Tuesday, January 10, 2017


Nature Bali sunset traverse the greenery hilly in Gunaksa village, Klungkung, Bali. Bali natural grandeur unmatched.

Green blanket mesh with the blue sea tapestries add the natural charm of Bali, soothes the conscience of its lovers. Rockies ways, surrounded by beauty green valley which is full of palm trees, waved friendly to every visitors. Soft mist began to fall in the line with the sunset of Bali island.


Sprinkling of flowing water from the river, across the rocks that greeted grassland. The blows windy wipe  gently the nature silence. The birds do not want to miss this moment, fly freely on  the air, bringing my own motion fly away to the end of Bali – paradise island, the island of the Gods.

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 Story of ' Salib Kasih Tarutung ' North Tapanuli, North Sumatra Island

I feels that i found the eternal peace, when i leave my imagination through the story of the beauty greenery, the eternal holy fragrance, Rura Silindung valley in Tarutung city, North Sumatra.

Freshness envelop the skin, bringing its holy life which is designated with the deepest love. The bathing place in the sacred nature  of  “ Air Soda ", in the middle of flowers park with natural beauty as the background, the grace of God the Most Compassionate. Therein spiritual tourism park " Salib Kasih Tarutung ", precisely in Siatas Banta district, North Tapanuli, North Sumatra Island.


‘ Ida Sang Hyang Widhi Wasa ‘ creating Bali island known as the Thousand Temples island. Bali temples are purified by Hinduism of Bali, the dwelling place of the Gods in the heavenly realm.

My conscience will never be in peace, when 'Janur or Busung' young coconut leaves in front of me made unfinished yet on create as ' Jejaitan ' temple offerings. Pretty ' Busung' is created  into any varieties of ‘ Canang ‘ .  Proudly dedicate  pretty 'Canang sari' typical of  Klungkung ' Canang cawu gonjer' for my family. How wonderful when families pray together in the sanctuary temple with full of  offerings creations ‘ Canang sari ' and the fragrant incense, to purify the soul.

Traditional Rituals of Bali, by the world tourist has become favorite  choice. The world tourists, for example, tourists from Australia said, "Love ..... i come to Bali Island for praying to the temples !!!" What a beautiful and peaceful this live, if all of ones keep in Bali this traditional ritual .. .. !!!

Mashed banana, mixed with a little drop of honey and olive oil would give the cleanliness and smoothness to the women’s skin. ' Nature Bali Scrubs' traditional spa that can spoil every woman. Traditional healing in the midst of Bali's natural and fresh water splashing showers, increase the comfort of Balinese traditional spa treatments. 

Do not forget covering your body in 30 minutes until an hour by nature banana leafs for solve your fatigue, during use natural banana scrub….!!!

'Bebungkilan' mainly 'Cekuh / glese galangal' and 'Jahe / Ginger', cloves, spices are mixed and Bali Spa experts has created a 'Lulur / Traditional Scrub' from  Bali natural ingredients and presented in the ' Bali Boreh Spa'. What a magic Bali Spa ... !!!

The lasting peaceful from my big family in my village. They led a simple life, we are establishing ourselves in accordance with social lifestyle and the people of Bali, particularly Klungkung, Bali which is already well-known to the world community. Greatness of the God  “ Ida Sang Hyang Widhi Wasa “, we were able to improve our quality of life. 

Perennial smile of  Balinese women ‘ Ibu – ibu “ of my village has become a beloved part of my life, peace be upon with them and peaceful living together in simplicity. The God “ Ida Sang Hyang Widhi Wasa “ is  great, I live in a society of Sampalan Kelod village, Klungkung, Bali who keep maintain Bali habit culture in polite attitude, respectful based on the knowledge and skills of the people, praying and always worked together ‘ Gotong Royong “ .... !! Those people of Klungkung, Bali who likes to work hard in Bali etiquette, Matur Suksema ......

As the God almighty would like to say, we are Balinese ladies, we are Pretty, Intelligent and Great….!!! BRAVO .....

The grandeur beaches resort of the island 
' Legian Beach, Kuta, Bali '

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