Saturday, January 6, 2018

Second Minutes Hate Lost Then .....

 Leave these leg step down. Go on to the realm of  the peace. Tiredness and saturation, all area vanished when I was in front of the gate of my beloved home.

No sin, all i find so calm to sleep away  in the sincerity of this Bali life and simplicity. Forget all life competitions, curses and glamorous styles that are not part of my life.

Wow, my dream come true ….. !!! All the beauty enveloped my mind. Klungkung traditional market, Bali is one of the places of  Alpaca ‘ Alpaka jewelry “ handicraft, which is presented with traditional Balinese carvings.
The beauty of gemstones combined with traditional Balinese carvings, creates a new  beautiful craft with unmatched charm.

The artwork of  ‘Gumi Seni’, Sukawati village, Gianyar, Middle-east of Bali island is well known by the national and international community. In this modern era, artisans of jewelry in Sukawati have succeeded in creating an art creations based on Balinese traditional carvings from flora and fauna motifs.
Alpaca ‘ Alpaka ‘ is a metal that is not inferior to the quality of silver. But Alpaca ‘ Alpaka’ is a kind of metal that is more soft and easier to work with. In this modern era, jewelry from Alpaca increasingly favored art lovers because of its beautiful motifs and more affordable price.
Alpaca ‘Alpaka ‘ carving is made in the form of  Bross, Earrings, Rings, Earrings, Necklaces, etc. Please bring it once, to go walk around for your intellect taste.

Modern art as new Alpaca ‘ Alpaka’ innovation for your fashionable is available ….!! We are waiting for your desire ….

 Tuna has always dreamed of his lover. Tuna Fish from Jimbaran, South of KUTA, Bali Island is well known by the International community, has distinctive taste of KUTA sea.

The beautiful charm of  ‘Mebuug – buugan’ dance – Traditional Mud baths in Kedonganan village, Jimbaran, Bali – bring the peace of mind along with the bell praised ‘Tri Sandya ” Hinduism  in Uluwatu temple, under sunset of Jimbaran, South of Kuta, Bali island.

The world can spin, The afternoon can change to evening. The change is not cracked  the life spirit of artisans on Bali island . ‘Gumi Seni’ Gianyar, Bali – precisely in Payangan village, North of Ubud region is increasingly creative innovation according to Bali’s high-value art market trade. It is also not apart from the habit of Balinese – inhabitants who love the artistic of culture in everyday life.

Art of silver jewelry carved from Celuk village, carving art of Alpaca ‘Alpaka’ jewelry from Sukawati village. Bali Island creates Dulang crafts from fiber (Wooded type for handicraft), with Bali carving motifs that are distinctive and attractive colors, able to attract consumer demand throughout Bali. Congratulations to Bali art lovers, May Dulang Fiber is your choice for the next day …..

“Aduuhhh Cang Kebuss …. !!” cloudy but very hot covering this head today. Large puddles should clean up in the day after heavy raining. It is fun, but my grand-mom will keep shouting from paradise, ‘Silent, stop ….. !!’

A short of kirschwasser pour into pan for tendering these slices pineapple, French flambe .. ??. Sweet brandy dropped before over mixing palm sugar and slices of exotic butter. The sweet tiger is waiting and ready to bites it ….

Handcrafter bring abundance bullets are ready to be carved. ‘Selongsong peluru’ – shell casing handicraft is the most wanted craft of the season from Kamasan village, South of the Semarapura town heart.

Hand made paradise touching the style of Bali craft innovation . Burning  bullets before carving, so that metal is limp – as the first step in the process of making bullet casings handicrafts.
Before carved ‘selongsong – shell casing’ is burned to limp, then smeared with ‘dale’ liquid made from Meranti trees.

”Selongsong – shell casing’ is quoted in accordance with motif ordered by customers. Then washed and dried, followed by staining process. To get shiny result, then the ‘ selongsong ‘  is admitted with acidic water and potassium.

Lighting through the windows, tickling all over the rooms ….
I tried to read people’s minds up to my seat, and served a cup of  hot Bali coffee  …..

The river continues to flow roughly through the rice fields around me. As if participate welcoming beautiful sun. “Kwekk … kwekk … kwekkk … !!” the sound of ducks dancing happily with his friends, dancing and walking down the rice fields. Bali’s eternal nature voice  envelopes conscience, peaceful forever …

Beautiful nature in Budaga village, the artisans community that always active with his artistic innovation embodied in the metal or silver that is being worked on. What handicrafts are they making … ???

One of  handicraft from Budaga village that has been known into international community is the dream ball craft “Bola Mimpi”. Melodious sounds of Dream Balls “ Bola Mimpi “ attract domestic and foreign tourist. Even they come would like to see directly handicrafts making process in Budaga village.

Welcome to Budaga Village and enjoy the desire in Bali nature and Klungkung – Bali village atmosphere…..!!!!

Wanci Loong handicrafts from Budaga Village, Klungkung, Bali Island
Green lawn dissected by the farmer’s spirits in Budaga Village, situated on the western part of Semarapura Town, Klungkung, Bali Island.

The seconds movement, Budaga Village has been developed as an tourist destination for world wide. The village which is rich in handicraft products. Metal and silver crafts as the superior crafts from this village.

 ” One Dollar Two Rangda, neh….!!”..Allez…Allez…s’il vous plaît…!! Regard – regard…, B’li Wayan Suzuki, Mata neh…!!! ” Only from Bali Island ……..

Thank you,

Luh wahyuni

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