Friday, January 5, 2018

The Luxurious Bali Corner

When sun shines on the earth, the traditional scoop pierces the blue nature rug. The natural heaven of Ida Sang Hyang Widhi Wasa. High waves pounding adds to the conscience of tethering the heart to ‘Serangan island’.

The works hard soul and helps each other, socializing as the true life of  Badung regency community. Greenery mangrove forest thrives around the beautiful island of ‘ Serangan island’. It is preserved in an effort to environmental quality develop and the ‘ Serangan island ‘ is  green turtle breeding paradise. So the island is often named by  ‘Sea turtle island’.
Rural village in Denpasar – south of Sanur beach, with only a small bridge for connecting the road. Imagine the nature adventure you passed while reaching Serangan island …… !!! At tidal waves, the turtle island can only be reached by boat from Tanjung Benoa, Sanur or Suwung. Let’s catch up for meet the true life …..

The Native Balinese, The Quality Badung Regency, Bali Island.
Badung regency where the heaven of Native Balinese pioneer of Bali tourism development. Native Balinese who bring this Bali Island grow up as an International Tourist Destination. Where heavy worker and Bali social worker live…….

love intertwined, in dipper greeted …..
happiness tears dropped if you continue to hold me …..
oh, this heart feels barren without your love ……
please tell me that  you will always wait for me … in Serangan island

The waves from the blue ocean surround the holy temple amid the beautiful  Serangan island ‘Pura Sakenan’. Rows of Hindus following the sacred ceremony, Bali traditional music ‘Lelambatan’ from Gong Gede  adds to its natural charm, in the southern part of Denpasar, Bali. Peaceful  mangrove forests is welcomed amidst the tangible green turtles cultivated on the island.

The eternal life spirit and the real loves from Badung regency covering and  never changed from 1967, opened the world eyes and changed the economic quality of the native Balinese on the island. And of course The lifeline from the Capital of  ‘ Jakarta’  as the island motor, bringing Bali island to build this life quality.

The waste  problem in the world tourism island, such as Bali island into the agenda of the community with innovative solutions that are cultured and educational.

Shell garbage waste into one type of waste that is used as handicraft in high artistic value with and in various motifs and functions.

Indonesian innovation not only move until here. The way find to use powder from the remaining cutting of shell, is also in used as becomes imitation pearls and cosmetic ingredients. 

The Indonesian culture lovers can ask ‘ Why should INDONESIA …. ????
No doubt, this is Indonesian fashion, meet the taste for your desire ….. !!! Cheers ….....  ‘Kelaut ……..!’

Abusing ??? Bali  island is ready to provide education that is able to improve the mental and spiritual, youthful with soul full of curiosity and emotional turmoil. Choose Serangan island as a place of educational tour for the youth and the family …..!

Please stay turn …!! keep smile…nothing be changed we gonna always together, cheers and keep your hand on my own soul….!! Along the hours we gonna sing this life songs…forever…!! Pour this holy water….and create the yell ‘ Sista…….., brother… give me water….’ i would answer ‘ i am available and will always wait for your coming …Dear…!!”

Tour while learning to make craft from seashell will be more interesting for you. Tourists will be brought to know any type of Endemic shell on Serangan island or an extinct type. let’s join the seashell tour program on Serangan island, Denpasar, Bali …. !!!

Thank you, 

Luh wahyuni

Une petite lettre pour mon père en Australie ……

My tears disappear when you welcome me, entering your pretty home. My life began to open with various human treatments that you gave.

Modern fashion was introduced, I began to love my favorite colors, fragrant flowers covering my body, cosmetics polish on my East-Bali face. My father from the country at the beyond  ‘Kangaroo Country’ – Australia.

You gave the spirit of life, I crossed to Europe continental, precisely Switzerland. What a beautiful, clean & tidy , disciplined and educated community, love life develop very well and friendly – they are one nation who love Indonesian nature and culture.
My father in Australia, I found the beauty of life in Switzerland, why … ?? They are disciplined and deeply love their native culture. Immigrants must continue to follow the highly disciplined Swiss state regulations.

My advice to you ; please do much consult to qualified people from Switzerland, they loves this life. God is Great, i can live in this prosperous country.

Rue des Terreaux 10
1003 Lausanne – Switzerland
​Tel +41-21-623 33 00
Fax +41-21-623 33 05

Announced to the world…..

Nusa Lembongan island, Nusa Penida island and Nusa Ceningan island introduce new blue paradise island to the world. The islands of Republic INDONESIA in Eastern of Bali Island, Klungkung Regency.

Almighty of the GOD Blessing all of Klungkung regency part have grew up as tourist destination, great movement in the middle of Agung mountain eruption into Nusa Lembongan, Nusa Penida and Nusa Ceningan Island.

I make myself as social teenager of Klungkung regency would like to thank you very much for all supporting from Australia who always keep maintain their great life support into this island.
This Australian donation already delivery since the regency still in the sleepy of rural village.

Direct donation is very often provide for villager and also making trendy   (   Making trendy   ”  Mbok B’li modis  ”   ) us by International gear from Australia. Please kindly assist to continue this life support without any doubt from any criminal and tricky business competition action, on trial damaging this mutual life relationship. May God Bless you …..

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