Thursday, January 19, 2017

An Exceptional Comfortable Bali Delight ..... !!!

"Ce fromage est très très bon, il est le plus bon fromage du monde". Cheese trucks waiter invited to review their visitors. An exceptional delicious smell covering the way around, switch on early morning amid beauty white snow ... pick up from this live in memory. Fresh sweet carrots, oranges, fresh vegetables as tomatoes, fresh green pommes' salad des frais ", etc .... it was all the sweet backdrop from the traditional market in Lausanne city, Switzerland in 1998's. www.banco.ch

Drizzle rainy flow down on my village in Klungkung, Bali. This year, feel find the peaceful heaven, while doing my duty as Balinese lady, prepare Hinduism offerings and present it to the temple.

At 6 am, Bhajans of Hindu Dharma Bali sung in wonderful praying 'Puja Tri Sandya ". Something lasting sincerity from Balinese women of my village, they still live diligent, friendly and keep simple lifestyle in modern nation of education development. Nothing demands of life that brings peace vanished of life. Gentle and polite voice inhabitants of Bali around of my home, I love so much this serenity !!!!  

Wowww ..... now the traditional market atmosphere in Klungkung getting excited .... !! 'Busung' - young coconut leafs in neat order along with fresh and fragrant flowers for the offering, banana leaves, coconut, fragrant water 'Kum - kuman', ‘canang sari’, and supplies of Bali Hinduism celebration. 

I take the time to look for herbs for seasoning. Bali island is part of INDONESIA tropical islands and very  well known around the world as spices producer. Fresh seasonings / herbs are easy to find in traditional market. Green vegetables, any type of nuts, fresh fruits, etc. become the choice for our beloved kitchen.

“ Bakso Ayam " -  Chicken meatballs as INDONESIA typical dishes, become the most favorite dishes of the youth among this nation. And also adorn the traditional market in Klungkung, Bali. Traditional dessert of  INDONESIA " Rujak Buah “ and  “ Serombotan " typical of Klungkung become traditional stall which will never in deserted request. In modern times, the Balinese create cuisine innovation with the original seasoning of INDONESIA on a culinary " Pork Meatball or Bakso Babi!".


The INDONESIAN Cuisine Art as  " Martabak " --- The real JAVANESE  Taste ... 


Welcome to traditional market of Klungkung, Bali and explore your desire on Balinese art, Balinese Cuisine, and many more ..... !!!

" Comment la pomme de terre savoureuse et croustillante production originale de la Suisse".
" Comment la fraîcheur de l'eau de coco jeunes sur l'île de Bali".
All the best quality life relationship will be true when we respect each other in our differences. 

Thank you,