dark giant evil attack in 2002 ( Bom Bali 1) to be better and get Bali as diamond tourism among the world . Modern Indonesian innovation has been success to build the greatest treatment for Legian, Kuta. Mmmm.......i could answer the question by " Yes, it is..!!!" when outsider ask me, " Do you think Kuta is still safe?? Import shooter at Legian, Kuta ???" I could answer " It is human willingness action as Bom Bali 1 2002! ( Import bom from outsider criminal!...Import shooter either!!! ) " And proudly to commemorate that we are Indonesian,
" Merdeka.....Merdeka.....Merdeka.....!!!"  Kuta has stronghold district government system. They ( Criminal )  never could terminate their ( District government) attempt to observe and try all positive solution to move and get the progress under balinese culture frame.

Bali - Indonesia

Rangda dance
Wayan - Betet - Merta

Made Switra

Highway would open in 2013, moving traffic jam in Badung Regency. Bali government bear great innovation for seriously taking care bali environmental and criminal. Little flood at Legian - Seminyak area would move soon by brilliant district Kuta - Seminyak government development programs. Since 1967 Badung Regency has built bali economic and tried to treat poorness after the battle which holding on this island. Import environmental critics and publication are not professional idea to terminate balinese live spirit. Please keep in your mind, " Are you human?? "

Gong Adi Merdangga ( Bali Traditional Music ) 

Balinese in Badung Regency have tried to evaluate themselft and manage their willingness on motorbike!! Strong fire from the youth light-up as strong balinese dancing. Hinduism Bali culture would never dissapear from Legian, Seminyak or Sanur. Balinese education have grown up, event Badung Regency become the greatest place of balinese education center. Mmmmm.......It so lovely time has passed at Legian, Kuta. I was working at Tj's Restaurant with very cheerful friends whoes still live  naturaly. I went to sewing course for my  leisure time  there and learned much about bali fashion with beautiful balinese instructure. Try ones.....!! And enjoy......!!!!

Gong Kebyar 

Modern Indonesian mode live very well at Legian, Kuta. You could find the best modern cloths you need at Kuta shopping cetter. Enjoy the beach and surfing are your desire on golden vacation.

Bali Pajegan, Galungan day
Frangipani flowers

Hinduism bali culture would hold Kuta, Seminyak or Sanur forever. Import human willingness could not take-off stronghold balinese spirit to build the best future......!!! Forever 'till the end......!!!
Barong Dance

Kecak Dance

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