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Wonder eastern on preserving Bali primitive fashion ’till today

Let it down and find the best news i need. Bring these eyes falling to small book and black pen i have. Starting on writing…..
This small magic thing make me so exciting to talk the stories….Why…?? Busy find the answer…!!
The live term has been completed, passing the way i choose as own dreams. But your happiness, honest and hard working style in simplicity fashion, an memorable can not be leaved.
Continue crawl up and try to be strong and stand up ….!! The refugees made me on deep previous illusions with your words…..all the words ever…!! Through the hard way and try to catch up all new things arrives. An excellent live experiences. Changing bad habit and treat this mind to be healthy. Working side of those is the recent solution ……

Flowers broke in the morning dew, surrounded by beautiful butterflies that come to suck its nature honey. The breeze adds coolness conscience of Bali nature lovers. The birds sounds in the middle of greenery are welcoming the sunrise.

Ohh ……. my slow and tired steps are now gone by the grace of Ida Sang Hyang Widhi Wasa. Is this my life … ???

Ohh, a heavy head that closes my imagination, is now open when the mighty, the glorious of  “Besakih temple”  can be visited to worship again. My eyes open widely, this fresh air, take me in holiness of holy praise’s song in my own Bali temple.

The Artistic of  culture that is never separated from Balinese life atmosphere, especially in Karangasem regency which is still keep and continue life in simplicity and civilized in accordance with the development of science on Bali island, Indonesia.

I had such happy school time, spent very effective time at school – Klungkung, Bali island. And I was working with rarely the school holidays in Bali, except Hindu holidays.
Villagers in rural villages with major livelihoods as farmers and ranchers. Besides, they also work as an ‘Ate craftsman’. Ate crafts are created with the fashios of Balinese artistic, typical Eastern part of Bali island, done by handmade without machine. Made into home equipment, jars, bags, slippers, shoes, etc.

We can find Ate craftsmen in the villages of Seraya, Bebandem, Bungaya Village, Bebandem District, Tenganan Village, Manggis Subdistrict, and Seraya Village, Karangasem District.
Welcome to Karangasem regency. Do you have new Fashion and idea consider on Ate handicraft … ?? No worries let’s go discuss further for the newest artisan art innovation, Hurry up …. !!

I am waking up in early morning, i touch my forehead (Just for checking). The temperature already going down since yesterday thunder. One – second days blocking in dirty working cultures competition, human decrease has implemented. Found the seekers ‘The NGESIK ones to Bali island’ never respect for life support has delivered.

Leave it … !! All are stupid taste offer from money problems makers.

The fragrant incense lighting and the ‘ Canangsari ‘ bring my imagination to the realm of peace. The splendor of the holy shrine at the “Paibon” family temple gives you eternal coolness, the most beautiful of all while sharing with family and beloved my own hard workers family from Nusa Penida Island, Nusa Lembongan and Nusa Ceningan, peacefully forever on Bali island – the Thousand Islands temples.

Thank you for always come to our home, i miss you so much and always proud of you. The way bring us to improve this quality life in the island of Nusa Penida, Nusa Lembongan, Nusa Ceningan and Klungkung land – Eastern part of Bali Island, Klungkung Regency.
Cultural tourism based on native Balinese cultures, Balinese village atmosphere of the island Nusa Penida, Nusa Lembongan, Nusa Ceningan and Klungkung land, Eastern part of Bali Island, Klungkung Regency.

” Surudan woh – wohan ‘ is given by my beloved family. Hi, there is Salak Bali – snake skins fruits ..!!!  I do not want to wait until  an hour to collect all ” Salak Bali ” Hiipp ….. Hiiipppp …!!!
Snakes skin fruits  “Salak Bali ” from Sibetan village – Eastern of Bali island, Karangasem regency
Do you still remember ‘Salak Bali’ … ??? Of course and should remind the unique taste of snakes skin fruits ‘ Salak Bali Sibetan ‘- sweet with little sour taste . Fruit growers in Karangasem region who successfully developed ‘Salak Bali’ plantation in Sibetan village.

The residents of Karangasem region with their uniqueness cultures, and still love farming, ranchers and plantation. ‘Salak Bali’  is one of the fruits cultivated by inhabitants. Various modern innovations have been found by the experts of Karangasem region, to increase income of the population from ‘Salak Bali’ fruit production. Base on social cultures of  Bali society, the experts and collectors of snakes skin fruits, cultivate and find ‘ Salak Bali‘  with a distinctive flavor.

Wine salak Bali from Sibetan village, to be the only wine in the world produced from fruits. GREAT ….. !!! Balinese in Eastern part of Bali Island has succeeded in producing Salak wine as souvenir icon of Karangasem regency. May Salak wine products increasingly in demand by the world community …. !! Ida Sang Hyang Widhi Maha as The GOD Almighty ….

The beautiful hilly nature side of Bali beaches, the majesty of Hindu temples on the hillside covered with greenery adds to this natural charm of the villages in Karangasem regency. A unique Balinese cultural tradition with traditional village tradition in Tenganan village. Gringsing woven cloths are natural creations from the creative hands of craftsmen in Karangasem region.

When the charm of nature, traditional rural culture. Jasri village with culture and atmosphere of the rural nature is very unique and much attracting visitor by its lifestyle.

Attracting Balinese culture lovers, experiences of the art explore, who can resist the longing for art from Eastern Part of Bali Island … ???

Creative hands from the experts in Karangasem regency never ending, keep maintain on finding unique art and product creations for this life solution. In this modern era, unique products have been created – there are wine salak ‘ Salacca wine ‘ by The Dukuh Lestary factory, and also sweet wine Brem Ubi Ungu. The main ingredients of Sweet Wine Brem Ubi Ungu is purple potato, that is a unique product with a unique ingredients, that is a lot of benefit to keep the healthy of human.

Ahhh……my eyes try to through and let genuine bird leave me for a little while ….i should be stuck in front ….. and leave the mouths words dry by itself…..

My proud will never be frozen …
Mmm… ( with smile …!! ) rural Bali corner bring this land to be an International Island. Lush greenery hilly as its backdrop, add the beauty nature of fisherman village in east part.
Gorgeous Jasri village shown its fashion on attracting the world wide people. The village side of Dawan village, Klungkung by through out Abah Hill will make you arrive to this wonder palace.

Bali village atmosphere is presenting with primitive style and artistic fashion is blanketing Jasri village, Eastern Bali island, Karangasem Regency.

Beauty Jasri beaches invites visitor for relaxing on the village nature, surfing, snorkeling to enjoy underwater world of Jasri and of course diving as an observe of the beauty coral reefs around the beaches.

Human discontent makes the evil intent appear as trouble maker. And social jealousy covering the common sense of being inhuman ….. !! I do not want to be part of it …. surely, i will never touch it …. !! no money – no hard work = bad intentions !!

In previous time decide to break away, today live as trouble maker !! Hiiiii… hiiii….it is so funny …..

Thank you,

Luh wahyuni

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